Gamma Burst bug after using it to revive a downed pet

Pc player here, the bug I have noticed has to do with Gamma Burst, if you would happen to use it too revive your pet, it would seem that the penalty for an added cool down, says 20 seconds longer. The problem doesn’t lie with that but the fact that this also seems to make it that passives such as Head Count and Eager too impress, which are supposed too reduce the CD, don’t seem to work at all after using Gamma Burst while your pet is down, the only fix I know is leaving the game and coming back in, which kinda sucks. It persist the entire time you play if you don’t leave the game, so then you are looking at a very long cool down and passives not working. Hoping too see this addressed sometime soon, thanks!

Im experiencing the same issue. have tested the revive mechanic and it seems to stack the extra cooldown each time its used resulting in longer and longer cooldown. really enjoy the pet based build but constantly restarting game to reset cooldown is frustrating