Games need to be shorter and more focused

i feel games that drag on for 45 mins is way to long. the speed of the game needs to change and time shortened. having to commit to 45 mins just to play is ridiculous as well as when you have a bad team you literally get train wrecked for 45 mins. not fun at all. 10 mins, sure can deal with it. 45… way too long. how about a mode of incursion with only one boss to protect less hp more damage and less revive time.

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lol how can a game drag on for 45 minutes if the limit is 30?

im confused man

i personally like the long matches.

if ur team is getting trainwrecked like that u can surrender also =]

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None of these ideas are good for this game. A ten minute match barely seems worth it too play. Also the longest PvP match you can have is thirty minutes, not 45. Some of the best matches last the whole 30 minutes with two very evenly matched teams, if you have a bad team an get reked you defiantly won’t have to wait thirty minutes, cause it won’t take that long for the better team to take out the second sentry, or sacrifice a bunch of minions.
This may be a shooter, but it’s not cod. Please don’t try to change it into Cod. There are too many games that have the same quick match point and shoot insta-death cod game mechanics. Leave this one the way it is.


Fun as i feel like games are usually too short…

I don’t like short game because you can’t reach lvl 10, and lvl10 is fun xD
MOBA tends to have longer match because there is a level up system (in LOL a game where i don’t reach the full stuff and lvl18 isn’t a good game)

Mhhh…I feel BB is one of the fastest games I ever played, with really nicely short missions. If it gets any faster & shorter the game is over before it starts. Just my opinion as BL- and Halo-gamer.

And is Incursion/Meltdown/Capture not always 30min long? I play PvP rarely, but I had the impression only PvE-missions have no time-limit…

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I think my average story mode time is around 25-30 minutes unless on a few of the hardcore maps as pace is important.

PvP is usually about 20 minutes on average which is the sweet spot, IMHO, for just long enough to make it worth playing and just short enough where it doesn’t feel like it’s dragging out.

Speed of the game and match duration is perfectly fine as is. If you want shorter matches, there are plenty of other games to scratch that itch.

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First off @Misguided; that’s not fair, man. Sure, we could all just uninstall and go play Overwatch if we wanted shorter matches, but that ignores that we like Battleborn and specifically want to play it over other games. And true, certain games want to deliver on certain things, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean to the exclusion of all else. This is an online, evolving game after all; it’s success is based in part on the experience of the players. If the player base asks for a shorter map, the game might consider trying something out, but it doesn’t have to throw away its core either.

Second off; to OP. I don’t really know if it’s a level thing, a region thing, or what, but I recommend sticking with it a little longer. With me, it was a level deal. When I first started playing matches were longer and usually more hectic. After I got up to ~level 15 or so, I noticed they started going faster and were generally more enjoyable. In the meantime; I’ve also found that the capture and hold matches are shorter in general. If you can get into one of those, it’ll probably give you a faster match.

Sure it is. People are constantly trying to change the nature of this game in fundamental ways, like removing collision, or adding third person, or getting rid of healers, etc.they spout opinions on what would make the game better without regard for the fact that others might prefer things as they are.

Now, I would be totally cool with adding a new mode along those lines (as suggested in OP) but I have a feeling people would complain about the rewards not being worth it (assuming similar reward per minute as existing modes).

Usually if you are getting train wrecked, then the game ends fast

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Sounds like someone’s been playing OW. BB is a MOBA/RPG/Shooter game. Shorter rounds won’t work like they do with other games because it’s SUPPOSED to be long. You’re supposed to play carefully, because the more you die, the stronger your enemy gets. If the rounds were only ten minutes long, you wouldn’t have time to get anything done.

I suggest finding a different game to play if you don’t have the time or patience for a game like Battleborn.

I disagree. The games seem to be just right in length.

If folks want a speed mode, just ask for a no holds barred speed mode. If there are enough people who want to play that way, you’ll know by the queue times of that mode.

Every game has a 30 minute time limit, so I’m not sure where this 45 minute figure came from.

Personally I wish games were long OR there was a mode that alowed people to get to level 10 faster. I find BB the most fun when I’m level 10

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Says the person with the Orendi icon, surprising no one :grin:


If you’re worried about games being too long … play Capture. Even a close match is over long before the time limit … only the very best players will ever be able to hit Helix 10 in a capture match for exactly that reason.

PvE missions do actually have a hard limit of 120 minutes. The only time I ever hit it however, was the FIRST mission I played in the beta splitscreen with my wife, because we were exploring every corner and taking a break to grab drinks and discuss how our characters worked occasionally (but briefly.) We timed out during Isic’s final phase.

That is why it is losing players… I have to agree, 30 mins is way too much, I stopped playing this game and only play now Overwatch and Team Fortress 2 because of this annoying issue. BOth teams can be balanced out but I do not want to be stuck playing a whole 30 min, it is just too boring. And everybody can say here, then just go to Overwatch and Team Fortress 2, the thing is I like the ideas and modes of Battleborn but the time length is a total killer here and that is my reason that I got tired of it really quick. And in the end, you guys cannot deny that your player base count is really low, so not much of you guys because the other majority complains about this also and have quited this game like me. Just trying to have a little hope here that they will see this before it is to late. So many games before went down this road and just Died… A shame…

Matches top out at 30 minutes and that’s pretty good IMO. Seems if you wanted shorter matches, why not play Capture? Incursion is already a bit strange as there are only two sentries and one lane. Compared to a typical MOBA with three lanes that each have like 5 turrets, this is pretty light. I mean, Incursion works, I like it and I like that it is simpler than a standard MOBA with its 3 lanes, I just don’t think it could be shortened anymore without wrecking it.