Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD

Any acknowledgement from the devs?

It’s E3 this week :wink: (they are probably pretty busy)

This is what it looks like for me, all Settings except Depth of Field are cranked up to max (including 8x msaa and 16x anisotropic filtering forced through the driver) and the resolution used was 1080p. As you can see the small misalignement is there as well and its not caused by your card :wink: since my system is more than fast enough for this game :smiley: .

As for the “8k” textures, the only option I can find is texture size, not resolution and I think size in this case refers to the file size not the resolution, but I might be wrong on that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good catch. I would have never noticed (had to look really long to see it)… maybe you could put a red arrow or something there.

If you are referring to me, I wasn’t the one who noticed it, that was Lazer72 and he described where to look ;), I just confirmed his findings and answered his question about the texture quality.

Thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:

And yes, I think the 8K refers to the texture files.
I was wondering because, for me, the HW1 Mothership looks more detailed and sharper than the HW2 MS. Maybe that’s just me.

And here’s a crude circle

I was referring to lazer72. :smiley: I did not see it when he first posted it and described it (our brain is great in not noticing something when it knows how it should look like :-D). Only when I had yours and his to compare did I find the misalignment. That’s why I suggested he should mark it somehow.

Roger, then I misunderstood :slight_smile:

Nah, its true, the textures in general are better for the Homeworld 1 ships since, I assume, they were redone completely as the original textures were just too low res and not detailed enough to work with and for Homeworld 2 they “only” improved them and added stuff but didn’t recreate them from scratch.

I wanna emphasize again, this is only an assumption on my part ! please don’t take my word for certain truth as I can’t confirm this in any way, its pure speculation :wink:

While it’s true that the shift in quality of HW1 textures is incomparably more dramatic, I wouldn’t undermine the HW2 texture upgrade at all. Just look, not even remotely the same level (and yes, they’re both in original 100% scale, even the top one):


The way Scole described it, they actually did recrete them from scratch.


Thanks for the information, I guess since the difference between HW1 classic and its remastered counterpart is more drastic than with HW2 it just looks better or at least it seems more obvious :smiley:

You’ll find farts here and there on just about every model you look at closely enough. Good MOD models will sometimes tend to be better mapped than originals because of the time factor. I’ve found several places on several ships like this BUT! That doesn’t diminish the work or talents that have gone into the game models. The work overall is outstanding. I’m pointing at “scole” directly. The man ‘knows’ what he’s doing and I’m not the only one here that can testify to that.


You mean the top one is original and the bottom remastered?
The BC does have an excellent texture.

Maybe it’s just me looking to closely!
For me the smaller the ship the better the texture?
For example look at the screenshot I posted earlier, the brown smudge on the top of the yellow border of the fighter opening in the Mothership. That could have been better defined other than a “birthmark”.

Now look at this

Much sharper texture IMO.
(I do have AA turned off because for some reason during this session everything went black except the HUD when I turned it on even on the lowest setting, never happened before).

HW1R - Mission 10
The cutscene camera appears to be at the wrong spot during a hyperspace jump-in at the start of the mission (camera stares at nothingness while mothership appears somewhere off the screen), the same thing happens during the ending hyperspace sequence - the camera focuses on an empty space while docking and initiating hyperspace jump are happening elsewhere.
During that mission you could collect RU using carrier as a resource controller (since it can take much more damage from radiation than actuall controller, and it can carry collectors so they won’t take any damage) and I gotta say it stays a bit too far from asteroids, but non the less close enough to not recieve damage while collecting is in progress. The pathfinding may be a bit weird but judging by the last mission (to be more specific, how the asteroid field is placed around enemy flagship) it looks like asteroids are intended to block path. however I think the part when your ships getting stuck there is not intended. Though sadly I don’t remember how it was in the original.

HW2R - Mission 4
I remember encountering the same thing in the original, but I still consider this a bug. If you capture a hyperspace gate near the left inhibitor then jump through it and capture three gates there, then using them jump to the center inhibitor and attempt to capture a gate (the one you just came from), the frigate will neutralize it instead (like when you’re trying to capture an enemy carrier for example) leaving that gate useless.

