Gamestop is Killing Me!

And also why does it appear as if no one is listening to these complaints. I mean this is ridiculous. Are we being unreasonable to expect a game announced to be available for sale at a retailer?! F***ing ANY retailer?!

I actually just made the main store in my local GameStop chain, the closest is a 3 hour drive, mail me one of their 6 copies (their other stores have 2 each asides from one other with 6, totaling probably around 15 physical copies in the whole state) when they open in the morning. I haven’t ordered it yet, but I will be up all night waiting so I can order this damn game. Lmao.

By the way, it’s 8 bucks S&H, at least i don’t think that changes in the morning. That’s fine. A little BS tho.

I think 8 bucks is way too much. I paid 10 to have it on launch day. Personally, I think this is Gamestop scrapping the bottoms of the coffers to make any money anyway they can. It feels deliberate to me.

That was optional first day shipping, right? I’m happy to wait if i own a copy I can just put right in my console when it arrives. I agree with you though. Hopefully, it’s given an extended release and this is just a test run, but, I can’t believe I had to be THAT GUY and make GameStop home deliver it just because I can’t drive 3 hours and my internet isn’t gonna download a huge game, even if it’s only 30GBs. You coulda just had a one shipment full release and seen what that did. We’d all probably have our copies and be happy.

Found this on a Facebook comment from a Gearbox Tweet:

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition will be available for digital download April 3 on PlayStation and Xbox Stores at 7am PT / 15:00 BST. Steam users can download the update at 10am PT / 18:00 BST tomorrow. Physical copies & physical pre-orders are limited to the US & Canada.

Huh; I thought it was limited to GameStop, one time only.

Just the physical copies. I think 2K is playing with the idea of a digital only release and are testing the waters. But the fact that there is so much confusion over this shows a real lack of communication with their customers. Which is bad in any business, but especially with gamers. We’re salty AF!

I’m excited, but personally, really salty about what hoops I have to jump through. Just take my money and give me Borderlands 1 with a minimap already!!

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I would prefer a physical copy but i already have money on the playstation store and this dance they are making people do to get a physical copy made my decision that much easier. Idk why they have to make everything so hard

I really, really hope I didn’t waste my money. Jesus, the dance is still a dice roll.

A lot of people that aren’t in the U.S. or Canada are really upset and who could blame them. Nobody wants to have decisions made for them. Digital is all they can get

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Why would you think you wasted it?

I had to buy a digital gift card and am vying on when I call in the morning, that a copy will be fresh off the shelf ready to be shipped, and that i won’t have to put more money down on shipping, or call other stores and see if they have one too. I couldn’t pre order one of theirs off the shelf, and pre orders are nuked from the internet for PS4.

Gift card to Gamestop?

Yeah; this is classic redneck gaming consumer strategies. Phone order.

Lol I’m sure you’ll be okay. I just hope you get it in a timely manner and don’t have extra expenses. I guess it’s different since a remaster of a 10 year old game idk. But my god not being able to go to the nearest store that sells video games to get a newly released game seems so dumb to me. Hope this isn’t a new trend.