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if only this game had some sort of way to control a unit’s tactics…

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When receiving ship is moving = Docking ships dock at 2X speed and receiving ship slows to 1/2

Slows to 1/2? Or slows BY 1/2?

…often a useful question, but in this case the result would be the same either way.

Some things I have wished for since 1999:

Ships descriptions are inexplicably not standardized in HW1C and HW1R. It is understandable that you would not know exact stats of ships before researching them, but once researched you should not have to build a ship to find out its stats. The description from the build menu and that from a built ship should provide the same info. In particular, it is silly that you should have better access to stats of enemy ships from the first moment you spot them than you do ships in your build menu.

While on ship stats: can we please get damage numbers rationalized? This number either needs to be DPS (assuming 100% accuracy), or have DPS added. The number seems in most cases to be the damage from one round or missile, which gives a very inaccurate impression of a ship’s damage potential, and this does not compare well with ion beam numbers; which represent I know not what, even when compared with like weapons.

Parade formation needs to be rationalized: Parade formation is an exercise in obnoxiousness. There needs to be a maximum length; something like five capital ships side by side, after which rows are added below and above a la the classic wall formation. The port side needs to have ships tiered by ship type as the starboard does. Stop having your 50 captured ships warp in off the edge of the map; especially given the number of missions that can cause major fails when ships are outside of designated areas.

Make “Standard Corvettes” actually have the salvage ability, or remove that text from the description. If this ability is added, I think it would be most appropriate to give them the boarding ability of Marine Frigates, rather than the towing ability of Salvage Corvettes. This would fit in with their piratical nature, and would reduce the impact on the campaign given the limited access to frigate+ class ships up to mission 4. They should have half or less the boarding speed of Marine Frigates, but also have more boarding points.

Let ships on aggressive use their guns regardless of what other actions they are performing. Ships are able to use their guns while they are being violently boarded, or having their systems interfered with by Salvage Corvettes, it is only sensible that they should be able to use them while performing an intended function.

Now thoughts specific to HWR 1 and 2:

Don’t break your necks trying to get formations to work as they did in HWC1. While HWC1 ship behavior lent itself nicely to game-play, it did little for immersion, which is what truly makes the campaign stand out from the competition. If these ships were all robotic drones, then I could imagine them placing themselves in ridged, static formations for the duration of a battle. The pretense, however, is that is that each ship is filled with a crew which, while eager to follow orders, should also be trying to avoid getting killed and jockeying for good firing positions, as would be expected from individually captained ships. Yes, this makes the game sloppy, and gives an element of the unexpected to tactical situations. Space armada games are essentially a 3D representation of naval battles. Naval battles are sloppy; things don’t work out as planned, and victory goes to he who can react to and take advantage of the unexpected.

I am feeling rather similarly about the, probably accidental, current state of affairs with repair capable frigates and corvettes. Repair Corvettes used to be a cute little mistake a new player makes, never to be repeated. The inability of Support Frigates to use their repair beams on strike craft suddenly gives the Repair Corvette real utility they never before had. Repair Corvettes can now keep your strike craft swarms from disintegrating from attrition. Even as few as 2 have a very noticeable effect. Given the current behavior of strike craft; not pretending that they are tiny versions of capital ships; Support Frigates would be unlikely to be able keep up with strike craft to repair them in battle even were it an option.

Missiles: Is it possible to make the missile burst ability work? Just asking. The Turanic Missile Corvette is supposed to have this ability.

2D Mindset: My corvette captains seem to all be from the Khan school of maneuvering. Can we get them to use all three dimensions rather than just circling in a big corvette doughnut? Also, have corvettes face their targets so all, or most, turrets can be brought to bare, or at least have them able to fire at targets on both sides.

My Salvage Corvettes seem to be able to target Turanic fighters for capture, but not Taiidan fighters. I have only progressed to HWR1 mission 5, so not sure if this is mission specific.

Turanic Carriers do not seem to have any point defenses, let alone their once awe inspiring ion beams. Can we expect something to be done about this? I hope, in the long run, that all large; even static; ships/bases will be given some minimal level of point defense. It is not very entertaining or realistic otherwise.

Provide a little more nuance to ship/base capture: If a ship is too large to pass visual inspection for entering your mothership, do not allow it to be captured by Salvage Corvettes. Do make such ships capture-able by boarding vessels like the Marine Frigate. And make all ships/bases capture-able; if it is game braking to make a ship become part of your the player’s fleet, then make capture turn the ship/base into an ally or neutral that does not get carried on to further missions.

