Gaming friends for Borderlands 2 xbox 360

Hi looking for people to join in game. I have a 5% rare loot increase so higher chance of legendary drops. My console is xbox 360 and my xbox live is WarBorn83.

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u can add me if u want PeterL2014 and fyi that rare loot increase relic doesn’t do anything for legendarys or pearls just purples and lower

Thanks mate i’ll add you after work. I got a orange pistol off knuckledragger and the lisa Simpsons pistol off mick zafford so I think it increases your chances a bit

You can add me too if you want… GummyBearApple

Thanks mate i’ll add you after work.

for what minimal effect that relic has its not really worth using in my opinion tbh . also someone correct me if I’m wrong but I think drop rates were increased not long ago

you are right drop rates were increased, buuttt RNG is still a huge factor in how many good drops you get(or how long a dry spell you have). as for the relic if I remember correctly all it does is decrease the chance for whites to drop and increases the chance for greens and Blues to drop

I do end up selling that relic as soon as something else pops up, I prefer ones that increase damage or magazine size

Ah right. I thought it increases the chance of orange and pearls :frowning:

you can add me as well!

Hi . I like playing with others so hit me up . GT is Dougyhowzer .
I am usually on in the evenings around 6 pm est

Nope. The Vault Hunter’s Relic is only practical for whites, greens and blues. It does almost nothing (or nothing) for purples or higher, meaning legendary, pearlescent and seraph.

Even if what the wiki says is true, the Bonus you get is as follows:

Purple Before Relic: 0.09% Purple After Relic: 0.094% (gain of 0.004%)

E-tech Before Relic: 0.09% E-tech After Relic: 0.094% (gain of 0.004%)

Legendary BR: 0.009% Legendary AR: 0.0094% (gain of 0.0004%)

Ditch the relic and get a good Bone of the Ancients for elemental damage and action skill cooldown bonus.

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I play as a Mechromancer. Would Terramorphous drop a legendary mod for my character?

he always drops a class mod but not always for the class u are using, what level are u I have level 72 slayer of terra for mechromancer

Add me gt is r12ck5t3r

I just started playing BL2 on xbox360… any one I can add? Haha I feel like such a noob… I usually play Diablo 3 and a few others but I’m really interested in this game… just let me know

add me if u want gt PeterL2014

You can add me if you want to. I have 4 characters. On an unrelated note, I also play Diablo III but have that for my PS3 not my Xbox 360 due to some exclusive items being available for the PS3 version. The BL2 character I play on most is my OP8 Siren. The other two I play on less frequently are my level 72 Mecromancer and level 72 Commando. The last character is Zer0 and is only level 10. FYI, I live on the East Coast USA so my time zone is GMT -5. I have all of the DLC and all of the Headhunter packs. It would help if you had at least some of the DLC, but it isn’t a requirement to play together.

If you have the Game of the Year Edition of Borderlands 2, that comes with the 4 DLC packs and UVHM Upgrade Pack 1. However, I am not sure if it comes with UVHM Upgrade Pack 2; which allows you to get to from level 61 to level 72 and also included DigiStruct Peak which allows for the OP levels. My Xbox Live GT is below in my ‘signature’.

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You all can add if me I still play borderlands a lot I have the season pass and I’ll play when ever. I also play other RPGs like Diablo 3 if you want to play that as well. My GT: Kodist

Hi my gt is Jttiger18 and I alternate between my level 47 mechromancer and level 38 siren I’m looking for a good time plus I got all campaign dlcs and 4 of the head hunter packs

my GT is DozenthEagle69 if anyone wants to add me…