Gameplay and UI feedback - A possitive thread with some suggestions!

I wanna first of all start with a big shoutout to BI and GB for an excellent job! It has been such a blast to revisit HW again, and I just can’t believe how well this game stacks up, even now. You could have gone the easy way, but you stuck your neck out and I comend you on that! Ace graphics, very good performance, and just stable gameplay overall. I am not really into the SP side of things, but the MP has some real promise to it. Being able to bring forth an Avatar to destroy inferior Hiigaran BC’s makes for fun times overall!

Now, I have a lot of opinions on some of the design decisions, but that’s how it goes on the internet. I have looked into, and replied to threads about the formations, and the lack of physical projectiles so I feel there is no reason for me to add this here.

So here’s my little list of ideas that has sprung up whilst pondering away during the games I’ve played (34H played so far and counting).

The UI needs some loving. Now, I love the UI as it is. A lot of people dislike it, but I am one of the peeps who like how sweet and to the point it is. My concern is actually the fleet icons. Another game I tend to watch a lot of Supreme Commander, and I am enthralled with how much information one gets from a glance. Everything from clear icons to blips on the map to show what’s going on. We have this in HW, but I feel it isn’t as clear as it could be.

My suggestion is a combination of colour coding and icons. As it is now, it’s really hard to pick out individual units, and what they are currently up to just from a glance. Perhaps a collectors outline turns yellow, with the addition of an icon on the top right to show that it is, in fact, mining. The green represents an idling unit, and a light blue shows an engaged unit, while grey represents a unit in deep trouble (we got voice commands that tells this, but I’d like some visual representations as well).

The icons would also serve as clickable objects to make it a tad easier to select units. On top of that I would love for a fleet drop down box. A box with all vessels in my fleet so that I may select all of a certain unit type without having to look for every unit, and then double click on the correct one. I also would like a hover feature that tells amount of X unit currently in the “hover selection”.

Lastly, I would LOVE some sort of ping feature. One could be sent from the mothership in the same way you using hyperspace and what not. IF it’s at all possible, such a ping could be permanent for as long as it’s kept, only one per player, and the option to add a quick text to it. The other one would be a ping that lasts for 10 seconds, and is used for pinging objects, such as asteroids, wrecks and what not. Exampel: “Enemy here”.

The game is great you guys! A lot of issues arise when it comes to microing in a macro / micro game, and a “quick glanse UI” goes a long way to remedy some of the issues people might have with it. I wouldn’t have made this post if I genuinly did not think this would improve the game further, and I sincerely hope someone will have a look at it. If it takes me a week or so to make a simple text generator, I can only imagine what it takes to fiddle with parcing information between objects and the UI. It’s my hopes that someone will look at this and go “yeah, that’s kinda nifty tbh!”

So in short, I love the UI as is, but I would love to be able to make out information by just glancing at the battlefield without having to fight the camera. And some features to make cooperation a bit more straight forward in the form of persistent information.

Welp, that’s it. All the best you guys, and I hope I’ve added something to the overall discussion of the game.

And to the community I would like suggestions and critique. I will monitor the thread and rewrite things if someone comes up with something better.

EDIT: I’m not very good at editing, but I threw together a little pic to show what I mean. I’m sure that the good people over at BI and GB are way better at colour coding, but hopefully it will give you an idea.

And a lil closeup sine it’s not as clear since it’s really zoomed out. In my mind, it becomes clearer the more units you got, and that’s when it becomes the most usefull as well.