Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD

(GOLIATH Mod) #565

I just noticed one: I was playing the Taiidan, capturing an enemy carrier with some allied ships around, and when my salvage corvettes released it so that it could go into the mothership, the allied ships blew it away.

(echo7) #566

HW1RM & HW2RM tutorials are the same (see post here for more informations: Update and a bit of a tease!), that is HW1RM has the tutorial of HW2RM.

Launching HW1C tutorial will result in a crash to desktop on german, italian, and spanish localizations (it works fine on english, french and russian* ones).

Launching HW2C tutorial will result in a crash to desktop on english, german*, french*, italian*, spanish* and russian* localizations (i.e. it doesn’t work on any localization).

*These localizations will make the corresponding game play in english, like these localizations don’t exist.

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(Anthony Gemilang Bhimazakti) #567

And yet, you fail to understand that ‘BOTH’ games were developed using ‘SAME’ game engine…

Isn’t it going to be simpler for 2 or more games developed using same engine like those ‘X’-series games, reducing workload and times to get it right? Cool it off, brother…

I admit I agree with the ‘Parade Formation’ issue, and I actually going to miss the ‘fuel’ function, but for overall… I’m happy with it, except for some ‘additional’ gameplay functions added when playing the game in some mission-based campaigns [posted in other threads].

(Anthony Gemilang Bhimazakti) #568

Thumbs up, brother!

Mine as well!

(Anthony Gemilang Bhimazakti) #569

Well, after playing the HW-1R campaigns all the way to Mission-11 tonight, I’ve got some ‘minor’ audio-visual bugs and glitches of my own [gameplay aside, just happened in my game, and I’ve not seen them like anyone else’s games]. I’ve tried to reproduce these by a maximum 5-times replays:

  1. Asteroids [‘Mission-2’ to ‘Mission-5’, and ‘Mission-9’] [‘2’ out of ‘5’]
    Asteroids behave erratically: they are harvestable, but once harvested and RU reaching zero, they simply, magically disappear and reappear again with different black textures on them. Upon entering ‘Mission-9’, these asteroids ‘magically’ change color from a brown texture, transition to some blue-colored tints and scratches with some animation on them, then to black-colored textures, which I thought they must be the feature of the game, except that ‘there are NO COLLECTORS’ harvesting it.

  2. Audio Hic-Cups [‘Mission-5’ and ‘Mission-6’] [‘1’ out of ‘5’]
    Sometimes, Taiidan Resource Collectors’ engine sound can be heard afar, even near the Mothership, not to mention that I’ve no Resource Collectors around my Mothership due to my inability to protect them [KIA just 15 seconds after I’ve discovered horde of Taiidan Assault Frigates massing around my Collectors]. Hic-cups happen for as long as 1 minute after the Taiidan Collectors were found to be harvesting, and the sound of engines powering up is like repeating themselves like there are reasons with them.

  3. Motion Blurs and Depths of Fields [‘ALL Missions’] [‘5’ out of ‘5’]
    I noticed ‘Motion Blur’ stuttering, mostly occurred when camera was focused on Corvettes and Collectors on the move. It’s like half-a-second period between stutter, unlike when I rotates the camera super-fast which run what it was to be and runs smoothly, but nothing smooth when focused on some moving objects.

  4. Interceptors [‘Mission-7’ to ‘Mission-8’] [‘3’ out of ‘5’]
    Sometimes, small ships like interceptors are represented with a box, somekind like low-detailed LOD thing back in my early Classic days. Something happens when I kind-a run out of memory, but it shouldn’t be happening to me game as I have approx. 16-Gb RAM, and FPS didn’t broke the wall either, around 40 FPS [I’m a notebook player, does it matters?].

  5. Proximity Sensor Probes [‘Mission-10’ to ‘Mission-11’] [‘5’ out of ‘5’]
    Generally, it produces sound effect, but way too clutter multiple times. I build two of it, and had one following a ship. Then what happen is this probe keeps stuttering all the way to the designated location, opening and closing up its lid uncontrollably while at the same time repeating the sound effect. What’s worse, even when it is completely still, these probes ‘produces’ its sound effect as soon as the camera even slightly moved a bit: rotating, elevating, even panning the camera [even at its slightest] make these probes to ‘magically’ produce sound effect.

  6. Gravity-Wells [‘Mission-10’ to ‘Mission-11’] [‘3’ out of ‘5’]
    The sound effects and visual activation and deactivation for generators behave erratically. Once activated and then deactivated, the sound effect keeps playing for approx. 10 seconds. This sometimes happen when there are enemy ships nearby, but not persistent with every game. Also, the activated light-blue pulse goes up even into sensors manager. But this was the rarest, as it happens only once out of 5 replays trying to reproduce it.

  7. Bentusi Exchange [‘Mission-4’, ‘Mission-6’, and ‘Mission-11’] [‘3’ out of ‘5’]
    From what I notice from the Bentusi vessels, aside from their models and lighting effects which are beautiful, until what I see next degrade they visual feats: flickering ambient lights. Both rear wing-tips and front-side hulls had ambient lights that were flickering like rave dance. Sometimes it works as normal ambient light, otherwise flickering. Unless there are few graphical issues, or the Bentusi decide to do rave dancing inside, who knows?

