Gathering adults on xb1 to do the hard stuff and master the game (while having a great f-ing time!)

i do enjoy messing around and casually playing games sometimes, but, since i play like 10 hours a day, i like to really master my favorite games as well. all the achievements…all the challenges…all the spoils…i want them. i know there are other people out there like me, because thats who i play other games with. now, its time for those of us like this that play battleborn on xb1 to get together and wreck some s***. although this requires skills of the elite, this is a game, and we are still making enjoyment our priority. so, be a boss and kick a**, but also be chill with a good sense of humor. leave some info and a comment if you wanna make battleborn your b****.

bo baz18 is my gt. Lets wreck this game!

Gt is Dry Dust Mites. You up for doing the advanced missions?

I would be up for that. My gamer tag is MohawkMania95. I may not be on much until Sunday evening, but after that I will be on pretty regularly.


I’m down, gamer tag: F1SToFLAMES
I’m on as much as possible so if you ever see me playing just message me.

Add me (anyone) Wowwhatgay looking to do advanced missions. Mainly the archives but up for all of them.

i gotchu

Buk0wski77 - relaxed w/mic

add LxLChromagLxL!

Tag is DontPanic122112. I play pretty often and usually only play as miko. See you then.

yo, i added you. lets play :slight_smile:

gotcha added

done :slight_smile:

inv and add for missions or multiplayer gt: dopenessfactor


count me in :smiley:
Tim JC Estrello

cool. added…

I’m down to grind for the gold medals in the campaign in all the modes add me my gt: Waldo077

I’m down for all hardcore and advanced! Add me: KB420 Harlem