Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD

Military priority selection is there it’s in the gameplay option menu as it was in vanilla HW2.

I can confirm the glitches on the HW1 formation behavior that may require a lot of more work in the following patches. They basically break formation every time they’re in combat. I actually played the remastered HW1 tutorial in there it was even mentioned that they will break formations once they’re in combat. Well what’s the point of having formations then in the first place?

Regarding support frigates. They can heal more than 1 ship. Hold your Z or Y down while dragging a box around the ships. However they still follow the lame Homeworld2 logic in that regard that they set priority over the first ship that got damaged till it’s healthy again no matter if 5 other ships die at the time. Furthermore they need to get real close in order to actually start healing. I had a assault frigate that was under attack for like 40 seconds by few corvettes in the early missions and that support frig sitting next to it. Yet that ship had to turn around and try to get closer etc. By that time my assault frigate was destroyed. That’s a no go. I recommend the implementation of the HW1 coding for the HW1&HW2 support frigates and also slightly increasing the support range.

Regarding the right mouse click issue. Recommend making use of the movement hotkey m in this particular case. In hw1 you could move ships only that way around anyway.

I can’t confirm glitches on disabling special abilities while being active. Works fine for me. Play the tutorial to see how it works if you’re unsure.

Minelayers: That’s true and even was for HW2 I recommend fixing that also. Back then they were probably deleted to safe up on performance. These days that shouldn’t be a problem. They should become the tactical asset they are meant to me. At least for the unified MP gaming mode in future patches… :smile:

Animation glitches:

During my first games in SP & MP I noticed 2 rather annoying things. These were even present in original HW2.

Turranic raiders sometimes open their wings rapidly and closing them. The end result is that their wings flicker like a tv without any signal.

Some ships have the same behavior with their engine parts they start glowing and going off again in mili seconds. Should be possibly getting fixed although that surely has only low priority.

Thus far impressive work @gbx there may be glitches as you folks pointed out yourself but I’m happy the way things are so far.



Another strange graphical thing is that there is no recoil on (I think) any of the ships anymore. In the original, where projectiles were involved, there was recoil from the cannons. Not present at the moment.

Not sure if this is a bug, or if they simply removed it.

It looked beautiful in the original.


Defenders still exhibit recoil afaik.

Hm, OK.

Then isn’t it strange that the other ships don’t? Bug, perhaps?

Probably bugs and last minute features that didn’t make it in. I imagine they have a big list of things they know they need to fix or implement, but I suppose it’s good to vocalize which ones we care about. I’m also a fan of the little details like recoil.

Here’s one: Assigning a ship to guard a group of ships (i.e. Resource Controller or a Carrier guarding 3 or more resourcers), the guarding ship follows one ship from the group instead of remaining equidistant from all ships in the group. Not sure how they broke this, since in HW2 it followed the equidistant rule, too.


Interestingly HW2 smallcraft formations will spread out when in a sphere or other formation and told to guard, but HW1 ships won’t. I’m guessing it’s due to the mini formation code or something.

Combat unit selection is in the game in an option under the gameplay tab. Around where the disable nlips button is.

And I agree with all of your other points.

Well nobody else is reporting seeing this behavior, so I’ll just link my thread here as a potential bug: essentially, my mothership is invincible in HW1.

The taiidan carrier when capture sundenly launches enemy fighters when done capturing.
You cant build with the taiidan carrier.
After a couple of missions (and reloads) the carrier changes to your fleet collor and symbol.

Also i found how the mission gets bugged, when pressing ESC several times your screen turns black! (take note that doesnt always happen when pressing it)
So your forced to reload the AutoSave but it becomes corrupt because Fleet inteligent doesnt speak anymore giving you NO objectives.
So your forced to redo a Mission Before that…thats a very nasty bug.

I think enemy ships changing to your fleet colors is a feature, sometimes they seem to be scrubbed and have no fleet colors or insignia and then they will be your colors next. It seems a bit random to me.

shouldnt this be stickied

I only had about an hour to play HW2 (Remastered) earlier today, but I came across a bug with the second mission that has, to the best of my knowledge, been a part of the game since it was released 12 years ago. The issue this: the mission ends too quickly. Because of this, even if you save all six of the transport craft (Bishops 1-6) you will not get your reward of elite gunships. In my case, Fleet Command was grousing about my good work long after it was possible to collect.

I got a chuckle out of this, and it wont be hard to go back and wait a bit longer before taking down the fleeing Carrier; but still, it’d be nice if something like this could be addressed. Of course, I think it’s a minor fix - it’s quite possible though that it’s anything but. Still, thought I’d put my two cents in. Got my CE delivered on the 25th, as expected.

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I’ve just gotten the game and am only in the second mission (original Remastered) and am noticing irritation with the game AI. Please note MAJOR SPOILERS in this!

In classic, it was no difficulty to put a few corvettes in a wall formation and let them destroy the enemy ships as they tried to destroy the salvager (for getting the mission recorder). The corvettes would turn, shoot and guard again without moving at all. In Remastered, however, the heavy corvettes are completely pathetic: they completely ignore formations when attacking (WTF?), can’t even shoot the enemy properly whatsoever (99% of the time, completely missing the target), and despite being anti-strike craft, can somehow die to a Turanic Raider fighter. What the heck is this? Why are corvettes basically completely dumb and have no clue how to shoot down ships?

I expected a challenge, but heavy corvettes basically spend most of their time dancing around in no formation at all (despite being TOLD to be in wall), missing ships and basically getting themselves blown up against enemy fighters. That’s a serious AI bug that basically nullifies the reason to even use heavy corvettes at all.

I also take issue with the fact that, in classic, the cost of Resource Collectors equated to the amount of RUs they could obtain. In Remastered, the ship costs 600 RUs, but can only haul back 500 RUs. They need a capacity boost >_>

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I have a few bugs to mention:

If removing all UI elements from the screen using Backspace, so that nothing shows up, then if ‘B’ or ‘R’ is pressed to bring up the build or research panels, then pressed again to hide them, the UI element displaying the available RUs at the top of the screen doesn’t disappear automatically, and Backspace is needed to be pressed 4 times in a row to cycle through all UI concealment options again until no UI elements are present on the screen. So every time something is researched or built, Backspace is needed to be pressed 4 times in a row to cycle through hiding all screen elements again. The RUs should disappear automatically upon closing the build or research panels.

Also, the game doesn’t remember the UI concealment setting upon exiting the game. It is desired that each game be started with no UI, or with the same specific setting of UI concealment as before, rather than needing to manually hide the UI every single game.

There’s a square patch in this background environment which is off-colour with the rest of the background:
picture link
It stands out more in the game than it does in this screenshot, but the seams that appear are disrupting of the atmosphere.

And the UI and also mouse cursor are just way too large. It’s unnecessary, and is just bloat on the screen. Please provide greatly reduced scaling for the UI and mouse cursor.

I had posted this separately, but I think it’s worth being here instead.

Hi guys,

I’d like to give my opinion on what I have experienced so far, keeping an open mind to the fact that this is a new game that was written with certain design decisions and limitations in mind. Currently, I’m struggling to tell which parts of the issues I am experiencing are a result of design decisions and which are bugs, so I’m going to list absolutely everything in comprehensive categories to make it easier for support staff to read.

This post applies to HW:R up to mission 4 as that is as far as I had time to play, including the tutorial and one point about multiplayer.

Fighter cannon balancing (Scouts/Interceptors):
Increase rate of fire
Increase projectile velocity
Reduce projectile damage

Scouts do not activate ‘Speed boost’ if they are already moving, even when issuing a new ‘speed boost’ move order
Unable to issue ‘speed boost’ command without issuing a new move order (I.E. cannot activate during battle)
Scouts’ purple bar does not always deplete when speed boost does activate, and trail animation doesn’t activate either, but speed does increase. I have noticed this with 1 ship on 1 occasion
Strike craft (including corvettes) seem to have trouble aiming and do a lot of dancing around instead of chasing

Salvage corvette balancing
Reduce Armour

Turanic Raider Standard Corvette balancing
This ship’s weapons seem to be particularly weak

Salvage corvettes ‘lock on’ animation starts with the salvage corvette being around 3 to 4 ship lengths away from the target. The salvage animation then commences, matching speed with the target and moving closer to the target vessel until it’s attached. This is fine for larger ships, but when salvaging fighters, it’s possible for the salvage corvette to get close enough as a fighter flies by to start the animation, which then means the salvage corvette matches speed, making it fly sideways a lot quicker than it is supposed to, while it slowly moves towards the fighter until it locks on. This looks ridiculous and the fighter should be able to escape during the animation because the corvette isn’t attached, it’s just running it’s attach animation over a period of around 5 seconds before it’s attached.
Unable to tell multiple salvage corvettes to salvage multiple targets. For example, there seems to be no way to select 6 salvage corvettes and tell them to salvage 3 frigates. You have to give the orders to the salvage corvs individually.

Units do not stay in formation during battle.
When in Sphere formation, the sphere does not surround a guarded target
Units do not stay information when using waypoints
Units do not stay in formation when told to get into formation whilst moving to a new location
Units take a very long time to get into formation
Rules for wall formation seem to be completely screwed. When telling 9 fighters to get into wall formation, instead of 3 rows of 3, they create a cross instead. Other strange shapes are also seen with small numbers of ships
When assigning formations to squadrons (in the tutorial) the squadrons go in that formation, whilst maintaining the formation within their own squadrons. This can be fixed by adding the ability to ‘disband’ squadrons into single fighters, or set a squadron limit to 1 ship in the build queue somehow so they are built individually, and reduce the per unit build time and cost accordingly

Ships can hyperspace into a new map in whatever formation and layout that they left the old map

Missile Balancing
Increase missile speed
Reduce missile turning circle (missiles can fly in circles around a fighter because it cannot get the angle to hit it)
Slightly reduce missile damage to capital ships
Increase missile damage to strike craft
Missiles have no trails (no big deal but it would be nice to know what its a missile and what isn’t)
Increase missile rate of fire
Add missile ammo limit/regen time

Support Frigate
Support frigates don’t repair corvettes using the repair beam (design decision probably). This is no big deal if the repair corvette can do that instead, but I have not seen a repair corvette yet so I am unsure if they exist in the game

Unable to assign the same key to multiple bindings. Will have to work around for the time being using keyboard macro software

I experienced a cinematic hang and sound loop at the end of the cinematic at the start of mission 3 when the cinematic was supposed to end. I pressed spacebar to get passed this.

Shadows can appear and disappear when panning the camera around a stationary ship (dual light lighting mode)

Region locked??? Create a ‘world’ region, give people the choice to use it!

That’s it so far. I will post more as I find more issues/‘features’

I would appreciate feedback from support on which of the above is a design decision or a bug, what can be fixed and what can’t.


  • The “queue” display showing all my queues sometimes only shows mothership’s. Research and carrier queues disappear sometimes until I close and reopen the queues
  • We REALLY need independent UI scaling, I cant read how many ships of each type I have selected unless I goto the #2 UI scale setting and it’s massive on 1080p
  • Agree with post above, heavy corvettes are only hitting about 20% of their shots regardless of what I tell them to attack. They appear to be trying to fly like a HW2 gunship but someone forgot to tell them they only have turrets on one side so the heavy corvettes spend a lot of time flying aimlessly until the target is under them.
  • I had a MP game where my enemy tried to steal my HC with salvagers. He couldn’t attach all the corvs needed so I sent in assault frigs to remove the ones still holding it in place. They missed nearly EVERY shot on a STATIONARY corvette. Were Assault frigates resigned to match vaygr ones?
  • We need ability cool down timers for things like heavy corv burst, missile dessy burst, pings, EMPs, etc.
  • Need band box salvaging
  • HW1 style formations are useless for strike craft.
  • Defenders dont strafe, they move like a frigate and it leaves them sitting ducks
  • Can’t repair cryo trays making saving all 6 impossible, especially when 4/5 frigates ignore my fighters and continue killing the trays
  • Mission 4, the carrier gets bugged and never launches more fighters or corvettes and never attacks my mothership, it did, however, try to escape after I beat it up a bit
  • There seemed to be a random light source a few 100m in front of the mother ship that was reflecting off my frigates. It was in one spot and pretty consistent as I could move frigates around the light source and see the lighting change. I suspect it was left there by the Bentusi earlier.
  • You can queue up multiple research ships but the job will cancel after each one, I wanna queue all 6 and be done with it
  • HW1 harvesters seem to be getting stuck “standing in line” waiting for a asteroid slot to open when they’re already full
  • Telling a HW1 harvester to dock with a carrier or mother ship will have it actually dock inside the ship, why isn’t the HW2 harvester code simply reused here?
  • We REALLY need a launch hotkey, maybe shift L so we can launch what has been selected without needing to use the mouse
  • We also REALLY need a more effective way of selecting ships to launch because individually clicking a bunch of them SUCKS. Can we get a double click to select all of one type?
  • All the emblems for skirmish/MP and the launch window are being shown as single column lists, pretty clear bug there
  • Repair corvs and SFs will not distribute themselves among damaged targets. They seem to wanna repair one and then they ignore the fact that any other ships are taking damage
  • DFF’s field hardly blocks anything and is REALLY short on duration, gotta be constantly running 2 frigs, activating every five seconds to keep it going, far too much attention would be spent there.
  • HC ion cannons, much like Hiigaran BC ion cannons appear to ignore the orders given to the ship they’re attached to.
  • Sensors Arrays aren’t very useful for the time and money spent building them Give them the Hiigaran scout’s Ping ability to make them have some semblance of their former function
  • Last I checked Vaygr have no ping on their scouts. They REALLY could use that to balance the factions so that all 4 can do it
  • Sensor Overlay wont show tactical icons unless zoomed in and the dots representing an enemy or friendly when there’s no tactical icon are TINY. Resource node icons are also incredibly tiny.
  • Overlapping hotkeys would be nice, I wanna be able to have ALL special abilities be Z like HW1: defense fields, grav wells, cloaks, speed boosts, bursts, etc. The only place where this is a conflict is with a scout having 2 abilities with ping and EMP, in which case I’ll know to keep those 2 separate or be okay with them both activating at once.
  • The hell is this “Other” category in the unit cap?
  • If the ship salvage corvettes are capturing is destroyed while the capture animation is happening they will continue the animation and get sucked into the mother ship instead of canceling
  • The Taiidan carrier model clips through the front of the Taiidan mothership when launching

Tagging @joekgbx in case he can give any ideas on when these will be fixed. Hopefully soon, because I cannot really realistically play the HW1 Remastered campaign with these issues :confused:


I have to say that the game looks gorgeous. No complaints there.

What I do have a problem with is that Homeworld 1 game mechanics, especially fighters, bombers and corvettes, got the hell beaten out of them with the conversion to the new engine.

Tactics and formations are now useless. The claw formation was there to allow strike craft to focus fire on a target, allowing for a massive alpha strike. Now they break formation regardless of settings. It is a massive nerf to the effectiveness of strike craft. Defenders are now useless for escort as they don’t stay in sphere formation but break and attack. Tactics have essentially been gutted and all but removed.
Having a strike wing in claw formation hit a target and then break as you changed tactics looked glorious and was very effective. Now it looks like a mess.

The removal of fuel has made micromanaging fighters more difficult. Fighter used to go refuel on their own at a nearby support frigates or carriers. Getting repaired in the process. Now they fight until they die, increasing the amount of micromanaging they need.

Building queues in the HW2 style are a massive nerf to HW1 forces and severely limits the amount of ships you can built at any one time. Effecting balance and gameplay.

Several missions now play completely different and the changes have effected these mostly in a negative way.

I never liked Homeworld 2, story nor mechanics, and bought the remastered edition for the Homeworld 1 campaign. What I got is not what I wanted.


Okay, re: pinning this thread… I’m waiting until things settle down a little rather than be constantly moving and merging threads, with a view to combining/centralizing at some later point.

The beta feedback is really useful to gbx, so keep it coming. And it’s really cool to see everyone keeping it calm and factual. I heart you guys.