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Thanks roloway,
Your input has helped me in a few issues I had figuring out this bug, now I have to correct a few thing I said in my last post. I also thought the issue had to do with the GFX since the beginning, but a lot of results in testing make me doubt and point the cause elsewhere.

First I have to start showing my video settings:

other settings not seen there are:

My GFX card is an Nvidia GTX 460 1GB
CPU: AMD Phenom II 980, quad core @3.7Ghz
RAM: 4GB DDR3 1600 cl 7

Ok, now I have to correct that the issue shows up clearly with each of the races loaded, so a 4 players map is the only thing needed the only thing is that it accentuates a lot when I have the Taiidan along with both HW2 races on the map, I the beginning it lead me thought that it was a Taiidan related issue, now I’m pretty sure that it is the same issue that roloway mentioned except that it happens right from the sart of the match, because lowering the texture size to 512 and the quality to 0 helped to avoid making the game drop to less than 15 fps in a modded version of the game and kept the vanilla game over 40fps, but the funny issue is that it didn’t make the game faster when I expected it to be, with these new setting the game kept around 60 to 75 fps in almost every case even in cases where I normally achieved 160fps and the worst thing is that the game didn’t feel as smooth and responsive which is very odd.

I tested the same issue in another PC with a similar CPU at 3.6Ghz, 8GB ram and a 560 ti and the same thing happened.

In a modified version of the game where I have enabled other races like Kadesh, Turanic Raiders, Bentusi, and Keepers, I load them including the vanilla races excepting the Taiidan in an 8 players map and the game runs over 60 fps at the beginning of the match, but if I include or switch any of the races with Taiidan the game drops to almost 0 fps.

For the moment I will ignore the issue, keep my old settings, since the game runs fine over 75 fps if I exclude the Taiidans from the matches.

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Am I the only one who has these empty bits in Capital and Utility research both in vanilla and modded?

seems related to this thread: Bug With Research Menus Post Aug 13 Update

Oh right, so it is. I went through the thread names before asking and I didn’t see that one.

Looking into it…

[update] - Resolved, along with another nasty crash we found. Timing for patch TBD - fast, but no exact date/time yet.


Hi Gearbox. Just wanted to point something out Since it got missed in the recent update.

A few updates ago, you made this fix “Top left UI no longer blocks mouse clicks”. This fixed the togglable build queues in the upper left corner from blocking mouse clicks, but it didn’t fix the research queue from blocking mouse clicks. So now there is an awkward un-clickable line jutting out from the research queue right underneath the build queues. Just wanted to bring this to your attention so you could apply the same fix to the research queue that you applied to the build queues.

Also, the last update caused a bunch of faux-researchs items to appear in the research menus, but I’m guessing you already know about that.

Thanks for the effort you’ve put in to this guys. Love the game. Keep up the good work.

Found and killed! Again, tbd in terms of public release, but thanks for catching that… :wink:

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I don’t want to be annoying by asking the same question over and over, but could we ever get the game to constantly check the queues for the new build capable ships, so we don’t have to double or sometimes triple hit the Q key in order to see all our queues? This manual doulbe QQ we have to perform each and every time is extremely irritating.

I can throw it on the list - but ‘annoying’ things that are a ton of work tend to fall behind ‘broken’ things that are either more clear or less work :wink:

Got it.

Great patch - I love the multiplayer lobby. If we are already at it: Can we have the ingame chat use the windows default keyboard language? You see, atm I am using a keyboard with a French layout printed on it (long story), on a German Windows 7 and I am playing in English… :smiley: it’d be really helpful to at least have the chat layout match the currently used system keyboard language instead of the game’s currently selected ingame language (or maybe an option to chose). Thanks for considering.

Yeah, I think the only “non-letter” symbol that I know how to use in HW is a question mark…
On my keyboard that’s either shift+ů or shift+§.
I can’t do apostrophes or anything you can construct smileys from…

hahaha, good one. well, I am missing the / (as in /w for the new whisper function) and the question mark - Which makes the chat less useful as it could be. It would be more comfortable to find them in battle if the chat used the system default… non-English letters are just out of the question without the keyboard layout in that specific language. Anyway… that’s just a suggestion.

P.S.: While I play in English, the German localization still has the research ship translated in Spanish instead of German.

Feature request:

When resizing the SIDE menus (build/res/launch), I was thinking if you could code for when resizing one of them it would resize the other 2, by pressing the SHIFT (or CTRL) key together with the mouse.
This way we don’t have to do the same action three times.

Another issue, not a real problem:
I’ve chosen all races in a skirmish as “Random HW2”. When I’ve finished a game and got back to the skirmish menu, all races default to RANDOM. So if you have a setting, you’d have to remake all over again.


I don’t know if you have checked this yet, if it should be a factory feature or made n a mod, but can you make the ships with LATCH DOCKING diminish their speed so the docking ships can perform the action?


Very good ideas especially the dock/latch. It looks stupid when a ship has to chase a carrier or support frigate half way across a map just to dock. I usually stop my ships but then I have to redo the last command.

argh, you guys are giving me flashbacks to trying to set up dockpaths to stop that nonsense >.<


Why not make the docking ships speed up a bit instead?

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It will still ruin the docking sequence if the ship is turning or engaging another ship. The way to handle it is to have the carrier/SF stop while ships dock

That has the potential to be very annoying. Imagine trying to get your carrier to move out of the way but it doesn’t move cos a corvette wants to repair. Or a support frigate comes to a standstill in the line of fire when I tell my fighters to dock.