Gameplay mechanics summary from May1 Demo

Yeah man vladof is so fun.

I got a spin barrel AR and alt fire mode was a shotgun
I got a normal AR and the alt was a bi pod that you pulled out and had near 0 recoil but you couldn’t run.
I got some of the rockets as well.

They are very interesting and powerful


I’ve got a bunch of vladof in my footage uploading when I get some, on the plane home now

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There are so many parts barrels alone can have 2 accessories, you have all the old parts but now new ones like foregrips, hammers, rails,etc… And you get accessories on parts not just on the gun.

So, I did the math and I guess that we know the characters’ base-HP “scaling”. The base HP starts at 80 with an increase of 9% per level, including level 1.

For reference, if you watch the gameplay at level 1, the HP of the character (Amara) is at 87. 80 x 1.09 = 87,2 which gets rounded down to 87.

The same goes for the Promethea gameplay which starts at level 10 with HP of 189 and the Gameplay from the reveal from the Lv 25 Operative’s HP of 689, which all fit the formula.

So yeah, the scaling seems to be pretty flat HP-wise, which I like. If we go off of this formula, the base-HP at Level 70 should be at 33.338 HP. I find those numbers easier to grasp than HP in the hundreds of thousands or even millions (for comparison: at Lv 72 base-HP in BL2 were at over 530.000).


It’s more like TPS, so no more huge numbers :slight_smile:

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I saw a video where the streamer was basically said the BL3 gore did not impress him much, and that BL1 had better gore mechanic than the BL3 game play reveal.

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I saw that, too.

I did roll my eyes quite hard.


Things that stood out to me while I watched gameplay:

  • can listen to collected echo logs
  • NPCs have challenges for us to complete
    * Moxxi, set up radio waves to recruit followers
    * Claptrap, collect pieces to make his soulmate
    * Ellie, collect vehicles to unlock skins and such
    * Hammerlock, hunt creatures to decorate his Sanctuary 3 room
    * Tannis, find markings to find loot chest of the first vault hunter
  • echo map is 3-d so you can see “layers”

I’m sure we’ll see an improvement on this on launch day. The game is not done yet. The animations might be cheesy yet, but the depth of gore is a step forward.

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