Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD

Frigates in HW1 were even weaker, its just that the weapons there were like pea shooters compared to HW2 even the Ion cannons.

you should be able to toggle them with Ctrl+Shrift+Z, but you will only be able to use the ability again after the ability has fully recharged.

Small ships immobilised by Gravity Well Generators should have their chance of being hit set to 100%, or close to that. Makes absolutely no sense when a destroyer spends 60 seconds shooting a completely stationary interceptor and still fails to hit it.


Well that’s the stone - paper - scissor principle of the game in Hw2 it always used to be like that… Hw1 was different and in my opinion superiour regarding that as each ship could have killed anything if you had the numbers + a fancy sphere formation… Also destroyers would have missed too in hw1 under these circumstances but would’ve also hit a lot more…


Yup, 20 scouts in claw formation could own assault frigate or two. Though it took them too much time. That being said I don’t think that frigates were weaker in HW1 as @Krnt_13 says. The balance between damage output and armor was completely different. Sure a frigate couldn’t stand against a destroyer, but you could have a fair fight with several ions vs. a single destroyer. In HW 2 every destroyer just pops them like popcorn which renders them nearly useless. Even 4 Higgharan bomber squadrons are almost capable of wiping it in a single pass.

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Linking a UI scaling issue that can be looked at: UI/HUD scale problem and suggestion with pictures

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A few more bugs to add HW1R single player campaign:

  • You can “Scuttle” mothership, which is quite silly in a single player mission anyway

  • “Retire” button is available on mothership but it does not do anything

  • Newly built destroyers can hyperspace as early as you can build them, though they loose this ability in the following mission

  • Captured enemy corvette class ships - Fuel Pods in The Catherdral of Kadesh - have “Hyperspace” button but trying to use it makes the ship unavailable and they won’t move. This ship cannot be selected anymore and it is just sitting where they were showing pink hyperspace jump path if you hover the mouse pointer over them (though only if any other friendly ship selected))

  • Salvage corvettes can pick enemy supercapital ship debris, but will be carrying them kinda remotely (a huge gap between a salvager and the shard). After a minute or so the towed shard becomes invisible.


game crashes in mission 11 on Homeworld 1 Remastered campaing.

no matter what - if i salvage the big super destroyer, it goes in my mothership - crash to desktop.
next load - i do not capture this super destroyer, i capture 2 destroyers, no problem, the bentusi mothership moves towards me, a ingame cutscene beginns - crash to desktop.

comon, thats really lame, no matter what i do, i cant finish the campaign, MEGA FAIL - why i am still a beta tester for a single player campaign?

Hm odd for me there were no crashes in the named situations… Throughout the campaign I had only 2 crashes. 1 while loading completed in a new mission and a random crash in another.
Did you update your graphic drivers and Direct x as they recommended? Are you using any third party software like sweet fx etc???

The game does have it though = several bugs. perhaps you’re just very unlucky more than we were. What are your system specs???

Anyway I agree with you they should’ve conducted more play testing. But give it time I’m sure patches are about to follow.

It’s always a compromise between when do you release a game and when do you test it some more. They can sit on a game for another year to make sure everything ever is 100% or release it far too early and the game is actually unplayable for 90% of the player base. There is a huge financial cost to testing too long not to mention us the consumers have to wait even longer. I’ve completed the game, as have many others but you will always have people that run into those show stopper bugs. It’s the nature of software(more so games really) development. GBX just has to do their best at helping those that are having issues.

Regardless when I originally installed the game on my not so great laptop (definitely not a gaming laptop) I just got a black screen as soon as I started the game up from the launcher. After updating my video drivers from the manufacturer to the latest version it worked great but I did have an issue where if I set the gfx too high (I was amazed at how high I could set it to be honest) it would die the instant I alt-tabbed out of it. The laptop has 8GB of RAM but only an Intel® HD Graphics 4000 so hope that helps.

Just got out of a meeting with the Homeworld team. The first update that focuses mainly on fixing crashes, launcher issues, and adding compatibility notifications looks to be on pace to land late this week or early next week.

Keep in mind that this is still a bit early and in testing, so there is still the possibility that this patch gets pushed back. We’ll keep you updated on details and update notes as soon as everything is locked in.

The intent here is to address a bunch of the larger-scale issues that prevent folks from enjoying the game before the team moves on to things like trickier bugs, mod tools, balance and quality of life changes.


I hope keybings saving issue is fixed in the first patch as its getting boring rebinding the b key for build menu opening and closing every single mp game I play.

Jeffy can u find out if region lock for mp will be lifted with this first patch as well please.

Finally got around to staring my single player run.

You can’t repair the cryo trays. Even on my best run I could only save four because my repair corvettes would just sit there with their thumbs up their bum.

I know it’s not a high priority fix or anything, but I’m actually really upset at this.

I know both of these are being looked into, but am unable to confirm that they will or won’t be included in patch one.


The more forces you have at the end of the previous mission, the more forces you face on the next. if you have no more than 10 light corvettes (great against fighters and corvettes) then you will only face two assault frigates, one of them half damaged.

The first and foremost thing I would like to suggest here is that the idea of trying to make all 4 fleets play nice in versus-play is clunky at best in its current iteration. HW2 vs. HW1 gives some advantages to one or the other that no amount of unit stat finagling can change. For instance a HW2 Carrier can spawn a shipyard, re-establishing full capital ship production abilities to a HW2 faction that had its Mother/Flagship destroyed. HW1 fleets can never recover full cap ship production once their Mother/Flagship is destroyed.

Further it seems to be very unfounded to have changed HW1 stats so drastically to get them to fit in with the functionality of HW2 when you consider the campaign. Games like Starcraft have different stats and functionality in campaign mode than they do in multiplayer mode. I know from modding experience that this is possible within HW2 code. I heartily suggest it. If you don’t plan on changing multiplayer very drastically, than at least I ask that HW1 units reflect their original stats in the campaign mode. After all, when you think about it, the new stats seem arbitrary when you are playing through HW1R because they are balanced against nothing you will face in campaign mode at all. It seems unfortunate to have to play through HW1R with arbitrary stat changes but not have to worry about any such alterations to HW2R, especially since I happen to believe most people who are fans of the series enjoyed HW1 gameplay more. Maybe I’m just biased there though.

The most outrageous suggestion I have is what I would do in order to make the Multiplayer mode make more sense and work better. I would create mutually-exclusive HW1-balanced and HW2-balanced Multiplayer modes. If you want to keep all 4 factions able to play against each other in a way that reflects some sense of order than I highly recommend this. What I am basically proposing is that HW1 factions in a HW2-Balanced skirmish would build strike craft in squadrons, research upgrade techs, and basically have the whole paradigm shift in the direction of the HW2 approach to everything. On the flipside HW2 factions in HW1-Balanced skirmishes would build strike craft on an individual basis and follow the same basic pattern of research from HW1. Yes, this would unfortunately mean adding in some fictitious units and/or modules perhaps here and there. The Vaygr and Hiigarans would need support frigates and some sort of anti-strike craft destroyers as well as a few new strike craft. Kushan and Taiidan would probably need to have many of their units restricted and a few modules thrown in here and there, and some sort of Shipyard equivalent. That’s a lot to ask, I am aware, but it’s really the only way I can ever see the 4 factions playing nice in a way that doesn’t feel like a really strange HW2 mod.

Back to the more attainable problems. HW1 Corvettes are another issue. I have seen this mentioned in passing in other areas, but the way the corvettes fly is perfectly good for HW2 vettes, with their central turrets and/or guided missiles. HW1 corvettes are like helicopters. They have to strafe to bring their guns to bare. Please amend the flight patterns of HW1 vettes to reflect the differences in their construction.

Then of course, there are the formations. I definitely hope something can be done on that front. I know this has been brought up a BUTT-TON of times already. But I want to bring it up too, for whatever it is worth to know that one more person really, really hopes you can fix it. Same goes for the old support frigate hyperspace functionality!!!

Multi-player maps from HW1 should probably have all the resources grouped into one “local” resource cluster in the game code. People playing HW1 maps are not used to having to tell the collectors to continue collecting all the time. The local resource function only makes sense when asteroids are grouped like they are in HW2 into convenient little super-dense regions.

EDIT: (Non-Issue): HW1 Resource Controllers used to follow the collectors around wherever they went when told to guard. Not sure how well this carried over into HWR but in HW1 maps it is still a virtually essential mechanic, because as I was eluding to, HW1 resources are spread far and wide and so there is no sensible one place to just plop your Controller for vast amounts of time.

Nevermind the thing about the Controllers; having played the campaign a bit I see they do a pretty good job of following the Collectors around. Based on the behavior of Mobile Refineries in HW2 I didn’t expect this kind of functionality. Nice Work!!!

Anyway, I know I have a lot of concerns but I don’t want to sound ungrateful. Thank you Gearbox for recognizing Homeworld as among the best games ever and making sure it is not lost forever to the sands of time!

EDIT: It would really be great if the Turanic Carrier could be scripted to make its attack run in M04 too. It doesn’t even fight back until it’s in the retreat stage. Kinda anti-climatic.

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The best way to fix the HW1 corvette flight patterns is to give them the code the Defenders have. Defenders strafe and rotate on their axis while moving just fine.

Anyways ran into a CTD today, final mission, just managed to kill the heavy cruiser that drops on top of you as you hyperspace in and the game stutters a couple times before crashing to desktop. Tried the mission again, happened again.