HW2R - Mission 5
The last line spoken by the fleet intelligence (male voice) in the starting cinematic appears to be in much lower audio quality. Not really a bug, but perhaps it can be fixed?
HW2R - Mission 6
During cutscene featuring first detection of Movers, the fleet intelligence’s speech is once again in lower audio quality.
HW2R - Mission 9
During ending cutscene in which Cpt. Soban gets captured the lines spoken by the fleet intelligence are performed by a wrong voice actor, sounds like the general unit responce voice.
HW2R - Mission 15
During cutscene featuring the appearance of the planet killers, the line spoken by the fleet intelligence once again is in lower quality.
Also got a bit of clipping action in the beginning hyperspace jump-in cutscene:
Attaching my profile folder in case it’s hard to reproduce and/or related to my fleet setup.

HW2R in general
It seems weird that you retrieve any probes you had to the next mission, but not gun platforms, regardless if you moved them or not. In the original, as far as I remember, you only retrieved one-off units only if you hadn’t moved them, therefore not used them. Same thing regarding captured hyperspace gates in HW2R - Mission 4.

Additional remarks regarding asteroid pathfinding. With HW1R I wasn’t sure if it was faithful to the original due to my poor memory, but with HW2R I’m certain that capital ships aren’t supposed to stay that far away from asteroids.

Of course I’m not trying to, in any way, diminish their hard work and excellent results. This is just minor nitpicking.

  1. 8k as an option is there for modders to use- we didn’t exceed 4096x4096 textures so you won’t see any difference between 4k and 8k in the base game but it is an option to help future proof the game.

  2. All the Homeworld 2 textures were remade from scratch but the models weren’t re-UVed. The Hiigaran mothership is broken up into 6 different textures:

1 256x512
1 512x512
3 512x4096
2 2048x4096

The original was:

1 32x32
2 64x64
2 128x128 (badge, deprecated in the new version)
2 64x512
1 128x1024
2 512x1024

The original weighed in at 5 megs, the remastered one at 63 megs. Keep in mind that the original one used DXT5 compression to store the team or stripe in the alpha channel which doubles the size so that 5 meg value is quite inflated.

One of the first things we did was reorder the material slots to avoid having to use DXT5. This increases the texture count but gave us more slots to work with for new things like reflections and paint. Normal maps occupy their own material slot because compressing normals leads to artifacts (remember our admonishments about not pulling textures out of HODs? This is why-normals and diffuses to a lesser extent lose information the first pass through the compression, twice through compression starts to look real ugly) and normals need to have the full RGB range to minimize blocky compression artifacts. Also we were leaving ourselves some room to half-size the normals if we needed to save space but I can’t think of any instances of where we needed this.

A diffuse comes along with multiple other textures-spec, glow, team, etc. Up to 7 other same size textures per diffuse is the usual. The remastered Hiigaran mothership has up to 57 textures that make up the ship (I’m guessing here by looking at source-not all of them make it through the HODOR process because they can be unneeded like some _GLOX and _TEAX).

The Kushan mothership uses 4 textues:

1 4096x2048
1 2048x4096
1 2048x2048
1 512x2048

and is 71 megs with its attendant textures. So yeah, HW1 texture usage is generally larger but moving from a 512x1024 to a 2048x4096 is nothing to sneeze at either. There are instances where they could have gone larger (not on the mothership really, but elsewhere) but Homeworld 2 was done first and the new renderer wasn’t written yet. This is important because there are speed concerns with passing lots of textures through a video card: shader instructions have to be run on each texture. Throwing large textures through a video card has a cost and having a lot of textures with instructions being run on them also has a cost and it was risky to combine the two. This also needs to be tempered with the knowledge that Homeworld 2’s ships would have to handled being loaded into memory with 2 new races that hadn’t been created yet. Steam stats helped somewhat with this in showing that a large population segment still had video cards with 1 gig of memory.

Bitvenom’s render turned out to be super fast and probably would have handled it but I made the best choice I could with the information I had and with what I could predict. The upside is that Homeworld 2’s ships survive having their textures limited to 2k resolution a lot better than the Homeworld 1 ships and this is why.

