Gamestop borderlands 3 collectors edition

Hi guys, this is my first post but I wanted to know if anyone has ran into the same problem as me. I pre-ordered the Diamond Loot Chest edition of borderlands 3 from gamestop on April 4th, I have the confirmation code and everything (for PC). About a week ago, Gamestop updated their website and when I log in, my order does not show up. I was wondering if anyone else pre-ordered this edition through gamestops online store and also has the same problem as me? I have the confirmation code, as I said, in a saved email and when I search for it through their website by that code it says my order cannot be found. Currently on hold with an automated gamestop system on my phone for about 20 minutes now.
But yeah, is anyone else having this issue?

To be clear, my order does not show up in my order history. No tracking number, nothing is telling me my order even exists. I’ll be pretty butt hurt if gamestop just jipped me out of a pre-ordered item that’s this rare, that I camped the page for. The original receipt email is the only evidence I have of this order.

I’ve heard from other people that they have had the same problem of not being able to see their pre orders which resulted from GameStop updating their website. Hopefully if you phone up they will be able to confirm the order with you