New fatal bug found in Multiplayer.

I was playing as the Taiidan and I captured a Hiigaran Ion Cannon Frigate with the Flagship’s Launch Manager open. For a split second I saw the Ion Cannon Frigate in the Launch Manager until the game froze and crashed to desktop.

Might want to add an exception so Capital Ships can’t appear in the Launch Manager.

Hi all! I’m gonna write a review about the current state of the HW1:R campaign. I’m in the last mission now, but I’m sure it’s no exception regarding my complaints. So let’s begin. (Note: I only tried the HW1:R campaign, so HW2:R and multiplayer are not included in the review)
Start with a positive one: the graphics. It’s excellent! Looks as good now, as HW1 looked 15 years ago. The designers did a great job with the ships - it’s so good to just look at them.
Well, that’s it. Apart from the graphics, the campaign (in it’s present state) is broken beyond belief. Let’s see the reasons.

  • Difficulty. The first missions should be easier, and it should be gradually harder, like in every game, but in this, the first 5-6 missions are hard as hell, then the later ones becomes a walk in the park. Why? In the first few levels, the resources are very scarce, and you have to always nag the collectors about harvesting, even if they are next to a nice, juicy asteroid. And researching takes money too, so you’ll have no money to build a decent fleet. The Kadeshians owned me multiple times because of this. But after, the game becomes WAY too easy. I just steamroll everything with capital ships. ZERO strategy needed, just select your capital ships, and attack-move to the end of the level. And - as everyone knows - there are no tactics, and the formations not working, so you don’t have to bother with these either. I completed the hardest missions of the game in 15-20 minutes, thats ridiculous. After level 6, you don’t even need to collect resources, because it gets automatically harvested for you. And you don’t even need to build ANYTHING. Just steal the ships from the enemy. After I encountered the first Heavy Cruiser in Super Nove Station, the game became boring and easy like this. This takes us to the next big problem:

  • Build diversity. You literally only need Destroyers and Heavy Cruisers. Why? Because all other ships are just WORTHLESS. You want to build Frigates to support your big, slow wall of death of capital ships, like in HW? To kill Corvettes, Fighters, and other Frigates? Well, don’t do it, because they can do really nothing. They made of paper, and gets oneshotted by a single destroyer. You want to build Corvettes against other 'vettes and fighters? They are OK, but you don’t need them after you have capital ships - small ships can really do no harm to them (which is ridiculous, a swarm of bombers should be able to kill a destroyer). You want to support your fleet with Fighters, have a fast and mobile army or just do hit-and-run actions against your enemy? Don’t bother, they die like flies. So in the end of the game, I have 6 destroyers, 2 heavy cruisers (yeah, that’s the limit) and a few support frigates. Thats all, I can attack-move the hardest levels now. Wow.

  • Enemy and friendly AI: As I mentioned, you just have to build a bunch of Salvage Corvettes, and steal Destroyers and Heavy Cruisers. You could do this in HW1, but it was hard and very risky, because the enemy targeted the corvettes first, and had the “Evasive” mode to dodge them. It’s all gone now, stealing ships are easy, and the only thing you have to do. As for your ships, they are dumb too. The lack of formations causes them to wander everywhere they want, the lack of tactics causes them to crash into asteroids and bump into each other all the time. Looks really pathetic. The support frigates are derpy too, you cannot “mass heal” your ships, and the new “docking” mechanic feels awkward.

  • Physics: The RNG system really doesn’t feel right. Looks silly when two group of corvettes just shoot at each other for like five minutes, and no ship dies. It looks even stupider, when a capital ship does that. It’s particularly funny when the Destroyer’s ion cannon misses a stationary target. Really? What kind of retards control these ships? It even missed the Research Station in level 10, which is as big as your mothership is. Oh, and the Missile Destroyers. They can only hit big ass targets, but for corvettes and fighters (which it should be good against) the missiles never hit anything, they just spiraling around the target.

  • Bugs and script errors: I’ve encountered quite a few game breaking bugs. Cutscenes not playing, or playing in the wrong time, missions objectives not given, or cannot be completed, research options missing, units that not responding to any of you actions… Nobody tested this game? I had to restart missions a few times because of these. I’m sure the bugs will be addressed, so I stop complaining about them.
    I want to mention a few words about the missions too, because they are not quite right:

  • Mission 6 (Diamond Shoals): Quite frustrating mission. The lack of “Evasive” tactic causes your ships not to evade the asteroids, and it’s a pain in the ass to maneuver them manually. I had to restart this more than once. Oh, after I restarted the mission, it hanged, I did not get the missions objectives, just got a ping on the mothership. This is the first mission to build a Destroyer - after I built one, and ordered to kill the asteroids, the ship did nothing, just slithered away slowly from the rest of the fleet - did not attack, did not move or react any of my commands. Wow.

