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As I remember Homeworld Cataclysm was F12.

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another bug: HW1R mission 2 when I’m told to send a Salvage corvette to the Khar-Selim to retrieve the flight data recorder, the Salvage Corvette refuses to dock w it.

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Two for one sale on Motherships !! get em while there hot !! :smile:

Each ship has its own build/Launch menu scouts and collector

Think this was mentioned before :confused:

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What I’d like to know is does the bug persist after mission one? That would be fun lol.

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I am a big fan of HOMEWORLD! And I have ALL of the same problems I have red in this thread. my strikecraft are stupid and weak. The cloak on my cloaked fighters dosn’t work and there’s a time limit on them now!! corvettes aren’t much better. And this is one I have not seen in all of this thread, I can not have any more than 14 salvage corvettes at any time!!!
Frigats, ALL the same problems as every one, including MY favorite, the multibeam frigats.
My measly portion of salvage corvettes will only take captured frigats to the mothership, never the carriers. This is realy
frustrating in Super Nova Station, Galactic Core and Bridge of Sighs.

14 Salvage corvets REALLY?
Can’t use carriers when salvaging?
Time limit on cloaked fighters?
It’s like your changing the rules!


Minor main menu bug.
Text clipped in text fields.

And I have suggestions to improve usability of game menu.

Bind button Escape to Cancel or Back in menu.
Then we can exit from current menu faster to turn back to privious menu.
If user changed something, binding of button in controls menu, should be shown small dialog window that suggests to save changes.
No ( Escape ) and Yes ( Enter ).

Would be nice if all menu control will be possible only with keyboard.

(Jim1) #389

I think what your seeing there is related to resolution issues that weren’t put right in the last UI patch. In your case the stretching of the text is now greater than the size of the window its viewed through. I’ve had similar (read much worse) issues myself with my own native resolution.

A more comman res of 1920 x 1081

and my rather more extreme 5760 x 1080

I raised a support ticket for this sort of issue after the last UI patch, so fingers crossed it will be put right on the next big update.

I agree with your thoughts on the escape button. I found myself stranded a couple of time when this game was released as the on screen buttons were no longer reachable due to resolution issues and keyboard access to commands would have saved me a lot of bother at the time.

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. . . .Yes . . . .

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I moved a post to a new topic: Badass Rank disappeared

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I just noticed this:

The description line’s gotta be $2049, not $2047.

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@Pouk I actually have no idea what I’m supposed to be seeing in that pic. o.O

(making space ships) #394

The Heavy Missile Battery is not anti-fighter.

(REARM V2) #395

So here’s a bug, already happened to me twice, I took a screenshot both times:

What happens is that my strikecraft from a reasone that I haven’t picked up on yet, sometimes go invisible. In the first example a whole 9 squadrons of them(!). You cannot move them, you cannot see them, you can’t even scuttle them. They’ll just stay there on a spot in the map, immobile and in phased to the fourth dimension. Forever. Crowding my unitcaps.

Maybe a ship that docked them exploded and they didn’t die?

(Luke0086) #396

The Bugs I’ve found, all during the campaigns of both HW1R and HW2R (and both!) but some will affect Multiplayer, too:

(1) (Both) When craft are turning, particularly capital ships in a strike group, their engines will flicker on and off

(2) (HW1R) Capturing a ship in the campaign, will leave you unable to sell it (retire) until the next mission level. I captured a carrier and was unable to build from it or sell it, basically I couldn’t do anything with it until I could sell it on the next level).

(3) (HW2R) Attempging to capture a carrier in the campaign leads to nothing happening, even when the maximum unit limit of that type is not reached.

(4) (HW1R) When using salvage corvettes to salvage debris from destroyed ships, they can only dock with the mothership successfully. Any attempt to dock at a carrier with the debris will lead to them getting stuck sitting by the carrier.

(5) (HW1R) In the last campaign level, when your fleet approaches the emporor’s mothership, the fleet gets stuck trying to get past the asteroid field and so you have to manually take them up and over (otherwise they just sit by the asteroid field not moving, but trying to move). In my game, the rebellion leader also got stuck there

(6) (Both) During animatics, the last part of the audio will repeat several times whilst the game is loaded (on a system that surpasses the system requirement specs).

(7) (HW2R) In some cases, a ship that is being boarded can still fire at it’s boarder, I believe this isn’t supposed to be possible?

(8) (HW2R) In the mission where you attack a Vaygr Command outpost (before going to the Ghenna asteroid field), setting your fleet to passive will still repeatedly get the hyperspace gates (that you are advised to capture) destroyed, perhaps torpedo frigate’s torpedos retargetting? but it doesn’t look to me like that feature is working properly either as a torpedo never seems to destroy multiple corvettes (the additional missiles just dissapear).

(9) (HW2R) Sometimes strike craft in a strike group will attack a nearby enemy, despite not being set to agressive and having even been given a task to move AWAY from the target.

(10) (BOTH) With the tactical view map, it no longer is clear about safe areas in regards to avoiding harmful radiation in a HW1R misson, and staying under cover in the HW2R mission in the Ghenna asteroid field.

(11) (HW2R) If you capture a hyperspace gate in the mission whilst attacking the Vaygr command post, it will follow you in hyperspace to the next mission!

(12) (BOTH) When collecting debris from destroyed ships for RUs, the debris is often left behind when the mothership hyperspaces away (it is hidden inside the mothership and the mothership hyperspacing away reveals it). This has happened to me several times.

(breachpod) #397

[quote=“luke0086, post:396, topic:95069”]
(HW2R) Attempging to capture a carrier in the campaign leads to nothing happening, even when the maximum unit limit of that type is not reached
[/quote]This was true in HW2 as well.

[quote=“luke0086, post:396, topic:95069”]
(HW2R) In some cases, a ship that is being boarded can still fire at it’s boarder, I believe this isn’t supposed to be possible?
[/quote]This was in HW2 as well. The Missile frigate was able to direct its missiles and the Assault frigate also fires a light concussion missile.

(MatthTheGeek) #398

A ship being boarded can still fire (and receive orders like scuttle) until the boarding bar is half-full. The boarding speed depends on the number of boarding frigates and the health of the boarded ship (more damaged -> faster boarding).

(Lazer72) #399

In HW1 as soon as your salvage corvettes latched on, the ship is useless. Very OP.

(breachpod) #400

Yes. That is why I always found it necessary to damage the Vaygr Battlecruiser before atempting to capture it in Mission 9

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OK. I keep getting momentarily paused whenever a sound file starts to play, as if it waits got it to load before carrying on with the game. This happens in game and during cutscenes. Always. Since I don’t have an ssd any chance we could get the audio preloaded into ram? I mean the voices not music. Cos it’s really bugging me… Help…

(El Rizzo) #402

That sounds more like your hdd is slowly dying or something else (can be either hardware or software) isn’t working properly, because I’m pretty sure not everyone else is using an ssd for homeworld and if they all had this annoying error the forum would be filled with reports of it.

Are your audio drivers up to date as well as your other drivers ?

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