Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD

You disabled them meaning they won’t turn on again? IIRC that was how they were supposed to work in HW1, not sure if that’s how they worked ingame though.

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Back in old days i didn’t play HW2 classic to much, so i’m not used with this interface, but i have same issue with Launch window from Mothership too.
I think its a little messy right now. You see al fighters and corvets together in no order and hard to select and launch only Interceptors, or only heavy corvets for example.

I think it will be better to see, like in HW1 classic for example, the icon for only 1 interceptor and number of all your interceptors next to it and to have 3 buttons: Launch 1, Launch group and Launch all.

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You can turn them on and off. Nobody liked that I had four rotating grav wells, so as far as the specifics goes I cannot verify for sure because they usually tried to target them. However, it did a magnificent job keeping strikecraft like pulsars off my butt. It was pretty amazing when I first launched it. At least they don’t explode if you let them run too long!

  1. I have an issue with movement up-down.

Something change from HW1 classic where after i hit M, I press shift to adjust height and in same time i could press RMB to rotate camera up-down or left-right for a better view so i can better adjust height and click LMB to move.

Now when i try to adjust height, i cant use RMB in same time to rotate camera. Or maybe i am doing something wrong. Or maybe i will get used after some more playing.

  1. I think after right clicking to bring up ship menu, the menu should stay open without keeping RMB pressed and only pressing LMB outside menu window to close it.

One thing that I just remembered is that the bounded box in the sensors manager is right up against the bottom of the map, but extends outwards past map boundaries in all other directions. What this means is when you’re moving vertically if you’re high up, you can still rotate around your ships to see what’s going on in the rest of the map, but if you’re really low… you can’t. You’re stuck looking at your ships from the top and can’t rotate around.

Military priority selection is there it’s in the gameplay option menu as it was in vanilla HW2.

I can confirm the glitches on the HW1 formation behavior that may require a lot of more work in the following patches. They basically break formation every time they’re in combat. I actually played the remastered HW1 tutorial in there it was even mentioned that they will break formations once they’re in combat. Well what’s the point of having formations then in the first place?

Regarding support frigates. They can heal more than 1 ship. Hold your Z or Y down while dragging a box around the ships. However they still follow the lame Homeworld2 logic in that regard that they set priority over the first ship that got damaged till it’s healthy again no matter if 5 other ships die at the time. Furthermore they need to get real close in order to actually start healing. I had a assault frigate that was under attack for like 40 seconds by few corvettes in the early missions and that support frig sitting next to it. Yet that ship had to turn around and try to get closer etc. By that time my assault frigate was destroyed. That’s a no go. I recommend the implementation of the HW1 coding for the HW1&HW2 support frigates and also slightly increasing the support range.

Regarding the right mouse click issue. Recommend making use of the movement hotkey m in this particular case. In hw1 you could move ships only that way around anyway.

I can’t confirm glitches on disabling special abilities while being active. Works fine for me. Play the tutorial to see how it works if you’re unsure.

Minelayers: That’s true and even was for HW2 I recommend fixing that also. Back then they were probably deleted to safe up on performance. These days that shouldn’t be a problem. They should become the tactical asset they are meant to me. At least for the unified MP gaming mode in future patches… :smile:

Animation glitches:

During my first games in SP & MP I noticed 2 rather annoying things. These were even present in original HW2.

Turranic raiders sometimes open their wings rapidly and closing them. The end result is that their wings flicker like a tv without any signal.

Some ships have the same behavior with their engine parts they start glowing and going off again in mili seconds. Should be possibly getting fixed although that surely has only low priority.

Thus far impressive work @gbx there may be glitches as you folks pointed out yourself but I’m happy the way things are so far.



Another strange graphical thing is that there is no recoil on (I think) any of the ships anymore. In the original, where projectiles were involved, there was recoil from the cannons. Not present at the moment.

Not sure if this is a bug, or if they simply removed it.

It looked beautiful in the original.


Defenders still exhibit recoil afaik.

Hm, OK.

Then isn’t it strange that the other ships don’t? Bug, perhaps?

Probably bugs and last minute features that didn’t make it in. I imagine they have a big list of things they know they need to fix or implement, but I suppose it’s good to vocalize which ones we care about. I’m also a fan of the little details like recoil.

Here’s one: Assigning a ship to guard a group of ships (i.e. Resource Controller or a Carrier guarding 3 or more resourcers), the guarding ship follows one ship from the group instead of remaining equidistant from all ships in the group. Not sure how they broke this, since in HW2 it followed the equidistant rule, too.


Interestingly HW2 smallcraft formations will spread out when in a sphere or other formation and told to guard, but HW1 ships won’t. I’m guessing it’s due to the mini formation code or something.

Combat unit selection is in the game in an option under the gameplay tab. Around where the disable nlips button is.

And I agree with all of your other points.

Well nobody else is reporting seeing this behavior, so I’ll just link my thread here as a potential bug: essentially, my mothership is invincible in HW1.

The taiidan carrier when capture sundenly launches enemy fighters when done capturing.
You cant build with the taiidan carrier.
After a couple of missions (and reloads) the carrier changes to your fleet collor and symbol.

Also i found how the mission gets bugged, when pressing ESC several times your screen turns black! (take note that doesnt always happen when pressing it)
So your forced to reload the AutoSave but it becomes corrupt because Fleet inteligent doesnt speak anymore giving you NO objectives.
So your forced to redo a Mission Before that…thats a very nasty bug.

I think enemy ships changing to your fleet colors is a feature, sometimes they seem to be scrubbed and have no fleet colors or insignia and then they will be your colors next. It seems a bit random to me.

shouldnt this be stickied

I only had about an hour to play HW2 (Remastered) earlier today, but I came across a bug with the second mission that has, to the best of my knowledge, been a part of the game since it was released 12 years ago. The issue this: the mission ends too quickly. Because of this, even if you save all six of the transport craft (Bishops 1-6) you will not get your reward of elite gunships. In my case, Fleet Command was grousing about my good work long after it was possible to collect.

I got a chuckle out of this, and it wont be hard to go back and wait a bit longer before taking down the fleeing Carrier; but still, it’d be nice if something like this could be addressed. Of course, I think it’s a minor fix - it’s quite possible though that it’s anything but. Still, thought I’d put my two cents in. Got my CE delivered on the 25th, as expected.

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I’ve just gotten the game and am only in the second mission (original Remastered) and am noticing irritation with the game AI. Please note MAJOR SPOILERS in this!

In classic, it was no difficulty to put a few corvettes in a wall formation and let them destroy the enemy ships as they tried to destroy the salvager (for getting the mission recorder). The corvettes would turn, shoot and guard again without moving at all. In Remastered, however, the heavy corvettes are completely pathetic: they completely ignore formations when attacking (WTF?), can’t even shoot the enemy properly whatsoever (99% of the time, completely missing the target), and despite being anti-strike craft, can somehow die to a Turanic Raider fighter. What the heck is this? Why are corvettes basically completely dumb and have no clue how to shoot down ships?

I expected a challenge, but heavy corvettes basically spend most of their time dancing around in no formation at all (despite being TOLD to be in wall), missing ships and basically getting themselves blown up against enemy fighters. That’s a serious AI bug that basically nullifies the reason to even use heavy corvettes at all.

I also take issue with the fact that, in classic, the cost of Resource Collectors equated to the amount of RUs they could obtain. In Remastered, the ship costs 600 RUs, but can only haul back 500 RUs. They need a capacity boost >_>

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I have a few bugs to mention:

If removing all UI elements from the screen using Backspace, so that nothing shows up, then if ‘B’ or ‘R’ is pressed to bring up the build or research panels, then pressed again to hide them, the UI element displaying the available RUs at the top of the screen doesn’t disappear automatically, and Backspace is needed to be pressed 4 times in a row to cycle through all UI concealment options again until no UI elements are present on the screen. So every time something is researched or built, Backspace is needed to be pressed 4 times in a row to cycle through hiding all screen elements again. The RUs should disappear automatically upon closing the build or research panels.

Also, the game doesn’t remember the UI concealment setting upon exiting the game. It is desired that each game be started with no UI, or with the same specific setting of UI concealment as before, rather than needing to manually hide the UI every single game.

There’s a square patch in this background environment which is off-colour with the rest of the background:
picture link
It stands out more in the game than it does in this screenshot, but the seams that appear are disrupting of the atmosphere.

And the UI and also mouse cursor are just way too large. It’s unnecessary, and is just bloat on the screen. Please provide greatly reduced scaling for the UI and mouse cursor.