*gasp* oh wow. oh wow

k guys i haven’t played battleborn in a while! whoops. sorry. but. what i came back to was literally what i wanted for console. the gameplay and character physics and movements are SO CLEAR. i feel like this can somewhat compete with ow now but honestly i couldn’t be happier.
also liking the new skins and character. wow.
my favorite though was some buffs on the helix like for example i’m obviously happy with deande’s buff on all safeties off going from 50% to 25%. Like wow.

so seriously. much respect.


That was actually just a change in text to clarify how the helix functioned better. It’s still the same damage boost to the clone.

Liked for your profile pic.

Hey, you’re back! :tada:

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Glad to have you back. Your title is a little… undescriptive. I suggest a LITTLE more info on what it pertains to.