Garrillas in the Mist cancelled persistent hunter Skill

When I use Garrillas in the Mist for Fl4k and persistent hunter Skill, it seems to have cancelled out the 45% extra Action Skill Damage, so you stay to 8 seconds instead of 11. 6. (45% of 8 is 3.6, add that to the 8 seconds). Has anyone else had this problem? Or am I just interpreting it wrong?

GiTM is only 5 sec. PH adds 2.25 sec making total 7.25 sec.

GiTM used to be 8 seconds within like 1st week of playing before it got smacked with nerfbat. Also lowered dmg from 50% to 25%

Yeh for some reason I have only just realised this… Whilst looking at a new build :joy: