Gamespot Interview with Godfall Creative Director, Keith Lee - "Looter-Slasher" & the PS5

Creative director Keith Lee explains how Godfall is carving out its niche as a “looter-slasher,” and how it’ll leverage the PS5.

" Among the first games that’ll usher in the PlayStation 5, and thus one of the first to bring on the next console generation, is Counterplay Games’ Godfall. We’ve seen Godfall in action a few times now in trailers and videos, but some of the most intriguing tidbits about the game are things its developers have only mentioned in passing, and which haven’t yet made it into trailers or gameplay videos.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Godfall is its combination of genres. Counterplay says it sees Godfall as expanding on action-RPGs and loot game genres to create something new–what it calls a “looter-slasher.” GameSpot talked with Godfall director Keith Lee to find out exactly what the looter-slasher is all about, more about how Godfall will play, and what’s going on in its strange fantasy world."

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