Gaming time dwindling

Been some changes around the household that has drastically cut into my gaming sessions. I hate that! Not enough time in the day to play borderlands.

So, what are Some creative ways to get more gaming time. I was thinking maybe get up an hour early and do something. (Although an hour is never enough). That’s as creative as I get…:mask:

Get stuff done faster.

That’s usually my rule of thumb if there is an extracurricular activity i want to do, but don’t have much time for.


Spend time doing something for a while that you need to do, so you could have it done either early or earlier than you normally do it. :wink:

I’d just barricade your bedroom door and sound-proof the walls. Wrap the doorknob in barbed wire, hook it up to a generator, and keep it smoldering hot with a blow torch. I think this would ensure that nobody ever enters your room. Nobody in your room = more Borderlands. More Borderlands = more Pearls. More Pearls = everyone’s happy.

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I like how you think!

That’s pretty extreme @Tokesy97, but I’ll keep that in mind.

What happened was my wife worked every other weekend so I would get 2 day marathon runs. Now her hours changed and it has drastically changed my gaming sessions. I usually don’t play much when she’s around because I like her more than gaming. Now I need to work out a new routine. It boils down to less time. :disappointed:

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game while she sleeps. its what i do.