Hangar Space: Why is hangar space so limited? I feel we should be able to dock as many stike craft as we wish in the mothership. Maybe only have hangar space restrictions on carriers.

Also, can we please give all of our ships with docking ports the option of “Auto Launch” or “Stay Docked” just as our carriers have; maybe in the popup menus under special abilities?

Bugs I have noticed:

Audio settings: These settings seem to get forgotten from time to time, especially during cut scenes, and this can be very annoying when trying not to wake your girlfriend up. Opening the game menu seems to remind the game of the sound settings you had selected when this happens.

Fleet Info does not update consistently. One often must close and reopen the that popup to get accurate numbers.

Unit Caps are not consistent. Captured frigates count against the unit cap, but captured corvettes and fighters do not. One way or the other across the board would seem appropriate. Then again, why unit caps at all? In 1999 you needed to limit the amount of ships to keep graphic from overloading, is there still such a need? I find unit caps result in a rather artificial play style as one has to balance production with ship capture.

Loading Screen often get stuck at the halfway point. Minimizing and returning to the game seems to get it to load properly. It may be that the screen graphics get stuck, while the actuall loading process is proceeding as normal.

Mission 3 Assault Frigate capture: Probably not a “bug”, since I am sure this was a conscious decision, but I should like to persuade you in the opposite direction. No doubt, as you could not get one of the frigates to not join the fleet without causing the others to do likewise, you opted for none of the frigates joining the fleet. I would point out that there is no logical reason all the frigates, even the first, should not join the fleet. You are perfectly capable of adding other ships to your fleet through capture, for which you lack technology to produce.

Mission 4 Turanic Ion Array Frigate Maneuverability: Turanic Ion Array Frigates seem to have the painfully slow maneuverability that I remember from HWC1, except where concerns Salvage Corvettes. It seems as soon as a Salvage Corvette comes into view their crews really pull the molasses out of their asses and remember that their ships come equipped with maneuvering thrusters. Their entire ship suddenly turns faster than an Assault Frigate turret. I don’t mind the frigates turning fast if they were to do so on all occasions, but to have them do so only in the case of approaching Salvage Corvettes feels like the CP is cheating and breaks immersion.

Mission 5 Taiidan Resource Collectors are neutralized by Salvage Corvettes. You can shut down their entire resource fleet with one corvette just attaching to each Resource Collector in turn. They will never move again. I wonder if this has something to do with the mechanic involved in the Junkyard Dog?

I have only progressed to HWR1 mission 5; no doubt I will have more to comment on in future.

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That should already be possible, either in tuning.lua or the speed parameters of the dock paths.

Don’t see why not. Maybe limited UI space when considering a lower resolution use case. You never know how many gusy out there are playing at 1024x768 on a toaster xD

I miss HW1C’s way of doing this. If you tried to put a production ship in a formation then all ships would parade with that ship. It was pretty simple. Salvaged ships are defaulted to a “I dunno what this is so I’ll put it the junk pile”. And is something I’m seeing on a mod I’m making where the mothership I’ve added has no defined parade information. However your problem sounds like something specific to the “Salvaged” ship logic and I think would be something the devs could look into.

But what’s to stop the advanced navigational computers from organizing these formations for them and just letting the gunners handle the rest? :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t found that repair corvs help very much at all as their range of repair beam was FAR too low to be of much help and they’d spend a lot of time just chasing their target. However I haven’t used them much since the update that made them actually have a beam instead of a latch on so I’ll have to try them again.

Yes, the missiles dessies have this ability working (if it’s the one I’m thinking)

A deficiency in the game not really being finished on release. The big balance mod that was recently released pretty much fixes this as atm in the base game all the HW1 corvs use HW2 corv flight patterns. Unfortunately for you the big balance mod is multiplayer only as it’l break some campaign save files. Once the balances are set in stone though the mod will be graduated to an official patch, and by then the campaign will have also been rebalanced to compensate.

Actually last I check the Turanic Carriers have ONLY point defenses but were, in fact, missing their ion cannons. It also doesn’t seem to attack my mothership at all in either mission. Right now their focus is multiplayer balance but I;m sure that’s on their plate to fix.

