Gate to Mouthpiece is closed

I was planning on farming Mouthpiece but the gate to the building he is in is closed, and before you ask yes I have beat the game.

Any solutions or is this normal?

there is a side quest you can pick up called something like " the new mouthpiece" or whatever. Complete that side quest and you can farm him whenever

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Where is that side quest at? Trying to get in to pick up the side quests that are in there.

All I remember is that the sidequest is for Ellie and Appears some time after reaching Eden 6.

The mission is called Padora’s Next Top Mouthpiece and you get the mission from Ellie after you beat the vault boss on Eden 6. I was wondering this as well lol thanks guys.


Welcome. I just tried farming Mouthpiece and it seems now you have to move on in the game. I’m playing through again using Moze this time.