Gamma Burst cooldown bugged?

Yesterday was the first time i specced into the Master tree and tried out this action skill, even while just playing around in Sanctuary I noticed something really weird, its cooldown was 5ish seconds after end, so it was really spammable and almost gave permanent healing. So i build my character around that tried out some mobbing scenarios and went to sleep, only to wake up today with a full 30 sec cooldown on the skill and its unplayable now… My pet was always alive for the duration of this test. I really have no idea what caused the CD to go away yesterday, anyone else had a similar experience?

Yeah my cooldown is taking several minutes as well. Not sure what is happening.

As far as I know, with each skills respec, you get a cooldown reduction (it’s a bug). So, if you respec several times without save quitting, you can get an instant cooldown on your Action Skill.
With the current patch, my Gamma Burst works fine (with fine I mean the intended 30 seconds cooldown).

There is a Skill from Guardian Ranks in the Green tree that give you CD when your shields are full. Did you recently acquired that skill? I did on my Amara and my CD on Phasecasts are around 6 or so seconds. Its possible the trait got bugged and is giving more CD then intended? Not sure if you even have that skill.