Gamestop Collector's Edition preorders

Just wondering if anyone has been updated on their pre order? I preordered back in April and my CC was charged on Sunday. The website currently still says “preparing for shipment” as it has since Sunday. I paid the extra to get release date delivery but I’m starting to think that won’t happen.

This is for the PS4 version.

I ordered mine in person to pick-up at my local GameStop.
They called yesterday and told me to go tomorrow around 9pm to get it.

I will receive my CE Thursday midday

From gamestop online?

yes, from GS website

So yours has shipping tracking already ? I guess that’s an issue for me then, since mine still says preparing for shipment. I paid the extra 15 bucks or whatever…

I dont know about tracking. My post delivery service wrote an email, like always, that they have a package from GS tomarrow.

i Pre ordred mine from ebgames i’m 2nd in line i was told the store wouldn’t have my collector’s chest til next week…so they gonna sell me a normal copy and next week i return it and get a 80$ down on the 300$ chest…

AND i got told they couldnt legally sell the game before midnight thursday so i gotta wait til 9 a.m friday to get it…just…effing amazing…

I miss the feeling of physically picking up my games, enjoy it now while it lasts.

That feeling will come back when we get full immersion VR and can walk into a virtual game store to take an item off the shelf >.> lol

What’s the earliest one can get BL-3 as a DL. And as a Game Disc from Gamestop? Thursday at 9 pm?
At what time would the dl be available for Xbox One?

Can I get it earlier or at same time on my ONE X? At what time PST will it be available for dl Xbox One X?

I’m pretty pissed off that i spent almost 300$ on something i won’t even get the day of release. My gamestop order still says “in progress” and i haven’t got any email from my local post office saying that it’s coming today or tomorrow soooo… starting to be more of a waste of money than a good investment

That sounds like an issue with the store(s), can you not go and pick it up yourself?

It’s been available for download on XBox since yesterday. Won’t be able to play until the 13th, but it’s now installed on my box.

Gamestop is selling the game on disc today. I might get that instead of a dl. I don’t want to wait an undetermined amount of time to get to play it.