Games mega dead heres a solution

make it f2p

but seriously there’s no hope for the game unless it goes f2p or something

The multiplayer side is already ftp and has been for a while.


the multiplayer is already free to play. What Battleborn needs is POSITIVE WORD OF MOUTH, so make videos, posts and other stuff.

Hell, I posted on the twitter page much more high profile game like Quake Champions with what games I recommend and underrated Battleborn was one of them.

what actual? wtf whys this game deader than apb my god

they should change it to “campaign not included” battleborn free trial gives off a bad vibe imo

Battleborn’s biggest problem was that it came out under the shadow of Overwatch (which had it’s public beta moved up to pretty much coincide with Battleborn’s launch), and then the whole Battle Royale genre exploded with Fortnite. It never really had a chance to gain traction. The fact that it was initially a full-priced retail game (both the story PvE and PvP components combined) may very well have factored into things.

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yeah bad launch competing with overwatch

In my view, the problem is convincing enough people that the party is fun and still going. The game was dumped on. A lot. In fact a lot of people think the servers have already been shut down. It’s very hard to get people to come to a stranger’s party (especially if the popular opinion is that it’s gonna suck) when there’s a well known party next door that everyone knows will be well attended.


That combined with the sentiment “The game is dead” makes it difficult to make anyone interested. It’s never been dead on PS4, yet I had friends calling Battleborn dead by September of 2016.

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen people claim that the game is dead or compare it to the other party that is Overwatch, I’d be able to finance a Battleborn sequel.