Gamma burst and its MANY problems

As of last week’s nerfs I decided to switch off fade away and go for a gamma burst radiation damage build. As of now? I love it. High damage, feels fun and has a nice flow and vibe to it. More unique than anything else I’ve tried.
But I’ve noticed gamma burst has problems… like… HUGE problems.

  1. Gamma burst seems to be glitched, at least in co-op. Regardless of whether or not it’s used to revive the pet, the cooldown seems to randomly spike up in time and ends up taking an incredibly large amount of time to recharge. I’ve noticed this way more in co-op but it is super annoying as it totally destroys my build. This needs to be fixed.

  2. Why does the jabber put away the gun when you use Gamma Burst? I get that it’s supposed to be mad, but it strictly lowers its dps and takes away its range. Honestly, it just makes me want to not use my jabber. It’s honestly incredibly annoying.

  3. And perhaps this is the worst part- The damage the pet does is garbage. Like the pet is already bad normally, but gamma burst literally doesn’t help. On enemies who resist radiation, it’s straight-up worse. As of now I literally only use it as a damage booster.

There’s a lot more I’m probably forgetting, but these are some super serious problems with this skill that should be addressed.

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I have noticed the cool down problem. I’ll be shocked sometimes when I’m expecting it to be up, only to have it halfway on cd.

I’ve noticed another issue as well, where when I activate gamma burst, it just immediately goes away and does on cd. It happens probably 1/10 times, which is way too much when my damage is build around that.

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That’s nuts…
I really wonder why gamma burst is so buggy

I don’t think there was a lot of play testing of this game haha. Surprising since it was in development for so long

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Crazy honestly

I write a post for it. I tested it.
Gamma burst in coop its bugged, if you reload or change weapon or shoot while you’re casting gamma burst the ulti will disappear.
You have to wait 1/2 sec after activation before doing something in order to not lose your ultimate (and obviusly this is wrong)
Instead if you play in solo everything work correctly

Is this recent, and have you submitted a bug report?
You can do so here

I Noticed GB sporadically going down in co-op, I was wondering what was going on.