Gate Locking During Hyperious Fight

Ok guys,

While I can murder Hyperious solo, I have one little problem.

On the occasions that I have died, I have been unable to re-enter Hyperious’s arena. This is very, very frustrating as having to save and quit and THEN having to run back through what is probably my most hated area in the game, AS WELL AS killing enemies JUST TO OPEN A DAMN GATE really pisses me off.

So is there a way to ensure you can get back into the arena after you die?


As far as I know of… NOPE! Yup, its annoying!

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In the words of Handsome Jack:

“Arrggghhh this is so frustrating!”

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Its a known glitch that was never fixed. Just something we have to put up with.

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Ahh fair enough, it’s bloody annoying, but nothing serious.

You can leave and re-enter Washburne, might have to pay the eridium again, not a 100% on that. I usually just kill herle, check the chests and save/quit though.

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Yeah that’s what I do, what does Herle drop?

Nothing that I’m aware of. He’s just stupid easy and there’s 2 pirate chests after lol.

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Haha yeah true! And yeah, I forgot about the pirate chests! I just kill Herle and S&Q.

I’ve had that happen before myself. Not always, but enough. It is interesting, too. I have a program that allows my to make BL2 think I have 4 people playing. One time, after not being able to get back in, I ran that program. It scans the memory looking for the number of players. It popped up and said it couldn’t find any info, and I should start running the game first.

This only seems to happen to me when I’m farming him. After I kill him the first time around, the gate stays open. After I sell and reload, I go for my second attempt. If successful, I sell and go for him a third time. It is only when I die during the second or later attempts does the gate remained closed. Does the game stay locked after dying during the first attempt?

Yeah I run into it when farming. One death and the gate will bug out next time you die.

It must be a Norfleet Security Gate. Maliwan doesn’t want us to has it.

Good call, I have gotten killed on the first attempt and you can open it again (w/o leaving,save/quit). It only locks after he’s been killed at least once.

I’ve had it lock on me first time. I can tell when it’s going to lock on me, though. I will be going through Washburn like normal, only picking up ammo I need. Sometimes, when I get to the room before Hyperious, I notice I am picking up ALL ammo. That tells me the game thinks there are multiple people. I die, the door is locked.

It’s a glitch which results from the ability to reset Hyperius by just walking out and back into the arena, which is why it doesn’t happen on the first attempt as you’ve yet to do that.

It’s a trade-off. It might be annoying but would you rather they fixed the real glitch and stopped you resetting by walking out and in again? You’d then have to fight your way through the refinery every single time.

Actually managed to get an OP8 Norfleet off him the other day after god knows how many attempts.

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Yeah, I can see where you’re coming from. I hate Washburne with a passion. Frame rate drops, having to kill enemies in order to open gates…it’s just horrible.

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Can’t say I have any framerate issues but am using a GTX970 at 1200p. You can pretty much run through Washburne with the exception of the middle bit with the loaders dropping from the side where you have to play through it before the gate opens - seriously annoying.