Gamma Fl4k Guide

I want to quickly start off by mentioning that detailed specs for pets have yet to be released, and because of how frequent updates are right now it’s difficult to make a build for Fl4k that is 100% the best. This build is based on my own time playing the game and trying to find something that works well. It’s my opinion, and if you have any different ideas please feel free to share them! If you don’t like the build too much, please just ignore the post.


A Stalker+Master build doesn’t have enough damage potential, and a Hunter+Master build loses out on survivability by not allowing your pet to revive you. Because the capstones on the Salkter and Master trees aren’t really all that good anyways, I decided to spend points in Hunter to overcome weaknesses.

Important Features For This Build
Frenzy- Both Fl4k and their pet’s damage increases up to +40%, making this a solid perk to take.
He Bites- At first this perk looks worthless, but when it reflects damage from Badasses it can deal damage in the 3k-6k range. On top of that it gives gives you Frenzy stacks, making it combo well with that perk.
Ferocity and Psycho Head On A Stick- It’s common knowledge that Fl4k’s pet can’t deal much of any damage, but with these skills on top of the Frenzy stacks your pet’s damage isn’t that bad. (Of course their damage isn’t THAT great, still.)
Interplanetry Stalker and Two Fang- Just some damage increasing perks.
Headcount- This gives a cooldown reduction for Gamma Burst.
Sic 'em- I’ll explain why this perk is so important later.
Lick The Wounds- This perk will let your pet revive you when you’re down.

Action Skill
Gamma Burst, because this is a Gamma Burst build.
Empathic Rage - For a boost to damage.
Burst Aid - For more survivability.
If you don’t care about damage at all and are just aiming to stay alive as best as possible, trade out Empathic Rage for Endurance.

Great Horned Skag - His melee attack damage is better than expected, which is to say it’s not THAT bad. On top of that, and more importantly, he also increases your gun damage. He’s your best bet if you prefer to use nonelemental guns.
Spiderant Scortcher - This pet can gives Fl4k additional health regeneration, which in turn increases the bonuses from the health regen perks. Even better than that, she gives Fl4k bonus damage with elements, which means if you like using elemental guns she is your best option. Another cool bonus feature to this pet is that one of her attack patterns will leave a pool of lava on the ground, which is okay. But with Gamma Burst that becomes a radiation pool.

You’re free to use whatever gun you’d like, but you need to have this annointed option.

You should have at least one gun with this annointed option.

I’m using this annointed option on my shield, but honestly the effect isn’t that big of a deal. It’s not neccesary.

You can use any relic, but my personal recommendation is to find something with action skill cooldown and options that are related to your weapons of choice.

Class Mod

These two class mods are the ones that you’ll need. In most situations you will use the talent class mod, but when your pet dies you will switch over to the second wind class mod.

Playstyle Tips
I’m sure by now everybody already knows what Gamma Fl4k does. Activate your skill to get a heal and damage buff, and then vaporize your enemies. The problem, however, comes in when Gamma Burst is on cooldown. That’s when the Sic 'em perk and Health Drain annointment really shine.
To survive while Gamma Burst is down, make good use of cover and be mindful of where Badasses are so you can avoid their heavy hits. When you face danger that you can’t avoid, use Attack Command and then try to survive by draining health from your enemy.
If the gun you are using is really powerful, like Lyuda or Cutsman, the lifesteal can really save you from deadly situations. I’m not saying that you can stay alive just by standing still while you try to shoot your enemies, because Fl4k will never live through that. But you’ve got a ton of health regeneration from your perks and annointment, so if you’re able to keep yourself from going down in a tough situation you will quickly be able to renerate any of your lost health. This will allow you to stay alive until Gamma Burst comes off cooldown.
I’ll say again that you need to use your cover wisely. This will make the difference between life and death.
Make sure you are using the right elements to deal with specific enemies.

After the recent Fl4k nurfs, he needs everything he can get to be viable. While Amara can stay alive just by breathing and kill anything by looking in their direction, you really need to work hard to make Fl4k an okay choice for end game content. All of that being said, I still really love Fl4k and want to play him. If you don’t give up you will be able to play him properly, even if it’s still not the best option in the game.


I didn’t notice the lava pool becoming radiation during Gamma Burst. Cool find!

Also, that’s a pretty smart use of the attack command anointment. Perhaps with more investment in Go For the Eyes and a Deadeye COM, it could deal decent damage as well.

How did you decide between Big Game + Most Dangerous Game; Barbaric Yawp; and Turn Tail and Run? The buff to BY makes the last 5 point an interesting decision, since Big Game extends to Interplanetary Stalker, Second Intention, and Frenzy. Turn Tail provides almost the same damage bonus as Most Dangerous Game, but replaces a little extra crit and handling with fire rate, damage reduction, and health regen. BY seems to give a great mixture of both, and possibly in larger quantities depending on which pet you choose and how many points you invest.

One thing I have heard and that’s probably worth noting: Do not use Gamma burst to revive your pet. It is currently bugged and makes the extended action skill cooldown stack, until you will eventually have to quit out of the game to reset it to what it is supposed to be lest you want to wait several minutes for it to be up again.

Dude good call on the Red Fang mod. The skills on it are kind of doo doo so I brushed it off, but the taunt effect is game changing. My survival went up exponentially. If I’m being honest though, it’s a bit frustrating that this isn’t part of the base skill to begin with.

Can I suggest going down Hunter all the way to Megavore though. It really helps with cool down in various ways (Hex, Brainstorm,ect), and to do more damage in general. And then you can switch to the Bounty Hunter mod for bosses.

Also I don’t think Psycho Head works.

If I didn’t spend more than 3 points on BY, I wouldn’t be able to get Burst Aid.
When I was building him, I mainly focused for Slaughter Shaft.
and In Salughter Shaft, It was really hard to survive without Burst Aid.

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Can I suggest going down Hunter all the way to Megavore though. It really helps with cool down in various ways (Hex, Brainstorm,ect), and to do more damage in general. Switching to the Bounty Hunter mod for bosses.

If you want to focus on boss run, Hunter tree is a good option.
but I built him mainly for Slaughter Shaft, so I really needed health regen and stuff from stalker tree.

Also I don’t think Psycho Head works.

Anything that is not on ‘Important features for this build’ and doesn’t affect to augements for the action skill can be replaced to something else. ^ ~ ^

I just found something interesting.
When your pet is down, You don’t have to revive it nor swap your class mod.
You can simply swith your pet to something else, then you will get the pet.
I’d hesitated a lot until I decided to share this tip in public because Gearbox (a.k.a Fl4k Hater) would might prohibit it.
but I eventually realized switching pet is only a bit easier than swapping class mod, and it’s not something anyone can easily do in middle of combat.
My point is, I love you guys dearly, Gearbox and 2K! Plz don’t prohibit this little trick. T _ T