Gamma burst kills pet

When I use gamma burst it kills my pet some time damage pet until die some time kill pet after gamma burst end its game-breaking :frowning: I’m on the base game no DLC at all
I try every pet and the same if the pet attack in gamma burst pet die

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That may be a net code issue with gamma burst. There have been a lot of reports about action activations just not happening since the patch, and Gamma has always had issues in multiplayer. Maybe some of those issues are seeping into solo play?

When you say Gamma Burst kills the pet, do you mean that it put the pet into FFYL or the respawn timer, or it makes the pet disappear?


@boombumr I read the OP earlier this morning and got the same gist you did, but I am unclear on what - precisely - problem/issue the OP is having.

@capone80 - Can you explain your issue in a little more detail? Specifically what is happening? Would be glad to help if we can.

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OK I play about 20 min now and I can’t reproduce the BUG again

But the scenario was when cast gamma burst out of combat and no fighting my pet start to lose health to FFYL
The other scenario was I get in fight cast gamma burst pet don’t lose health but at the end of gamma burst from 100% get in FFYL

When I play this 20 min I notice that sometimes low damage mobs hit my pet and deal huge damage to him ( when in gamma burst ) 1 normal mob hit him for more than 50% hp


Were your hotfixes applied? They buffed the pets HP via hotfix at one point in time, also you could have uncovered some other unrelated bug that had been hotfixed out.

OK I change the build and I found the problem :slight_smile: 100% reproduce
When I use atomic aroma in water terrain it damages the pet if I remove it is ok
The terrain I use for the test is Ambermire at the start and in water is reproduce every time and sometimes I get damage too I don’t know how :slight_smile:

I play at 17.07.2021 21:20 eastern european time i dont know how to see the game version
In game in news i see the last hot fix from JUNE 24, 2021

and yes it damage me too



I’m going to try to reproduce this on video. OP, do you have Success Imminent specced? That can kill the pet on water and that may be what is causing the damage.

EDIT: Yep, looks like we have a new bug somewhere. OP, submit a bug report to 2k. Anyone reading this thread do so as well. Submit a request – 2K Support

Self damage too



Why god? Man as a Fl4k main this **** is getting old.


Wait - what?!? AA now damages THE PET in water? That’s a new one to me. It make sense I guess because water sources in this game proc DOTs more quickly and occasionally (for some weird reason) deal massive damage.

@vCarpeDiemv Remember a few months back when I was saying that occasionally when I cast GB (while using AA), badasses would get one-shot? I wonder if this is the same issue? Like as in the water itself is doing the damage.

But still, I thought the pet was supposed to be immortal during GB?

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It is, but some things like Lethal Force Authorized go through Gamma so who knows?

I just don’t get how they ADDED self damage to this augment when it has never had it before. This is the equivalent to the Red Suit DAMAGING you with radiation damage if you stand on water. How the heck does that get introduced into the game?

Mayhem water and splash radius are the biggest threats to our Vault Hunters in this game.