Garden of Kadesh too easy? Not for me >:D

TLDR: Look at this screenshot: Intrigued yet?

First off let me just congratulate Gearbox on succeeding. HW:R is everything you promised and then some. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not dropping the ball on this and delivering more than I had ever hoped in my wildest dream. Honestly, anyone who says differently is severely out of touch with reality. This is after all a re-master and not a remake. I am particularly excited for the mods!

ps. please fix multiplayer kthanx.

I have finished HW1:R and is busy with my second play through and that brings us back to the screenshot. A couple of interesting things to help find out what is going on here (because I have absolutely no clue, but a few theories).

  • This play through is a no salvage play through.
  • I’ve only built two salvage corvettes and they have only ‘salvaged’ one of the assault frigs on the 3rd mission.
  • I have less total ships at the start of this mission this run than I did in my previous run through.
  • Similar to my last play through I have not built a single strike craft so far. I have only relied on light and heavy corvettes, assault frigs and a few ion frigs.
  • Unlike my last play through I have two support frigs, a drone frig (although I built that in mission 7 not mission 6) two repair corvettes and 15 of each heavy/light vettes instead of 10 of each I believe. That’s all I can remember off the top of my head
  • My previous run I saw a total of 7-9 Multi beam frigates over both missions, that screenshot has 28.
  • I did not see ANY multi beam frigates at the start of mission 7 (actually not sure if I saw ANY in mission 7, only mission 8)
  • Those 28 frigs? They are the very first ships I saw in mission 7, even BEFORE the cut scene with the diplomat.
  • Have saved the game at that spot. I have not restarted the mission yet to see if I can replicate this but will report back when I do

Now as to WHY this happened. So far I have heard everyone complain that the kadeshi missions are too easy and my first play through confirmed this.

I have a theory that these missions does not consider salvaged ships as being part of your fleet for purposes of calculating what ships you’ll face. Because my entire fleet consists purely of ships I myself have built my fleet carries a lot more weight than most who have a largely salvaged fleet.

Another theory is that this is some kind of easter egg, either from the original code or from Gearbox that has some obscure trigger. Perhaps not salvaging any ships ever, perhaps because this is my second play through or because I have beaten the game already. Perhaps because I salvaged all of the multi-beams in my last play through. Perhaps the trigger is the drone ship I built and will be my first test by not building it at all.

So any thoughts/suggestions?

My first play through was a “no salvage” play through as well and I didn’t see this.

The trigger must be some obscure thingy.

Considering how insanely strong drone frigs are against them it might be that. I restarted and did not build drone frig at the start and did not get the multi beam frigs at all. I did build some further into the mission though but none showed up. trying again and building drone frigs at the start like the first time.

Edit: Nope, built two drone ships before the cut-scene and no multi-beams. Perhaps I was positioning my capital ships too far forward.

Seriously though, Drone ships is hilariously OP in this mission

They were in the original, too. I always built a couple drone frigates for the Kadesh missions. Though I find it bizarre that I have to tell the frigates to launch their drones in addition to telling them to guard something, because they don’t launch the drones unless I explicitly tell them to.

“They were in the original, too.”

They as in the 28 multi beam frigs or the drone ships?

Edit: I am unable to replicate the 28 beam frigate swarm. Moving my fleet forward didn’t trigger it either.

The only MBF’s i saw got slaughtered with extreme prejudice without them firing a single shot (That was the point where the 3 needle ships decided to run away). It was funny when my ships were constantly saying “This is a cake walk!”… irony.

I did it no salvage as well, and i didn’t see a huge number of MBF’s. I had a frigate line with assault, ion, and drone frigs, and a heavy/multigun corvette line when i could build them.

Yea, like I said I have been unable to replicate this bug at all but I do have the save file. I might look for a place to upload it if anyone fancies a look at it.

Also this was in mission 7, Garden of Kadesh. This is the first Kadeshi mission and, as far as I know there isn’t even supposed to be ANY MBFs on that map at all.

ps. In case anyone asks no I have not modded my game at all in any way whatsoever, not even badges for skirmish/multiplayer.

You mean you didnt cheat in a million RU’s by editing the persist 2 lua? :stuck_out_tongue:

I did that as an experiment, and built a ridiculous fleet only to see a ridiculously bigger fleet waiting for me at the beginning of the next mission LOL.

Haha that sounds fun. I thought there was an upper limit to the fleet you’ll face?

Not anymore.

I can safely say that if you max out your unit cap the AI spawns DOUBLE what you built. Triple in the case of Heavy Cruisers.

Nope. Most destroyers I’ve faced at once was 3, with some supporting ships. I’ve faced 2 destroyers and one HC together with a small support fleet while I had 6 destroyers and the entirety of the rest of my fleet everything maxed pop.

While a mission might contain in TOTAL as many or more ships as you’ve built you usually just fight bits of it at a time so it doesn’t really count.

Heck even in my salvage run through I had to face only 3 HCs, alone, on the very last mission but I had 4 HCs and 10 Destroyers + 2 more I got free + the rest of my entire fleet.

But then I had only up to my pop cap in frigs and I think thats where a big part of the problem comes in when people salvages 100+ frigs.

This 28 MBF on the first Kadeshi mission instance though I am convinced is a random bug as I can not replicate it.

Super Nova Station mission is the 1st time i see a HC in the RE campaign. Escorted by 2 destroyers. They were somewhat easy to take down. I got shocked when i got to the station. I saw what seems like an endless Destroyer, and Frigate line (plus Defenders) once you get to the station to take down the carrier. I have 4 destroyers, and a full frigate line. Plus strike craft which i dont use in that mission (because they get vaporized by the radiation Yet the Taiidan seem immune to it).

Things only got “better” the next mission when i had to save the bentusi

Yes that one is the toughest one on one you’ll face because of the lack of your strikecraft. That said defenders tend to a) not move much and b) pack very tightly when put into a wall formation. 30 of them is about another Destroyers worth of firepower. That said I did have 6 destroyers when I faced off on that fight so I’m sure some missions have less variation in what they spawn.