Gamesetting.ini not saving

Hey people ive gone into game files andchnaged my resolution, full screen mode, res scale etc to what i want and have set the file to READ only but when I start the game none of these setting are being applied

It sets game to 1080p when I have 1440p monitor, resolution scale to 100 when I set it to 90 etc etc

Any idea how I can get this file to save and be applied into the game?

Sounds like your settings file is currently read-only. This could be a result of Windows anti-ransomware, an antivirus program, or OneDrive remapping of your directories. You should be able to exempt your Games folder (and the BL3 folder within it) from those, then manually set the settings file to read-write.

none of that makes sense to me mate - im not very good with computers - how can I fix this?

Ransomware protection:



ive done all of this and it isnt doing anything :frowning:

Sorry - out of ideas here. If you file a support ticket they may have additional info or trouble-shooting steps you can try.