Garbage Legendary Items

Some of the legendary items in this game are just there to troll players. The WTF shield for example! I first found of these on my first playthrough in the wildlife exploitation preserve and immediately equipped it … I couldn’t figure out why I kept dying and it hadn’t occurred to me unti later that it was the shield. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of feeding eridium to butt stallion hoping to get something good and she finally dropped a legendary. Guess what it was? A FLAKKER! It had 1% accuracy! The worst weapon in the game. The Veruc is another one that’s useless. Most of the ammo it uses goes out in a useless horizontal pattern that so many guns seem to have. Kerblaster? Rubbish. It does as much damage as my shredifier but at the cost of 4 rounds of ammunition, fires WAY slower. It’s crap. Gunerang? Crap. I even got a Vladof pearl Stalker pistol and hate it. I saw the stats and couldn’t believe it then I went to use it the first time … horrifyingly slow projectiles so it’s basically useless.

What awful legendary/pearl/seraph weapons have you found?

Most everything you mentioned either has a learning curve or becomes much more powerful when combined with specific characters/skill trees (or both).


@Blutfatal can explain Flakkers better than anyone else i’ve encountered.


Must… resist… the temptation for trolling…


GBX/devs/whoever makes this stuff threw whatever they had into the weapons in this game. The weapon variety is so large and so nutty, there’s no way everything could work. It’s more amazing some stuff does. Other items have high learning curves, they’re quite effective if used in certain ways, like the Flakker which is very powerful and there are far worse weapons in the game. Other examples are stuff like the Hail, which that weird firing pattern. Kerblaster didn’t scale well I felt but there’s explosive based builds that can use it, Gunerang isn’t very good, but there are those trick Hyperious kills with thrown weapons and it was a clever idea that was worth trying… The stalker is solid on Maya with the CR synergy and I like the fire version, but I guess you could say a lot of stuff works well on flesh, I like the corrosive Veruc for loaders because the firing pattern matches their chest hit box well. Not amazing, but it’s a workable choice.

I jus tdon’t think there’s any way you could try that many things and have all of them work in a traditional FPS, it’s likely more amazing so many of them did. I think it’s the same thing with a lot of character skills, especially Krieg’s… They tried some very unique stuff, a lot of it worked, some of it didn’t.



Not gonna argue if it’s worse than Anarchist or something, I just don’t like the lemniscate pattern.

P.S. Those guns you mentioned are great guns. Some are good but not great though.

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[quote=“ChemicalConundrum, post:5, topic:1544075”]there’s no way everything could work[/quote]Are you sure about that? :wink:

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It’s funny how different people like different things. The Kerblaster is one of my must have guns for the Tiny Tina DLC as it kills the Skeletons at range better than most things, especially with a properly specced Axton


The Kerblaster is a workhorse with my Axtons, and its non-reflecting rounds and child grenades are also great against a certain large boss who normally reflects bullets (hi BA Rex!).

Cruddy legendaries for me would include the Cradle and Bunny. Not a huge fan of the Rolling Thunder either.


Hell, I sometimes use Kerblaster (though it was replaced with the Bearcat once I got it) to carpet bomb mobs with my Zer0. It is pretty damn good in FFYL when you can’t throw grenades. With Zer0’s high RoF it isn’t too bad.

As for the WTF, I also don’t like it, but I CAN’T WAIT to run it on Gaige on DT!

Veruc is another one that is pretty good against mobs, ESPECIALLY when using it as an AR/Sniper. By using it’s zoom you both improve accuracy, AND cause it to shoot in a 5 round burst! Due to the fact that the accuracy increases with each shot, that final burst is KILLER. Again, a Zer0 Gun build increases accuracy and fire rate, add B0re to the mix and it can tear things up! Also the pattern eats loaders for lunch.

I can’t say much about the Flakker, even after Blutfatal’s explanations, and a lot of trial and error, I have never been able to get the hang of it.


Don’t just rely on the stat card, try them for yourself and maybe consider that you have not fount a way to use them yet

The Flakker is one of the best guns in the game, its accuracy is low…but irrelevant. It basically fills a cone in front of you with Flakk… It’s hard to use, but when you know how to use it it delivers

If you aim down the sight, the Veruc produces a pretty tight pattern in a burst, it shoots 15 bullets at the price of 10 at the equivalent of a Fire Rate of 15 and they happen to line up with the 3 upper crit spots of loaders…again, a good weapon that you haven’t fully tried :wink:

The Kerblaster is one of the best guns for an Explosive Axton build, it also procs Bloodbath for Krieg, which not a lot of guns do

I’ve seen people kill raid bosses in under 5 seconds at OP8 with it

Second Highest DPS pistol in the game, Zero and Maya have skills that increase bullet speed


Is the stalker really the 2nd highest dps pistol? Is there a list I can look at anywhere? Not doubting you I’ve just never heard that said before.

I’m not entirely sure, but a quick evaluation of (raw damage X Fire rate) places it very high on the list, Off the top of my head, I couldn’t find anything that compares.

Discounting all-crits numbers and gimmicks that only works with a single character of course.

Also of note is that the explosion & child grenade can drop some big damage on a enemy hiding behind stuff.

So many things in this game have a learning curve. Take the Pimpernel for example, if you use it like a standard sniper, it sucks donkey balls (by comparison). BUT once you get accustomed to it’s pattern it rips ■■■■ up.

Even the DPUH, arguably one of the most used and killer guns in the game has a learning curve. Too close and you get the minimum damage, too far and your spread is too big.


Good to know, thanks.

The only legendary items I would say are “Garbage” are those that are strictly less interesting than their purple equivalent, or that have a bad ratio between how much they differ in stats and what they bring differently to the table (I.E. when the gimmick is not worth what you pay for in stats, or when the increase in stats is not enough to compensate for the terrible gimmick)

The Craddle
The Volcano
The Bunny
Nasty surprise

…and a few more maybe

Fabled Tortoise

Slayer of Terra COMs.

Personally, I think that the Invader is kind of bad too.

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Veruc is much better than you think, OP. Same for the Stalker.

Anyway, Slayer of Terra, and Logan’s Gun. I would say Cradle but I never found one.

The KerBlaster, Flakker, Veruc, Gunerang and Stalker are actually pretty damn good weapons, as long as you take the time to learn how to use them and combine them with the right character and build. Some of those are actually favorites of mine, particularly the KerBlaster and the Flakker on Axton. Some people have a tendency to equal “guns that don’t fit my playstyle and I personally don’t like to use” to “bad, useless guns that no one should ever use” and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Those weapons just have a learning curve and a very specific playstyle tied to them.

Now, The Slayer of Terra COMs are actually bad and poorly designed. On that I can agree.