  8. ‘Mission-11’ Unsaved [‘Mission-11’] [‘5’ out of ‘5’]
    Since I’ve tried only up to ‘Mission-11’, I saw nothing ‘broke’ in it, except for one ‘very small’ flaw…
    The game failed to keep the autosave function for it! While for the last and small glitches I have, this is why I’ve had to replay the last ‘Mission-10’ up to 5 times, because I’ve had so much fun that I’ll completely forgot to manually save the game before it starts! My yet greatest mistakes ever…

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(soahc) #570

Last updated was several months ago,is there any plan for future update?

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(Sastrei) #571

There’s another patch coming soon.

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(omniconsumer) #572

There has been closed beta testing and I can say with certainty that people will be pleased overall with much of the work and progress made.

OF COURSE, there will also be people not pleased with it, or have something to complain about. I just wish people turn their whines and complaints into constructive feedback and criticism.

This is usually better received and leads to more productive outcomes.

(Anthony Gemilang Bhimazakti) #573

If only everyone is thinking the same way as you do… it will be cool!


This is good to hear. I’m pretty patient, but it’s nice to hear an insider’s perspective on how progress is being made.

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(omniconsumer) #575

Ahhhh patience is a virtue. I am looking good forward to playing the game with a lot more people. I dislike ai overall, though it has been fun playing expert ai games looking trying to help the developers. They are very receptive and responsive. It is a good feeling to know that much care and attention is being given to the series.

(Marlped1605) #576

They aren’t gonna fix anything.

(Nebula1701) #577

oh really?

I would have a look at this

(Snake_B5) #578

(Cyan Leader) #579

Seems like the game still ignore captured Frigates in the first mission. In the original only the first one disappeared as it was an required objective but in the remaster all of them are gone if you capture them all at once.


There are some bugs in the crates code.

  1. Firstly, the ping ID needs to be stored in an global array, not a single local variable, since there can be multiple crates at one time (one for each player). It should be like this in the SelectivlyPlaceCrate and CheckCratesRule functions:

    CRATES_PingIDs[playerIndex + 1]

instead of just:


If you don’t do this, then when the oldest crates start expiring, the newest crate will always be deleted from the map instead.

  1. Also in the SelectivlyPlaceCrate function, you use the Subtitle_Message_Handler function to display a message and play a sound when a crate is spawned. However, this function checks for the local player, but there is no guarantee that every player will be iterated through (the loop can be exited early), so not all players will see this message or hear this sound most likely.

  2. Next, in GetBestCrateLocation at line at line 130 of crates.lua, cratePosition is sometimes {0,0,0} which causes divide by zero errors later in the code, and prevents the crate from spawning at all. (Though there is no error in the log.)

So I turned the crate position into a random unit vector when this happens by inserting the following code:

-- if the crate position hasn't moved from the map origin, create a random unit vector that acts as the new crate position
if ((cratePosition[1] + cratePosition[2] + cratePosition[3]) == 0) then
	local theta = srandom(crate_seed, 360)
	local phi = srandom(crate_seed, 180)
	cratePosition =
		cos(theta) * sin(phi),
		sin(theta) * sin(phi),

Thanks for reading!


Numbered the problems 1, 2 and 3.

(Alpha 1) #581

I have never in all the games I have played, ever seen more than one crate on the map at a time. This is from HW1 all the way to present so I don’t think the code for multiples was ever used. That or the errors you describe prevent more than one from showing.


You can find the original version of the crates scripts here:

-- Called when we need to actually spawn a crate
function SelectivlyPlaceCrate()
    --find a sobgroup to spawn sob in
    local playerIndex = 0
    local playerCount = Universe_PlayerCount();
    while (playerIndex < playerCount) do
        if (SobGroup_Empty("CrateSpawnGroup"..playerIndex) == 1) then
            local x,y,z = GetBestCrateLocation()
            print("Spawning crate at ("..x..","..y..","..z..")")
            Volume_AddSphere("CrateDetectVolume"..playerIndex, {x,y,z}, CRATES_PlayerNearRadius)
            SobGroup_SpawnNewShipInSobGroup(0, "Meg_Crate", "Crate", "CrateSpawnGroup"..playerIndex, "CrateDetectVolume"..playerIndex)
            crateNumberCrates = crateNumberCrates + 1
            crateSpawnTime[playerIndex] = Universe_GameTime()
            print("Added a crate to slot "..playerIndex..".  There are now "..crateNumberCrates.." in universe")
        playerIndex = playerIndex + 1
    print("No empty crate spawn groups...not spawning")

You can see in the above code that a crate is (supposed to be) spawned for every playerIndex. Also, look specifically at the text “There are now “…crateNumberCrates…” in universe”. That means more than one crate.

(Alpha 1) #583

But again, just because the code has settings for a crate per player doesn’t mean the code was ever active.


Have you looked at the code?