GammAway FL4K build

Okay, so this build is focused on capitalizing on Hidden Machine with both Fade Away and Gamma Burst via pet taunts. As well as the option to adapt your build by simply changing COM and Action Skill.

Here is the general skill tree I use as I baseline

I will get into skill substitutes in a bit, for the gear I would suggest any weapons that have synergy with your COM passive bonuses. Note, if running multi pellets weapons such as shotguns, I would replace Two Fang with Hunter’s Eye.

Class Mods- Red Fang(Gamma), Bounty Hunter(Fade Away), Cosmic Stalker(Fade Away)

Shields- Transformer(overall performer), Stop Gap(survivability), Front Loader(URad), Old God(offensive), One-Shotter(offensive)

Grenade mods- Hunter Seeker, Hex, Light Speed, It’s Piss, Tran-Fusion Tracker

Artifacts- Pearl Of Ineffable Knowledge, Victory Rush, Otto Idol

Annointments to look for are

Weapon- Consecutive Hits, URad, Gamma 115, ASE N2M
Shield- ASE 50% elemental for 10s, ASE 20% CDR
Grenade- OGT 25%, ASE 50% elemental for 10s

Consecutive Hits offers the best overall performance with minimal gear swapping. He Bites is going to allow your pet to keep this bonus running nice and high.

URad(150 Radiation when <50% health) has the next highest damage bonus but is much more Gamma oriented. You will need a Front Loader to make the best of this annoint. I would also suggest taking the points from Self Repairing System and putting them in Overclocked or Eager to Impress if you decide for URad.

Gamma 115 is a decent bonus as it still allows us to run a Transformer or Stop Gap. However it is limited to one action skill and that’s not what we are going for overall.

ASE 100 N2M leans a lot more towards Fade Away looping but can be used for Gamma as long as you can get you cooldown back before you spend 2 mags.

I don’t feel like shield annointments need much explanation here. Whatever element matches the enemies you are fighting. ASE 20% CDR can be helpful if you are having trouble getting your skills back in time.

Grenade annointments, OGT 25% is a decent option if you’re not into swapping out for different elements. ASE 50% elemental is the better option for Fade Away looping.

Augments for Gamma are pretty self explanatory, Atomic Aroma and Empathic Rage. For Fade Away I suggest Not My Circus and Unblinking Eye.

Scorcher is the only logical pet to use at this point in time.

I have ran true Maliwan Takedown and scaled scaled Guardian Takedown with both Gamma and Fade Away with this build.


Good build explanation as far as the gear itselt. I would consider adding a section discussing your playstyle and the specific weapons that you like to use with the build, and why the build is one that you don’t typically see people using.

My guess is that as we go along towards endgame, you will see a lot of Fl4k builds converging in on this type of a skill tree, even though many players will use different action skills.

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Yeah, it’s pretty straightforward though really. If using Fade Away it’s best to cloak before entering an area to get Hidden Machine to proc before the NMC taunt. You gotta catch 'em with their pants down!

Gamma is a lot simpler to take advantage of Hidden Machine because of how reliable Red Fang taunt is. However, Fade Away/Bounty Hunter/Cosmic Stalker offers a noticeable DpS gain.

hidden machine works consistently now? I used to see a lot of complaints about it

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Hidden Machine has always worked fine - when it worked. The issue is making sure that you know how to proc it, and it doesn’t proc like you’d think always.

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According to the description of HM, it should proc and stay up when Running Gamma Burst /w Red F4ng, correct?

Yes, that’s the most consistent way to do it


I still feel like The Space Where FL4K Was Standing When They Went Into Fade Away should count as a separate entity from the real FL4K especially seeing how HM is in the Fade Away tree


@pestopartyy Cool idea. Let’s face it - it doesn’t seem like they are going to be changing anything even remotely that substantive at this point.

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It kinda, sorta, almost does now. When you go into Fade Away, most enemies will shoot at the place you cloaked. But for Hidden Machine it still counts as aggro on FL4K unfortunately. I wish there was a better interaction between Fade Away and Hidden Machine like you mentioned. It fits Red Fang Gamma much better as it stands though.

Not My Circus should read while Fade Away is active, FL4K’s pet taunts all nearby enemies. This would offer some badass synergy for Hidden Machine.

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I’d rather they improve HM altogether instead of requiring an augment or COM slot to make it work

Maybe just give HM an ASA condition for triggering it so that they don’t have to put in as much effort :stuck_out_tongue:

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Either way would be a huge win. I would assume @tysonyar is 1000% correct in that we shouldn’t expect a fix and just try to make the most of this buggy(yet effective) skill.

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