Gashing Bash without shield?

It seems like something that should be obvious, but it isn’t because I never actually see her strike with her shield. If Galilea is currently without her shield, does she still get the benefit of the bleed damage in her melee combo if she has Gashing Bash?

Gashing bash applies to her offhand melee. B button on XB1 and I assume Circle on PS4. Completely unfamiliar with PC. As far as your question goes, I’m not sure about it lol. Would make sense that she couldn’t offhand without her shield seeing as how she spins the shield in front of her when she melees

She just punches instead. I’m not sure if it applies the bleed, but you should probably be taking IDTGA anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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You mean the quick melee button? I have been assuming that it was part of her primary melee combo! I don’t think that I have ever even used that button with Galilea!

Offhand melee, quick melee… I can’t remember what the game calls it. But I’ll bet you haven’t seen a lot of characters quick melees because they are mostly useless, but most of the animations are really cool. Ive played Deande a ton and just last night I saw her melee for the first time. She spins both her fans out in a boomerang fashion in front of her. Galileas is especially cool though, you gotta check it out

I will! I actually use the quick melee quite a bit with Melka, Oscar Mike, and Isic, but since Galilea is a melee character, I never really considered it because I thought that it was just more of the same. I use it with ranged characters to bounce baddies away so that I can get a better shot, or to finish off those pesky little bots when I empty my magazine.

Don’t sleep on Whiskey Foxtrot’s melee either. It’s honestly the only one that I would say is worth using in an actual fight. It does a TON of damage, and the knock back is just an added bonus

It should be noted for those that don’t know (and assuming I understand correctly) that a “gashing bash” is not simply her quick melee, it is her quick melee WHILE her shield is up - I.e. hold LT on Xbox and push “B” while the shield is raised. This is different from simply pushing “B” without a raised shield. Simply pushing B without raising the shield should not activate wound, with or without a shield, as it is only a quick melee.

As to your question if it works without a shield, I honestly have no idea. I have never tried.

I had no idea of that!

Deande’s is nice because you can hold down the button and she’ll do it multiple times. Also, try Boldur. If you use it in midair before the peak of your jump, it’s a tiny version of air stall

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Just learned a couple days ago that using deande’s while sprinting and then jumping causes her to do the dash kick in the air and can be directed upwards or downwards for extra mobility. Really a cool feature for an assassin character

Oh yeah! Mellka and Dragõn have similar abilities, but none give that much mobility