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(Dbrower) #363

Maelrizzo, I’ll keep trying and report. Right now game crashes after Gearbox logo runs; last time that happened, a full Steam re-install fixed it.

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(Kirazy) #365

HW2, Campaign. Collectors returning salvaged wreckage to a carrier spit the 0 RU hulk out the side.

Rather than the wreckage being disappeared, it pops out of the side of the carrier. :C

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(parallaxsnake) #366

screen tearing in the handsome collection… ¿¿¿What???

(REARM V2) #367

At least on a Vaygr side, the Battlecruiser research states a Destroyer Chassis as its prerequisity, the Frigate research says the Corvette Chassis is a prerequisity. Neither is obviously remotely true.

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(REARM V2) #368

Also, do you think this is the most sensible place for a Salvage point? :slight_smile:

(Drakolombardi) #369

That’s odd, I could of swarn one of the patch’s had a fix for the wreckage. I wonder if it was a different fix.

(Jim1) #370

I can just imagine the skipper looking out through his cockpit…errr fleet were going to need another salvage team out here…Gulp !! :cold_sweat:

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(REARM V2) #371

Since we’re talking to the actual devs here, can you fix that classic AI player stunt when their fleeing ships jump barely few kilometers away, not even outside of the visual range?

(Goose3) #372

Yes please do that I wouldn’t even mind if they cheat their way ot of combat as long as they reappear elsewhere other than 10 meters next to you…

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(Super Sajuuk) #373

Minor bug with Vaygr AI in HW2 RM Campaign Missions:

  • The AI seems to abuse the use of resource collectors in some missions, meaning that the player’s priority is trying to destroy half their collectors and finding the source of the infinite building. I noticed that particularly in two missions:
  • In Mission 9, when the first wave of carriers comes in, they launch a ridiculous number of collectors, which I don’t remember ever happening within classic (sure they built collector’s, but nothing like 25-30).
  • The same thing seems to happen in Mission 14, where the AI seems to completely ignore the fact they’re meant to be trying to destroy the Pride’s fleet and simply spam infinite numbers of collector’s, making it far too easy to just sit back and rebuild your fleet for the last mission.

This aspect should be looked into and the Vaygr should be capped on the number of collectors they should be allowed to build: otherwise, if the player isn’t careful, they’ll run out of RUs in some missions!

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(Charvell) #375

The Kushan cloaked fighter for HWRM is not able to hide in the campaign even with no enemy prox sensors around.

Cloak time is way too short. To be useful it needs a much longer cloaking time.

Upper left corner of UI screen still unusable.

Can we have an option to remove ship overlays while “not” in the sensors manager? Option to keep them for sensors manager only?

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(Gregorymthompso1) #376

@HerbyGuitar: I like those suggestions. I would like to see cloaking be a more important tactical consideration.

a suggestion (which would probably take a graphics engine change, @BitVenom?) would be to have ships fully cloaked, partially cloaked (you can see the lowest detail LOD mesh as an outline like in HW1) or uncloaked.

what do you guys think?

(MexicanoBlanco) #377

I bought the remastered game at launch and have only made it to the research station in HW1 so far. Yes the formations don’t work the way they’re supposed to but the game looks amazing. There are 2 bugs/annoyances that are driving me crazy. 1- Fighters and corvettes(especially the fighters), if attacked in the middle of a ‘move’ order, will stop what they’re doing…fly around a little bit and then sit there until destroyed. 2- Support frigates: typically they’re SUPPOSED to support/heal/repair from the rear of a formation…but in the remastered version they will move to the side and front of the ship they’re repairing, which puts them directly in the line of fire of any enemy capital ships and are then quickly destroyed…but the game looks amazing, right? Can I simply rebuild what I keep losing? Of course, but I don’t play the game that way.

(Super Sajuuk) #378

@Jeffybug Are the Gearbox team still looking at this thread and taking on board all the issues being brought up? I’ve mentioned several minor bugs with AI balancing in HW2 RM but I have no idea if they’re being noticed by the team. Thanks.

(Goose3) #379

Minor inconvenience:

Parade formations (Shift P) doesn’t work when your ships are not nearby the specific carrier or mothership. Ships got to be in range of it. If I order my units to go into parade formation for what ever reason I expect them to carry out my order no matter where they currently are.

It worked like that in HW1 and if memory serves me correct also in HW2 classic. This should be getting fixed.

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(Kenny The Klever) #380

just out of curiosity, how do you order ships into parade in Homeworld 1?

(Jim1) #381

Select all the ships you want in the parade formation And the Mothership then press [TAB] or any of the formation function keys [F5] - [F11] would do the trick.

(Goose3) #382

Ya in HW1 it was either F11 or F12 but keep the steam overlay in mind. Believe F12 is assigned for screenshot taking by default.

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