Gathering adults on xb1 to do the hard stuff and master the game (while having a great f-ing time!)

btw, if you guys didn’t know, there’s an XBone community for BB

I’d love to join. My GT is Tridenteon

Hi there. GT is BUTTER FRAMPTON. :slight_smile: I’m on everyday.

Count me in!

Gamertage: Twitchx85

i gotchu



ok. i added you. :slight_smile:

ok. i gotchu. msg me if you see me playing.

I’m on now looking to do advanced stage to unlock deande, are you there yet? Feel free to add me : JSKWOLF19

I’m just getting started thanks to work and finals this week, but I’d love to have some adults to play with. BigHead Gaming is my tag.

Count me in. Gamertag: WinterSoldier12.


k gotchu

done and done

I’ll be on later tonight.

On now. “Now let’s go punch some bad guys in the dick”

GT getmused

Im up for boarding a pain train, fuelled by the coal extracted from the tears of noobs. Add me Z38 TP

GT: SSMikeGesus

Due to my job, I can only play mostly during the week. Most of the time I am usually playing the minute I get off work except Fridays and Saturdays. But I like getting some achievements and having fun with others. So hit me up.

Sign me up, I’m on well over 10 hours a day.
Msg or invite, always down for dropping Deez nuts on co-op or pvp.

Gt: Stockdezzy