Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD

So having preloaded the game, I decided to jump right into skirmish to see how things have been updated, what’s been changed, what works, and what doesn’t.

Oh boy.

So, there’s a number of things I’ve noticed so far, some of which could really use fixing, some of which is just WTF… I mean don’t get me wrong, the remaster is excellent, but there’s some issues that are incredibly problematic.

So let’s start with the worst one:

Support Frigates.

In Homeworld 1 support frigates were your bread and butter for moving and repairing corvettes and fighters. Queue up your ten fighters and five corvettes, give your support frigate a hyperspace destination, and it would wait until they all docked and then hyperspace off.

This functionality is completely inverted in the remastered version. Instead, the moment your support frigate gets a hyperspace order, it’ll wait for fighters and corvettes to undock, and THEN hyperspace without them.

This means that the HW1 races have a huge issue moving smallcraft around in multiplayer/skirmish, because they have to build carriers for it.

The next issue I’ve noticed which may be absent, or it may have just changed, is there’s no ‘select only combat ships’ toggle. It may exist but I can’t seem to find it. That’s not so great.

Then there’s Minelayer Corvettes. These work like how they did in HW2, which is to say NOT AT ALL. Well, that’s not technically accurate, they do lay mines, but it’s the HW2 style wall minefield. that lays one mine at a time. Even the HW1 minelayers that used to lay two mines at a time lay one at a time.

Worse, minelayers have to be tasked to maintain a field. Unlike in HW1, you cannot make a field and then leave it until someone blunders into it- no, mines despawn after about a minute, so if you make a field you have to always have minelayers repopulating it.

I get that this is HW2 legacy code, but it really would be nice if minefield code could be updated to perform like it did in HW1, where it was actually useful. As it is, they’re basically a worthless investment, since the minelayers suck up support caps and can’t be tasked to multiple places.


Let’s talk about the sphere formation. In HW1 and Cataclysm- and I’m fairly certain HW2, the sphere formation was used to place ships in the optimal position to guard against attack. When ships in the sphere formation were ordered to guard a ship, they would spread out into a spherical defense formation oriented on that ship.


Instead they just assume a tightly packed sphere and don’t orient around the ship they’re guarding. Really not very happy about this.


Agree with all.

Support frigates also are really useless now. I don’t know if it’s because I’m stupid, but I can’t seem to tell them ‘Hey, you see this 8 frigates? Repair all of them’. They only recieve a repair command for ONE ship. Same for salvage corvettes, is there a way to issue a special command to more than one target?

I also couldn’t get the SF to heal my salvage corvettes. They did nothing, and I suspect they only heal frigates and capital ships only.


Frigates won’t heal corvettes- you need to tell the corvettes to dock with the frigate, that’ll heal them.

Anyways something else I just discovered: The Taidain Defense field frigates now use the HW2 defense field mechanic, where it’s an activatable shield that rapidly runs out of energy and has to recharge.

This is hugely imba for multiplayer because the HW2 defense field ships ACTUALLY HAVE GUNS. The Taidan doesn’t, and since you have to turn it on it’s really really crappy. It should just always be on like it is in HW1.

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Perhaps you need to command them to dock to the SF?

Can’t do that while I’m stealing a ship… :slight_smile:

In HW1 the frigate could heal any ship under any circumstance. The impossibility of it really nerfs it down.

Bugs so far - in mission 3

When trading with the bentusi they dont say anything and just leave
When destroying the turanic raider carrier the debree i tried salvaging it my salvager turnend into the debree.
The captured turanic ion aray frigates refuse to atack the turanic carrier.

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Just ran into a big bug.

EDIT: Nevermind, they’re just really really really slow. It takes five minutes for a captured destroyer to process.

Another bug is that in aggressive HW1 strike craft break formation very quickly instead of holding it like their lives depended on it. This can make is difficult to maintain a proper alpha strike wing and sphere formation suffers greatly for this since instead of surrounding the target and shooting without moving for maximum effect, they just fly around like the order was never given.

Another problem is with the Launch Manager

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This was one of my biggest worries. Formations as a whole don’t work properly. Very little point in adding formations to the HW2 engine when they didn’t adjust strike craft behaviour and handling to account for them. HW2 tactics + HW1 formations can’t work, since the tactics work in fundamentally different ways.


I just found another bug: You can’t disable special abilities after enabling them. Defense field, cloak, gravwell- these will run until the power reserve is expended. You can’t toggle them on and off anymore. Which is really, really dumb.

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Oh, and you’ll like this one: In multiplayer, gravity wells only affect HW1 corvettes, they don’t affect HW2 corvettes.

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I hope people realize that skirmish IS multiplayer and that is still Beta. The rules and behavior came in a few flavors bending the play of the sides for MP.

Bug - Diamond of shoals

After killing all the asteroids nothing happens.
I tried restarting with the autosave but thats even bugged out cause fleet inteligent isnt giving orders.
Also the objectives are blank.
So im forced to redo the mission before that…

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Whoops. Anyway uh, I can’t seem to build with my Taiidan carrier that I captured in the campaign?


This is not true. I’ve abused grav well gens against pulsar vettes every single game. Perhaps it’s simply a bug.

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I’ve successfully disabled grav well gens (been rotating 4 of them for continuous grav well). Another bug?

The formations have been disappointing, but on the other hand, I think this eliminates b-balls, which will be missed but probably for the best.

Valid point, but I’d like to make a note here which is that, afaik, nobody tried to use DFG in HW2, and certainly nobody used it to attack anything or even defend itself. Sometimes people would use them to block some initial BC ion cannon fire or Vaygr plasma cannon but that’s about it (they lasted for about that long anyway).

I think the DFG will have to be updated to be usable.

Hold down the Y and box select.

Bug: Tutorial voiceover doesn’t wait for user to click OK.