Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD

Same lens flare that they actually gave to us to use for the first HW1 missions in Remastered, if my eye does not deceive.


Aaah nuts. Sorry @ForceUser. I was overly harsh and portrayed bad etiquette. I apologize.
Either way (with or without) is not going to stop me from playing my favorite game.

No problem, don’t worry about it :wink:

I’ve encountered a bug with the tutorial in HW1R.

When audio instruction is given, it ends by asking the player click ‘OK’ to continue. In all instances where the requirement to proceed in the tutorial is dependent upon clicking ‘OK’ to continue, the game automatically moves forward with the instruction - and if ‘OK’ is clicked, the instruction will skip ahead to the next piece of audio instruction.

In instances where moving ahead relies on the player interacting with something in the display panel, the instruction will wait for the player to complete whatever action is required. But if moving ahead is dependent upon clicking ‘OK’, the next instruction will automatically stream, without waiting for the player to click ‘OK’ - and if the player does click ‘OK’, it will skip the piece of instruction it’s started playing, and move on to the next instruction.

The build / research menus open with B and R, but don’t close by pressing B or R again. So to close these windows, Escape needs to be pressed, but pressing Escape deselects whatever ships are currently selected, before pressing it a second time closes the build or research menu. This way interrupts unit control, and makes it take a double Escape press to close these windows, when units are selected.

It would be best to have these menus both open and also close by pressing the B / R keys, so that unit selection is not lost.

edit: correction. The research menu opens and closes by pressing the ‘R’ key, but the build menu only opens by pressing the ‘B’ key, and doesn’t close again when pressing the ‘B’ key while it is already open.

If eventually you want to create a thread about the “sense of scale”, we meet there.

tl;dr: sense of scale is not a virtue, it’s a strategy you choose to meet the objectives you set for the game you’re developing.

Eh, you can’t close the Build menu again with B because it cycles through ships that can Build.


Well, OK, but when there aren’t extra build ships to cycle through, the build menu only opens, and stays open despite repeated key presses. And without a designated close key for the build menu, the only ways to exit out of the build menu is to press escape, which requires multiple ‘Esc’ key presses when ships are selected, and causes all selected ships to deselect, interfering with ship management and gameplay - Or, by pressing the [R] key twice to flip into the research menu, and then close it. Either way feels clumsy, and like a work-around.

There are a few ways it can be given its own dedicated control scheme

  • How about setting things so that pressing ‘B’ cycles through build ships, and then closes the menu, rather than opening and then just switching back and forth between build ships

  • Or how about making ‘B’ open and close the build menu, and ‘Alt’ cycle through any available build ships when the build menu is open

  • Or, use Alt+B, or Shift+B to cycle build ships

I’ve just played a few games of HM1R, and, very unfortunately, all the reasons why I stopped playing it after its release have come back to me. The biggest reason is that the interface and control schemes are, in a word, broken, for anyone who plays with the classic Homeworld layout. The ways in which those things are broken are:

Ship outlines [Tab key], build / research panel resizes [click & drag], HUD visibility settings [Backspace key] reset every game. So to play with a classic Homeworld layout, the entire interface needs to be tailored to preference. It’s like having to go into the options menu to reset display resolution and texture, shadow, and LOD settings each new game. That’s not even just once every time the game is loaded, that’s for each separate game that’s played, even without closing and re-launching the game.

And I know you put work into making the HUD resizable, but all that work goes to waste when resizing the HUD becomes futile and an annoyance, because it’s just going to reset every game.

Also, and as I’ve already mentioned, the RU meter pops up every time the build or research menu is opened, but doesn’t close again when those menus are closed. This means that, after each time the build or research menu is opened, the HUD display configuration needs to be cycled through by pressing [Backspace] 4x until it’s back to the no HUD setting. So, every instance of opening the build menu is followed by either pressing [Esc] two times, deselecting any currently selected ships, or alternatively pressing [R] twice, and then pressing [Esc] four times.

And even in the HMR tutorial, the game instructs the player that the HUD can be disabled by cycling through with the [Esc] key. So the game wants the player to be aware that it is possible to play the game that way, but it effectively isn’t possible to play the game that way, because part of the HUD resets itself each time build / research is opened, and because HUD settings aren’t being remembered by the game.

This realistically renders the game unplayable in its present state, for anyone wanting the original Homeworld no-HUD presentation - particularly for online gaming: If a player takes a minute or two at the start of a game to re-configure their interface settings, they’re at a disadvantage against their opponents.

