Games buggy as hell - is it just me?

I’m seeing all sorts of ridiculous ‘how the hell haven’t these been addressed yet’ bugs, and I’m starting to wonder if it might just be my console, or even my specific copy.

  • game lags something ridiculous when you play in coop and one of the players opens a menu. I mean like an immediate several second lag, and potential for more lag for both players while the menu is up.
  • my game just simply won’t run unless Live is connected. Once running, if Live turns off were fine. This is a physical copy of the game being played in local co-op.
  • players will randomly disconnect. I thought this was the console, but it only does it for this game. While playing, the coop will suddenly become single player, and the second player will he signed out. After a few minutes, the game will than close, and the first player will be signed out. If you try to get back in as the second player, before the first player is signed out, it simply will not let you.
  • lots and lots of model swaps in the inventory interface. Shields show up as grenades. Grenades show up as guns. Guns show up as other guns.
  • Sticky popups! You know how when you open a chest with health pickups, if you look straight at it you get that popup to tell you it’s health? Well imagine that popup now freezes to the screen for the next ten minutes. Opening and closing the inventory fixes it, but it’s not the best solution.

I’m sure I’m missing a few weird things. We’ve obviously got stuck in some ways, but that’s a pretty normal issue. We keep wondering why Gearbox are not addressing these pretty blatant issues in their patches, and it suddenly occurred to us that it might just be us experiencing these issues.