Ganjamira Joins The Moderator Team!

Hey there everyone,

I’m happy to announce that @Ganjamira has agreed to join the Moderator team here on the forums! Things are as busy for Battleborn post-launch as ever and we’re very excited that she’s agreed to join us in making this a great community for everyone.

You’ll notice that she now has that lovely purple glow around her posts and will be keeping an eye on things to make sure the forum rules are being followed. Speaking of the forum rules, this is a good chance for me to remind everyone that they’re there and to please read them if you haven’t yet. We have a couple other people that are also about to join the Mod team as well and we’ll be announcing them shortly.

Anyway, welcome to the team @Ganjamira!


Welcome to the team @Ganjamira and I hope you enjoy your time working as a moderator. Also, a little late on announcing this Joe. She’s been a mod for a few days already. :stuck_out_tongue:


Grats on the promotion, @Ganjamira.
Bordering on envy here.


Yes, yes, I know! Better late than never though, I guess. Right? :smile:

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Wow! Awesome! @Ganjamira
Congratulations that’s super cool :+1:

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I’m quite sure you’ll make a great job, congrats :smiley:

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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW thank you so much guys & gals! :heart:
@JoeKGBX @Giuvito @Psychichazard @Derch and @Kitty_Jo :heart:
I´ll give my best for the team and try to watch all your backs if ever needed!

@phoreverphamily @xmngr @MidnightNova @Kaleidodemon - thanks so much folks, it was quiet a surprise to be choosen fo the Team Purple^^
And yes, my “Purpeling” was announced a bit later because the secret ceremony had to be held first. I can´t remember much and for the rest I´m not permitted to speak about, but it involves alot of cats, Nacho cheese and something with pants…
(AKA: Mira needed to learn click buttons and things^^)


The buttons clicking and everything is the easy part. The community interaction part is the difficult part. It’s usually fun, but on those days it isn’t remember to Catalytic Smash into a Dreadwind all of those nasty things into oblivion.


How did I not notice the purple glow around your name, @Ganjamira?!
I must be blind, haha…
Nice work, I hope I don’t find myself in any moderator trouble…
I will be good :wink:



Showed up to GBX Mod HQ and locked herself in the break room, holding approximately 5 packets of Cheetos, 12 Cape Cod chips, 8 Bearclaws and 7 Bagels, and a Nespresso machine hostage.

She said if we didn’t begin talking, she’d start sending us one crushed cheeto every 15 minutes.

She made a sequence of demands, and after a few exhaustive hours of negotiation, we managed to convince her to accept the title of moderator in exchange for our snacks.

While some of you may find this strange, she actually followed nomination protocol perfectly.


In that case.

locks every mod out of the break room

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Aarrrrggghhhh! Why not me :stuck_out_tongue:
Nah, I’m joking! Congrats @Ganjamira! :confetti_ball:

How could I resist, you all should behold this Nespresso machine, it was well worth the risk just to be some minutes alone with it!
Two packs Cheetos did´nt survive, I guess thats what they call collateral damages. I call it a feast. And a successfull heist! :coffee:

@Giuvito you should be a writer. Its in your blood! Made me laugh so hard I spilled my coffee all arround :joy:

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im a bit late on this one but smh