And on top of that, there’s the lens flare issue:

That lens flare takes all depth and scale out of the image, and depth and scale are Homeworld’s fundamental sources for making impression. Lens flare also doesn’t make sense from the standpoint of the game’s lore, because the player is in the role of Karan, who is managing all things based on what she perceives from all her sensors. She’s not mentally seeing lens flare. Also, the implementation of lens flare in Homeworld breaks the immersion of the lens flare itself - when there are multiple large light sources in a map, lens flare comes from only one of them, and there doesn’t appear to be any logic behind it.

I like dinosaurs, but that doesn’t mean there should be dinosaurs floating around in Homeworld. The presence, and the application of lens flare in HMR defies all meaning, and for that reason, an option to disable it would be respectful to the IP, its original design and lore logic, and also the gamers who bought the game and don’t want to have the polarizing and contentious effect of lens flare detracting from their experience. Other games typically allow for lens flare to be disabled, and I really think that it would be right to have the option here as well.

I hope all of these things can and will be addressed in the upcoming patch, because Homeworld is a fantastic game, with fantastic control and art concepts. But the UI issues and the lens flare together make playing the game currently a task for me, and not a pleasure.

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Step 1 - Repeat after me… ‘This is not Homeworld Classic’.
Step 2 - Review the many options, key combos, features, etc - which were not present in HWC.

If your feedback starts from the perspective of ‘yeah but HWC’ - then we have a problem, because that isn’t (and can’t be) the context from which we work. That isn’t to suggest that your perspective or suggestions are bad - I have made a few that sounds like your own myself - but they may not function or make sense in HWRM. I do read all of your comments, and I can’t comment on every item in detail - the ‘comment’ will be in the form of a patch in the near future.

Dude, you write a ton of text for somebody who assumes we can’t read…

See, and I was all excited about the new ‘blow up asteroids to find a dino prize inside’ MP option. Now what do I do? :slight_smile:


Never not Dinosaurs with lazors on their heads.

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There are a few flaws in the translations of the italian localization. Is it ok for me to post them in this thread or there is a more appropriate one? Don’t know if this thread is just about game mechanics or not.

But at least I can say a thing that I don’t think is just in the italian localization. That is, when I build an Hiigaran bomber (don’t know for other factions) and then select it, in the bottom-left panel that shows-up with the unit info, it says that it is a frigate-class unit.

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned, I vaguely recall talking about this somewhere, but I’ll post it again:

When V-Sync is ON, sometimes the game will lag significantly just when a level loads. However, if I alt-tab to another application, then alt-tab back, the game runs smooth as butter.

@BitVenom is this something that has been brought to your attention?

I’m running an AMD FX processor with an Nvidia GTX 760 2GB.

No, I’ve never heard that one… weird.

It just makes me think something isnt being honored or set correctly on level load? Could very well be wrong, but the use case above is extremely reproducible, in case you find an easy fix for it.

If there are any log files I can produce for you, let me know.

I submitted a formal ticket for this issue in case you want to track it.

Some bugs I noticed, in campaign/multiplayer beta. Using ver 1.3. From Kushan perspective.

Using salvage corvettes to collect wreckage and debris. They normally will transport them to the mothership. But if a carrier is nearer to the salvage corvette, it will attempt to transport the wreck to the carrier instead. However, the debris cannot load, and the corvette is stuck there trying.

Minelayer oddity. Try with either HW1 minelayers. use human players for testing
Team 1 has a minelayer and a carrier. Team 2 also has a minelayer and carrier. Set all to passive to avoid damage.
Bring all units close to each other.
Let team 1 minelayer deploy mines. (Team 2 minelayer is set on passive and not given any orders at all)
Team 2 minelayer will start to chase after the mine.
The mine explodes against the team 2 carrier.
Having lost its target, team 2 minelayer now attack-targets the team 1 carrier and moves towards it.
As it has no weapons it just bangs against and circles the carrier, in some kind of angry fit.

Hrm… maybe we left ‘sexytimeMineLayers=1’ in the .ship file?



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I was thinking that missing code might be it. I witnessed 2 or 3 of the minelayers clumping together and spinning around in some fly mating dance.

Which brings me to some questions about the behaviour. (HW1) (bear with me if Im wrong, Im a new player)
Why minelayers will automatically move to mines but don’t seem to be effective at defusing them?
Why minelayers can target ships, given that they do nothing? except banging around the hull.
Why minelayers will auto break ranks and move to do the above two behaviours despite given passive stance, when they should be holding ground.

The minelayers should work in most cases for their purpose. But this scenario does seem a bit odd for me. I first noticed some of these while trying to combat enermy mines with my own minelayers in the supernova level.

How is the next patch going actually? I just got my butt kicked because of the destroyer engine bug.:open_mouth: