Gameplay overhaul mod

yes some people are making mods for this game, let alone play it

more aggressive

deals more damage
more accurate

added recoil

bughunt i’ll show a video of later on. xenomorphs sometimes t-pose because of two reasons:
i don’t have up to date files
game is programmed very poorly


Oh mate, that’s exactly what it should have been from start!

Good work man.

We actually are testing a new version today, both bug hunt and campaign. Apparently the T-Pose glitch got completely (well, 99%) rectified as well.

Stasis Interrupted DLC + The new overhaul mod.

NICE!!! Awesome work! It´s good to see some is out there to mod this game too!

Im almost done with my “no close encounters” mod for Bug Hunt. In combination with the no mercs mod it is awesome. The lurkers won´t attenmpted you in close encounters, so you don´t get stocked with this $hit after one get you in a close encounter.

BTW…you can open the upk files with the painkiller HD SDK. It´s working fine for me. I got acess to every texture, sound and gameplay value right now…let´s Rock!

Cheers. JasonBourne has done the majority of work for this one, I simply taught him how to HEX and shared everything I know about it. When we’re ready with the final version, we’ll open up a new steam group for this mod and provide all the necessary downloads.

Your mod sounds good. The thing about BugHunt is that clients do not need to have the same files as you, since the client will download it automatically when joining the session. I have tried to remove mercs from SI but that didn’t work for some reason. Randy just insists on them being there so it seems!

The Painkiller HD SDK sounds interesting. We might check it out.

I can open and edit the upk files from A:CM. But I can´t save it to the right format…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

BTW…got this “speed up” Mod a 95 PR as well? Like the survival Mod?

Or it is compatible with the surrvival Mod?

I don’t think the RPM of pulse rifle was changed. However I do know that Versus unlocks have been rebalanced. Stuff like Rupture, Flurry, Whirlwind, Marine Armors, startup ammo and etc. Marines also get working weapon recoil and also deal slightly more damage. Regarding PR specifically, the sound of it has been changed for the fire rate upgrade.

It shouldn’t be compatible with survival mod.

The RPM dosen´t matter to me. I wanna have 95 rounds on the PR. With the m41a case (the Hudson PR).

Yeah. I thougt it wouldn´t be compatible to the survival mod. I think you must change the pecangame.upk as well for this mod.

I´ll tried something new… it´s in the shot section

Do you have a full list of all the changes this will bring to the game?

Well, off the top of my head:

General gameplay:
Marines now have working recoil
Marines now have access to working armor (heavy, light and acid resistance) in all modes
Marines now deal slightly more damage
Some gun sound changes (e.g. faster ROF pulse rifle)

Improved for all modes, especially the Xenomorphs.
NPC Xenomorphs are now much faster and do not have crippling pauses between their attacks.
Annoying close encounters disabled.
AI Lurker will instantly kill you if you get pounced (cannot kick it off). Incapacitates if in a CO-OP game.
Not sure if we’re going to look into it again, but we’re trying to improve the rule engine for the Xenos to make them more smarter.
Marine AI got a slight damage boost to offset their stupidity (O’Neil…).
In Bug Hunt, Weyland-Yutani PMCs now engage Xenos instead of going solely for the players. We also fixed the RPG, and change some of their loadouts.
Speaking of WY, our edited maps will reduce their amount and make it more Xeno focused. This is for Bug Hunt only.

We rebalanced majority of unlocks. For instance, Xeno rupture or Xeno rage are no longer the “I win because I died” buttons. Survival and Escape modes should be playable now. A lot of underused attacks got buffed, and overpowered got nerfed.
Marine armors are now fixed and provide actual resistances.

I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think of any right now.

Sounds almost to good to be true lol, sound like a new game XD. And as you mentioned in my post, about those annoying dino heads, you have managed to get rid of them from Bug hunt?

Yes dino heads are removed.

Any ide when the release date might be? and maby you could release the “no dino heads” as a standalone mod? would be really awesome :smile:

can you add some destroyable environment when shoot around for this mod, if it possible

can you add some destroyable environment when shoot around for this mod, if it possible

No. Things like these are not possible with the limited access we have.

Soon. Very soon-ish. Standalone mods with cut features are not planned.

I’ve also added a new-ish playable character complete with its voiceset. Replaces one of the marines but nobody uses all of them anyways.