Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD

That was a while ago when I posted that :smiley: but I haven’t had this issue since, so I didn’t know it still occurs. What fixed it for me was to load an earlier save during the mission in question, that allowed me to finish it, so create saves during your missions just in case :wink:

It still exists, just save before the objective then finish the objective, reload the save complete the objective again and you can’t hyperspace out.

I only keep 1 save during the mission the other is the auto save at the start.

Ok, good to know :slight_smile: and I guess you have to start making a few more saves during gameplay to be on the safe side :wink:

HW1:R Campaign:
Support frigates, repair destroyers, carriers and the mothership, BUT do not repair anything else… tried it on fighters and corvettes so far and they confirm the order but do not move and repair the selected craft.

I think they have to dock with it. The support frigate doesn’t repair fighter or corvette class ships with its healing beam.
Just order the ships to dock with it.
Actually this is a bug, when you order the support frigate to heal them the fighters should automatically dock with it.


Yeah, but I think if you order your fighters to dock they will use support frigates to heal themselves, not sure since I usually play Hw2 races :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m pretty sure I did it in the Hw1 campaign :slight_smile: just try it out.

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Feature request:
Saves with more information: Timestamp, date, mission, play time etc. - Ordered by playtime or date and not alphabetically.

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Multiplayer lobby feature requests and issues:

  • Keyboard layout in MP chat (lobby and ingame) does not use windows default language.
  • Private messaging in MP lobby would be nice.
  • In the lobby of 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 maps, team chats to discuss strategy before the map loads would be very useful (kind of like in DOTA 2 where you can discuss your picks and resulting strategy within your team lobby).

Just playing through again to see if bugs have been fixed etc - the gfx seem a bit odd - the hangers shine completely through the ship - so the mothership is bright light blue in the centre - and all the carriers are too. Also objects can be seen through ships, and areas of ships are see through. Support frigates won’t fix strike craft.

Can you make a few screenshots to elaborate ? Because I have a suspicion what you might be referring to and how to fix it :wink:

And regarding the support frigates, you have to order your strikecraft to dock to them (or simply press the global dock button, I think its D by default) and they will get repaired.

There you go thanks maelrizzo.

Wow, haven’t seen that before.

You might try a different video driver. Either back date or update. I’ve seen this before.

People have reported this a couple of times and always, that I’ve seen anyway, tracked it back to something that tries to put an overlay over the game or otherwise interact with the game’s rendering.

Thanks for the replies - well the gfx drivers should be up to date as I’ve set it to auto update - but I’ll double check it’s doing it. Strange though, as it’s only been doing it since I started a new run through.

Looks like the overlay bug, if you have any software running (except steam) that can create an overlay/OSD disable it during gameplay and see if that fixes your problem.

I know that Trillian and the MSI Afterburner OSD create such strange graphical bugs, but I’m sure there are tons of other tools that will also cause it, the only other software I know that works flawlessly with the game is Fraps, you can leave that on in case you are using it, but try disabling anything else you might have running and see if the problem disappears.

If graphics return to normal, turn on one program at a time and see which one causes the bug for you and leave that one off while playing or disable the overlay/OSD options of it.

The glitches won’t go away if you disable software while playing, so you will have to close the game and restart it once you disabled everything that might cause trouble.

I’ll give it a try - it’s not a show stopper by any means but mildly annoying.

AI have just completed both campaigns and have to say I am really happy with how the game works. I originally played homeworld but never homeworld2, so it was a real treat to play the next version and in HD.

I love the atmosphere of the game and would definitely purchase and play any sequels… hint hint :).



I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but when you have an AI Hiigaran Race and a AI Taiidan Race in the same match they make the game really slow, I mean, ex:

I normally get around 160 fps in a certain map at the start of the match that is for 3 players or more, but if one of the AI races is Taiidan and there is another Hiigaran AI too I get 45 fps right from the start of the match, the issue is even worst in some cases, but this only happens if these two races are in the map, and the issue doesn’t happen with any other race, and changing the map, Gamemode or anything else doesn’t fix the issue.

I have seen this issue happening since the original release I think, but I’m not sure.

Just guessing: Maybe it’s not the AI but the textures of the races in question? Your VRAM might be full under exactly these conditions: Textures of the named races+this map. Then the game would have to start swapping (happens to my 1 GB Nvidia when I have very high quality settings for textures - VRAM full -> swapping -> framerate suddenly very low and game unresponsive) . I resolved this by lowering the quality settings to medium (thanks bitvenom for explaining).

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