Garbage artifacts caused me to lose interest

In games like this, it’s important you be able to progress further with each reset. It’s what keeps in fun (I have no clue why).

In this game though the artifacts are so bad that I can’t progress further, and they are getting more and more expensive.

Here’s a list of the artifacts I’ve gotten:

Aztani Edict: Online shards gain/Global damage increase. Awesome artifact. First one I got and made me excited for more.

Fragment of Valor: Battleborn Upgrade Cost decrease/Global damage increase. Another awesome one. Two in a row!

Absorber of Doom: Damage from Boss decrease/Global health increase. Ok… Well bosses die in one shot from an ulti, so their damage isn’t really a problem, and global health is nice, but doesn’t really help me push tougher levels.

Life Sphere: Health upgrade cost decrease/Global health increase. Another crap one… Health still hasn’t been an issue really so it’s pretty useless.

Rune of Rebirth: Lower revive time/Global health increase. Wow. Total crap. Moving on.

Lense of Vengeance: Tap Crit Chance boost/Global damage increase. Thought my bad luck had run out here. Not bad.

Urn of potency: Tap upgrade cost reduction/global health increase. Again with the global health! Also the upgrade cost reductions aren’t that great since the costs in this game go up exponentially.

Emolument Container: Offline earnings boost/Global health increase. Not terrible I guess, but another global health?

I’ve been at a wall around level 80 for about two days now. I keep grinding up to it, resetting, and I’m not really getting anything out of it. A new artifact would take me two full run throughs to level 80 at this point to get another one, and I’m just not interested anymore. Did I just have really bad luck with the artifact draws, or is this normal?

eh go for the ones that give extra spawns drones and shard cluster in particular they give global damage and can make running trough abreeze

That’s normal. I’ve still yet to get the one that cuts Battleborn upgrade cost in half, and I’ve got 16 or 17 artifacts now. Could just reroll one of the ones I’ve got, but eh. I’ll unlock them all eventually. It’s insanely expensive now, though - 3000 mythstones for my next one!

What helps me prestige a lot faster is getting the gear up to legendary. It’s another 100% damage boost for each piece. Prestiging around 70-80 is most efficient until you really get up there in the damage bonuses, like 6-7000% range, and even then it really starts to slow down after 100, and becomes an awful crawl after 150 - not currently worth building that high more than once for your achievement, because you could have prestiged at 75 half a dozen times in the time it takes to get up there.

As for other helpful artifacts, there’s a thread here that lists them all and their bonuses when maxed out, but specifically the drone and shard cluster spawn boosting ones and the one that gives you up to a 50% chance to skip waves make it all go faster.

I’m assuming that you’re like me and you didn’t know you could click the artifact to scrap it and re roll a new one. I got rid of reduced boss damage, revive time and a whole bunch of other worthless artifacts.

Note: you have to spend 50 credits to re roll and if you re roll the same gear again it goes up by 25 credits.

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