Gamers Conclave Plans for Future Battleborn content

Hello everyone, for those of you not aware we doing a Battleborn Builds series covering all 30 Battleborn! In each episode we will show you footage of every helix option (episode 1 currently doesn’t feature this but will be updated later) as well as provide a build we like to use for the character.

The purpose of the these videos is to show new players as well veterans of Battleborn everything each character has to offer. - Check us out!

Now we don’t want the videos to be too long an we don’t want each video to just be us talking about the helix. So we are announcing a companion series Battleborn Strategies! This series will feature a short gameplay guide of a battleborn previously covered in our Builds series and it will show what you should be doing at each level. The first episode will feature Whiskey Foxtrot as our Kleese video already has gameplay attached and will drop after Battleborn Builds Episode 4.

Now we are also looking for feedback on another topic. We are thinking about making an Incursion Toturial a short but detailed video overviewing the mechanics of the mode, what to do and what not to do, and basic strategies.

Do you guys think this would be a good idea? I know there is a tutorial in the game but we haven’t touched it yet since we’ve played since the beta. How detailed is it?


It’s a good start, but (1) it’s a short map and (2) a max of three players. After playing it, and then having got totally lost and frustrated in an actual incursion map, I think a play-through of the tutorial with commentary would be good. And then maybe a short recap with a “what to expect in the real thing”. I would suggest doing that by running private versus and just touring each map in detail, since a player can only pull up the entire map when they’re waiting to respawn.

I’d also include a “here’s how you respond if someone calls for surrender” segment.

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btw. you might want to add some widgets to your youtube home page so new videos or playlists show up.

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Man I hate surrender especially in the shape the game is in currently waiting as long as you do for a match. I had someone call for surrender as soon as the enemy team drew first blood the other day.

But okay cool I kinda had had feeling the tutorial wouldn’t be that deep. I’ll start writing up a rough outline tonight when I get off work and will post it on here to get some feedback from you guys. I don’t want the video to be too terribly long but I also don’t want to miss anything.

Will do I’ll get to that ASAP.

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I don’t like it either. Especially minutes before the end of the game when your team is clearly well ahead! I just don’t understand some people… Anyway, my main point is that puling up and navigating to the relevant menu isn’t obvious and, if you’re in the thick of a fire fight, not something that’s easy to look up.

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Yeah, that’s good. "in this map be aware that taking control of the shock turret is important. " “In echelon, whoever controls the accelerators controls the map.” etc. "Don’t casually try and capture the Thrall mercenary camp. There are many things to consider before attempting something like this.
@fallencalob91 you guys should consider teaming up with some of the forum folks that made threads with useful tips for beginners.

This is one of those threads that comes to mind:

Hey guys quick update I have work issues right now so the next episode wont be uploaded until next week to make up for that we will have 2 episodes dropping next week.

Stay tuned for Rath and Benedict Battleborn Builds!

Also our first Battleborn Strategy video should drop sometime this week feature Whiskey Foxtrot.


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