Not quite sure what you;re getting at here, I got lost in the double negatives… I think.

Prob balance reasons. And they do, every ship with launch ability has that check box on their launch window. If this works differently in the campaign then I think it’s a bug. For me the “stay docked” check never worked between missions in HW1RM

Seems to happen to hotkeys too for some people.

I hadn’t noticed this consciously but now that you mention it is prob doing that. The “queues” menu also only shows mothership when first toggled.

The texture res is so high on these units it could actually be a problem, especially in 8 player maps where all 4 factions might be in use. It’s eating a LOT of VRAM. In both cases of campaign and MP tho it’s prob more for balance reasons.

It’s been said that the game puts priority on actual loading and only writes to the screen occasionally for this part. They could prob turn up that frequency of refresh but otherwise it’s benign as far as I can tell.

Got lost in your logic here again. Not a clue, lol

I think the point is that they’re slow to get from point A to B, but otherwise had pretty decent traverse speed. Either way “capture” ships did seem to be prioritized too much and I think the balance mod touched on that a little.

HW1C did this but instead of it not moving the ship would spin in circles trying to “shake” the salvage corvette while the other corvette was on its way. IN the case of a combat ship it would spin and keep firing until the last salvage corvette latched on.

I wanted to address your post to give you hope that these problems either have explanations or aren’t being ignored by the devs. They do need more work on the campaigns, but that’ll be in due time and the dev team supporting it after launch is small, with their focus on multiplayer balance atm (which is doing great after the balance mod :sunglasses: )

Could you quote the passage you are having trouble with so I can reword or clarify it?

The phrase “docking ports” was unfortunate, “docking points” would probably be better. I mean ships like the Support Frigate and Resource Controller.

I think we can agree that everybody’s video card has different limitations. The dynamic difficulty means the game will compensate no matter how many ships you bring to the table. It should not be too difficult to add a “Unit Caps on/off” switch in the options.

The issue here is the the traverse speed is far faster when responding to Salvage Corvettes than when responding to other threats. I have not noticed a similar phenomenon with any other enemy ships. I don’t care how fast Ion Array Frigate traverse speed is, so long as it is the same in all situations.

Thank you for your response.

Having an option to disable lens flare in the remasters would be great. Should be simple to implement, and would be appreciated.

I might remember this wrong, but I think it was explained by Bitvenom that it’s part of the background magic and cannot simply be disabled, might be mistaken tho.

Well in some pre-release footage it shows the scenes without the lens flare, and the scenes are less distracting, and there is a much better sense of scale with the lens flare removed.

BitVenom did say before that it probably would be pretty easy to disable lens flare, and also that the effect is a matter of preference. So I’m hoping that the GB people working on patching HMR will give some consideration towards this.

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Ok, then I remembered wrong I guess :wink: I like it so I don’t really mind, but an option for people who wanna turn it off would still be nice tho, the more options the better ^^.

major exploit discovered for kushan and taiidan. They can build more than one unit of each unit type at time. That means they can double pump interceptors, bombers, etc from the same ship. And motherships can double pump destroyers, missiledestroyers, carriers and cruisers. Seems the trick to this is that you need to put a maxed out unit between the two and it will double build them. @BitVenom @Jeffybug

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Hope this is the proper place to discuss Balance Mod related bugs…

I launched drones from a Drone Frigate tonight and received the response messages for “going to defensive tactics” over and over and over without end until I scuttled the Frigate.

It was the most effective counter to Drone Frigates I’ve ever seen, lol.

The quick build GUI gets cut off. Scroll could help.

Also, I think I mentioned this earlier, but can we get it so that when you double click on one of the build queue’s that it centers on the production ship? Perhaps it is possible to get more functionality from the quick build menu?

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Shipyard’s Improved Manufacturing research description says:

Research Module, Capital Ship Facility and Research Module and Hyperspace Module.

In this scene I parked the resource controller too close to the asteroid (manual parking).
So, the collectors got confused - they didn’t know how to dock to the asteroid and/or to the controller …

Hmmm. Maybe don’t do that.
Looks like dock paths are blocked by the asteroid.

2 destroyers captured of the first taiidan fleet. IDK if you consider this a bug, though?

I have a “-overridebigfile” parameter in my command line, IDK if this info helps …

Yeah this happens frequently. Ought to be fixed by now. Mixed up colours.