Gangs not changing

I have beaten Joey Violet at least 20 times now and the only gang that I face at Villa Ultraviolet is the CryptoSec. I’m trying to complete all the challenges but it’s impossible for me to get the Purpatrator and Burnt Ends gangs to spawn. I thought the patch notes said clearing the Villa spawns a new gang so we’re never supposed to fight the same gang twice in a row. Am I missing something? I’m sick of gathering the rings over and over again just to get to the Villa and seeing the CryptoSec gang again.

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Im getting the same problem now.

I did find the burnt ends once, shot 23/25 of those bags, then shot 25 more and still showing 23/25. Even when you find them you might still have issues registering them.

Never seen the purpatrators.

Last challenge i am missing is sack trap as well

Could it be that the type of enemy used to get the coordinates/codes matters? On reddit there was a comment saying the purpatrators are Jabbers, so maybe we have to kill Eden-6 enemies to get the gang to change?

Promethea - KryptoSec ?

Pandora - BurntEnd ?

Edit: Doesn’t seems like it, maybe it’s a bug for some?

I don’t think this is it. I went to money farm Scraptrap 3 times between Cartel raids and I was getting Cartel loaders during the Scraptrap farmer each time. Load into the Villa and it’s was switching cartels like it said it would.

I think you guys just have a bug or something. Try joining a friend after they fast travel to the area.

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All my challenges are frozen now and cant progress in any of them, let alone finding the correct gang.

Anyone else?

I had this problem as well. My challenges progressed fine but I couldn’t get the Burnt Ends gang to spawn. I did about 20 runs on Villa Ultraviiolet with both Moze and FL4K and alternated between Purpatrators and CryptoSec cartels. In the end I dashboarded my game and did a hard reset on the console (XB1 X) and I got Burnt Ends on the very next run. I’ve done another 10 or so runs now and it looks like they are spawing correctly along with the other two gangs so the only help I can offer is reboot and try again. It’s definitely a bit dodgy on the gang spawns though.

it has been spawning cryptosec the last 30+ runs I did… and the fountain piece is in exact the same location every single time.

The under-bosses do seem to switch though.

Escape-quiting-continue doesn’t seem to help with that… I’m not talking about 30 runs in a row, I’m talking about the last 2 weeks or something.

The map just doesn’t change at all anymore.
I already have all my challenges, so mweh… but something is broken.

Only way to get another gang for me is to join one of my friends instead of hosting the game myself.

Did anyone find a reliable way to change gang? me every time Maliwan is rolled it is stuck

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