  • Mission 7-8 (Gardens of Kadesh, Cathedral of Kadesh): Oh, the infamous Kadeshi swarmers. I really liked this one in HW, was quite challenging. But now, it’s just frustrating. You have no resource to build a decent army, and even if you have (by restarting the LAST mission), there is zero strategy. Remember the fuelling pods, which you should kill to immobilize the swarmers? Well, there is no fuel in the game, so it’s pointless now. The mushroom-shaped ships are too easy to kill, and does not do the ramming attack as before. And I noticed that the Multi Beam Frigates are not spinning while shooting (pity, looked quite cool). Also you can trigger a cutscene earlier before you should, by focusing on the large derelict (in the original, you encountered this before attacking the last mothership). It can cancel the cutscene with the Kadeshi swarmer.

  • Mission 9 (Sea of Lost Souls): The most boring freaking mission in the whole game. It also involves zero strategy. I stole the destroyer, killed the rest 2 ships (yeah, quite a heavily defended articaft). Then had to wait to build a corvette army, shoot the Ghost Ship for a few minutes, then salvage the data. Meanwhile, no one tried to kill me, no enemies left.

  • Mission 10 (Supernova Station): It was quite OK mission, but the protecting asteroid field is barely visible in the sensors manager. This mission is also much easier than before, because you don’t need to collect resources (I had like 30 000 RU’s this time), so it doesn’t involve the tricky harvesting as in the original game.

  • Mission 13 (Karos Graveyard): The most disappointing, disfunctional mess of a mission. I remember this greatly from the original, I feared that nasty Junkyard Dog, and I had to plan a strategy to kill it and stop stealing my ships. Now, you just can’t kill it, and after a while I didn’t even bother. In the original you had to wait for this dawg to pop up, then activate the Gravity Well Generator, and focus fire the ■■■■■■■ thing. And even with this it was hard to kill it, because it had more armor than a heavy cruiser. Now, you can’t do anything. NONE of my ships could hit the Dog. WHAT? It got immobilized by the GravWell, but my derpy ships fired all over the place, to the junk, and to the plain space, but they refused to shoot at the Dog. Oh, and you can’t deactivate the GravWell. It works until it’s energy gets depleted, but you cant switch it off to spare energy. May I ask why? Another funny thing: the Dog stole my heavy cruiser, but earlier I destroyed all the Hyperspace modules, so it didn’t know what to do with my ship. It got stuck. Later the Dog just disappeared, and I had an immobile Heavy Cruiser (it responded, but I could not move it). Earlier, it got its claws on my Destroyer, which I wanted to salvage back, but my ships destroyed it while salvaging (they were in PASSIVE mode). So thank you very much. First of all, why are my ships attacking a ship that I salvaging? Second, why attack at all, when they are in passive mode? This whole mission was a trainwreck.

  • Mission 14 (Bridge of Sighs): Another hard-ass mission from the original. I spent hours to clean the way to the hyperspace inhibitor, slowly progressing, and “pull away” a few ion frigates time to time. Now, what’s the strategy? As I mentioned earlier, you should have destroyers and heavy cruisers, so NOTHING. Attack move. The frigates just melt away from the cruiser, and like 10 of them attacking of the 100. The taiidan forces using hyperspace modules to bring reinforcements? Don’t bother, by the time they reach you, you already destroyed the inhibitor. Another “funny” bug: if you reach the inhibitor, a cutscene starts. But after it ends, I realized that it did not paused the game, so my fleet got decimated WHILE the cutscene was playing. How nice.

  • Mission 15 (Chapel Perilous): Not much to say, supposed to be a hard mission, but I completed it in ten minutes with a few capital ships.

So, you want to play HW1:R campaign? This is what you need to do:

  • Survive the first few missions somehow
  • Build a fuckton of Salvage Corvettes
  • Steal every destroyer and heavy cruiser you encounter
  • Steamroll the missions with them (with no tactics, formations, or any support units)

Yeah, thats all. To say at least, I’m quite disappointed.
Thank you for reading!


Hi all,
I think pretty much all the bugs i have encountered have already been mentioned here with one exception. When playing in player vs cpu mode something is horribly wrong with grav well modules. In original hw2 the grav wells were used to prevent the enemy from hyperspacing in the middle of ones production capitals. Lets now assume that i want to hyperspace a bc from point A to point B. Point B is the location of my mothership, which i want to defend. A is the location of my bc factory. Point D is the location of an enemy ship and point C is the edge of that enemy ships grav well. These points are on a straight line. For some reason hyperspacing to point B causes my bc to appear on point C even though C would be a dozen kilometers from point B, the intended target. The last time i checked enemy gravity wells werent supposed to “pull” hyperspacing ships to them like this. Please fix, i have lost a few supercapitals this way already.