Gamers Conclave Incursion tutorial outline

Alright guys the basic idea behind this video is that we will cover the basics of the mode, what you should be doing with each role Tank, damage, support. Let’s just get into the info:

The goal of Incursion is simple escort your minions to take down the enemy teams sentries. However there is quite of few things you should know before you jump in let’s get to it!

The basics Overgrowth
We will start with this map as its the most popular. Before you start! If you have any questions mic use it communication makes such a difference in this game if you don’t have a mic pay attention to your team and use your ping (R3.)

Whenever the game beings collect shards on your way to the mid if you are using the fast movement character grab th shock turret it cost 300 shards. Controlling the shock turrent in the mid makes all the difference in the world.

Shard clusters spawn in at 28 minutes as well as thrall mercenaries.

Stick with your team and try not get pinned at your base entrance it can be very hard to dig yourselves out of this hole focus on keeping the enemy team at bay and clearing minion waves.

Do not chase for kills as the risk of dying. If you chase an enemy down and secure the KO but you also die what did that accomplish? Forcing a retreat is just as good as a kill.

When clearing minion waves make sure you are targeting the Shepard. The Shepard minion applies overshields to other minions and enemy battleborn.

Holding down on the dpad will teleport back to base and replenish to full health. There is a short charge time for the teleport an you are vulnerable to attacks during the charge.

Some characters can solo Thralls to hire mercenaries others can not (we are looking for input on the best characters to solo thralls) again communication is preferred as you can let your team know you are leaving for Thralls, ping can also be helpful.

Attacking basics
Elite minions can spawned for 600 shards hiring Thralls and spawning an elite is a great tactic pushing with a full minion wave + thrall + elite is a great way to reach the sentry and apply damage. At enemy base a good tatic is to split 2 at mid 2 in stairs 2 In tunnel. Attack at all sides with full minion wave + elite + Thrall is very difficult to defend against.

Defending basics
While under siege Clear the minions! A few stray minions can do more damage than you think!

While under siege it is generally not a good idea to leave for thrall unless your team is confident they can hold the line and your are confident you can quickly hire the thrall. Spawning an elite/hiring a thrall can help you push back.

Build your turrets all of them you have a thumper turret in the main building along with a supply depot. You have 2 stinger turrets one by the stairs leading to your snipers perch and the other in your tunnel. Build your accelerator to help minon waves travel faster.

If you lose your sentry all is not lost group up and stick with your minon waves use them to help push back be sure you are using your strongest wave clear to put down enemy waves.

Role tactics
Snipers - in the video we will show the sniping vantage points. Snipers perch and a top your tunnel entrance please let us know of other good sniper locations on overgrowth.

Tanks - pretty straight forward get in front and play operation human shield if you don’t have a healer be mindful of your health don’t feed the enemy team constantly rushing the front lines.

Damage type 1 wave clear - end the minions. Use your godly battleborn abilities to clear wave and wave allowing your team to control t battle and push forward.

Damage type 2 Assassin - try to focus pressure on healers and snipers most assassins are fast moving so it’s good idea for you to gather shards the way build up your turrents. Again do not Chase for the kill at the cost of your life.

Healer - self explanatory. Keep your team alive as long as possible.

That is all we got for now please feel free to add input as we are definitely looking for some and we are working on advance tactics as well as tactics for echelon and monuments.


For advanced tactics are you looking for solo specific or group tactics? And would you want character specific tactics?

I have a few different types of strategies I’ve written up

Save your skills, time them with your team. Some one on your team have a stun? Wait for the stun then unleash damage. Pay attention to the enemy skills as well. Did the enemy Ghalt miss his pull? Call it out, let your team know it’s a bit safer to poke out for a bit. Did Kelvin sublimate? Focus him as he can’t escape for a period of time. Knowing how each Battleborn functions is a huge part of making plays, take some time to learn at least the basics of each one.


Solo and group tips group tips not really trying to get into character specific though trying to focus on just incursion itself.


Stratagems and Tactics- many of these can be combined and I listed the characters I find easiest to use these strategies with

Economic domination-drain them of shards and maintain economic dominance by generating more shards than the enemy team
ideal character: pendles
Substitute characters: any that can be played well with only a shield and wrench(both epic) and a shard gen

Elite Bot tanking-use an elitebot to hold/push a lane.
Ideal character:miko
Substitute(not recommended):alani/ambra

Flanking death- make a “killzone” and use an allied push to walk enemies into it(anything that can be used is viable for this, if you can keep them looking at the push for long enough a rift network is incredible)
Any Characters(no ideal as this is idiosyncratic to each player)

Sometimes the Sentry has funny and rare bits of dialogue, its okay to stop and listen to the sentry say funny things if you think you hear him starting some dialogue because you may not get another chance.

If he says hi to you specifically at the beginning of the game it means you have the blessing of the sentry and are destined to lead your team, tell your team that you are now in charge.

Your sentry bot gets nervous when there are unbuilt buildables in the area, he will be much happier and feel much safer if you upgrade all the defenses around him.

The Thrall in Overgrowth spawns within ear shot of the sentry and frequently makes annoying noises, try to get thrall as often as possible to minimize annoyances to the sentry.

The sentry cost more than you do, take as many bullets for him as you can.

The sentry isnt actually an AI, its a mech that’s piloted by 4 children cybernetically connected to the system, one in each leg, this is why the legs are his weak spots.

The ‘S1’ in S1 Sentry bot stands for ‘Sentry 1’

The large canopy-like trees in Overgrowth are called ‘Kunariti’ tree’s because the fruits they bear look like Kuna flowers, but are not edible.

Hope this helps some of you take your Overgrowth game TO THE NEXT LEVEL


Loved this;


Way to get motivated before returning to the fight. :wink:

Also, the Sentry has some of the best dialogue. It make me laugh sometimes after I’ve just been killed horribly… which makes me feel slightly better. :laughing: Shame you don’t get to hear much of it too often.