[gameplay suggestion] Movement Disc Improvement

Maneuvering is too time consuming, and very impractical over a large Z-distance.

(Add an option to) DRAW THE MOVEMENT DISC RELATIVE TO THE OBJECT IN FOCUS, instead of the selected unit. This is objectively better in most (if not all) combat scenarios.

It would also be a nice feature to plot points in empty 3D space for this purpose.

This way you can quickly maneuver or hyper-space jump around a tactical position, or an enemy location, without the need for a probe/unit to align yourself with.

I completely disagree. The current system is sound.
Without being rude, I have a feeling that you just have to get used to it and learn to be quicker at doing it.
The movement-disc system is definitely unique… But it’s the best method that can work.

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The two-step movement-disc system is indeed a good idea. I’m not advocating against it, the system is clever and not without virtue.

The issue is the disc is drawn around the moving unit. The center is on a point in space from which the player moves away. From a human-machine interaction standpoint, the point of reference is irrelevant, if not to highlight the moving unit.

The problem with this is that navigating becomes progressively more difficult the farther you move away from your original position. Especially in respect to the z-axis. The current system is biased towards very shallow angles above and below. Distance is the system’s Achilles heel!

In order to move accurately, you have to completely rely on reference points on the x-y plane in the sensor manager. And even then you still have to painstakingly align the camera in two or more different angles in order to navigate accurately.

Of course, this is the only way to navigate in the fog of war.

However! in most cases you wish to move your units to a position relative to a target. Friendly, or hostile. In this use case, it is more efficient to draw the movement disc around the target, and not the origin. It has the benefit of moving to a location relative to the target with absolute accuracy in exponentially less time.

Moreover, drawing the movement circle around the focused target allows to player to move or jump distant units outside of the sensor manager, via control groups. Even inside of the sensor manager this will allow for easier navigating inside 3-dimensional space. Simply because you can begin plotting from a focal point closer to your intended location, and with greater accuracy. And so, it’s Achilles heel is no more.

You do know you can pan the camera to get a better view of the point you are trying to move, correct?

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your proposed system is the exact same thing as what we have now, the only change your suggestion would produce is a change in interface graphics. you don’t even have to be looking at your unit to move. just fly your camera to the destination and press m.

Can you also use this method to hyperspace jump?