Yeah, this is sometimes the case because on smaller ships I frequently gave them more love. My thinking there was that smaller ships usually have fewer textures so the instruction math would be lighter and also:

  1. They needed to look good next to larger ships.
  2. You can get closer to them.

The original Hiigaran interceptor was 256x256 but I redid the remastered version at 2048x2048. Same for the Hiigaran assault and pulsar corvettes.

XOXOXO Thanks, I certainly have given Homeworld my everything.

I know this is more words than everyone bargained for but you guys seem to like insights into development.


Ah. Thanks for that very in-depth explanation!
So the maximum textures in the base Remastered is 4K? Got it.

And HW1 textures were remastered after HW2 and with the knowledge of what the renderer could do while during HW2 remastering you didn’t have that knowledge and so the textures were limited on purpose for the purpose of saving ram /vram.

Thanks for the enlightening!

Absolutely brilliant job though, really appreciate it. :+1:. It really shows.

Edit: I’m not so clear as to why you said that HW2 ships could survive better with 2k textures than HW1.

Yeah, thanks a lot for the insights, its always nice to read stuff like this ! :slight_smile:

Hi community, hi devs,
here is my preliminary bug report.

Campaign HW1:R :
In general:

  1. Deactivation of auto-launch does not carry over to next level. Which is fatal in places like the “Gardens of Kadesh”.

HW:R1 M5- “Wastelands 2”

  1. My research ship was not in my ship list overlay.
  2. Mission objective was to destroy enemy harvesters - I captured them instead. While the objective was completed this way, the harvesters still had the “destroy ship” beacon in the sensors manager.
    until the end of the mission. Misssion was completable.
  3. The big enemy carrier could be captured and counted as “destroyed” for the mission objectives, but the moment it reappeared from my mothership with a green icon, it launched a squadron of enemy interceptors (red icons)
    that did not do anything or count as enemy fleet. I could just leave them in the system and hyperjump to the next mission.
  4. When I had destroyed or captured everything but the enemy carrier, the smaller ships around the carrier and the carrier itself stopped defending. I even could send my harvesters directly next to the carrier to harvest
    the last bits of resources.
  5. The captured support frigate was not able to do anything (it was fully functional in the next mission)

HW1:R M6 : “Diamond Shoals” (so far):

  1. Captured carrier from “The wastelands 2” (see above) does not do anything. I assigned it to destroy an asteroid and it did not shoot. I also do not get a build menu, so I cannot use it to build anything. I’m wondering if this carrier being captured in mission 5 wastelands 2 is a bug and it should not have been ablte to be captured (since it does not seem to have any AI or build options). I will probably recycle it again.

HW1:R : Mission 9 Sea of lost souls and other levels
Support frigates, repair destroyers, carriers and the mothership, BUT do not repair anything else… tried it on fighters and corvettes so far and they confirm the order but do not move and repair the selected craft.

The following concerns the German localization only:
After checking out the German localization I immediately switched back to English. The subtitle and UI translation is functional but at times a bit rough.
Some parts are fine - some just don’t feel as if they had been written by a native speaker.


  1. Some German compound words sound a bit strange. Some compounds are hyphenated for no reason while others are not.
  2. I came across a completely untranslated sentence in the subtitles.
  3. The research ship is localized in Spanish (nave de…) instead of German (Forschungsschiff).
  4. The German localization of the launcher is also lacking polish (typos, grammar, missing words).
    That’s why I added some annotations and a mockup of a corrected version (without typos and other mistakes).
    Concerning the mockup: I’m still not that happy with the term “Remasterte Spiele”. “Remaster” or “remastert” are not that common (in German). Don’t get me wrong: “Remasterte Spiele” is correct. Maybe someone else can come up with a better solution. Of course, one could redesign the whole menu (:wink: see at the end of this post).

Annotated original:

Mockup without typos etc.:

This is just a suggestion:
The launcher and also its localization could be greatly simplified by putting the nice logos into one column like this:

SELECT to PLAY _________________________________News

Homeworld Remastered
Homeworld 2 Remastered
Homeworld Classic
Homeworld 2 Classic
Multiplayer Beta__________________________________ MODS

I have the same bug, it seems that if you complete a mission then reload a save you had before you completed it and then complete it again, you can’t finish the mission, there’s no option to hyperspace. It’s happened to me twice now, very easy to reproduce.