Gathering PC Friends for release

Even if you don’t want to play co op we all want those bounty rewards

I’m guessing that your Steam/Epic screen name is the same as your name here.
Because I too use the same screen name.

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Nope for some reason that what it is for my forum name
Its actually Enquiringaxe89 for Epic
Steam: Shadowknight713

But i’ll add you if you want

Sorry i was late wasn’t sure if anyone would answer to be honest…

Add me, it’s my username.

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Just sent it go check it on Epic when you get the chance

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I sent you a friend request from my epic account. Names antient mariner. Level 11 beastmaker

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heey guys.

i try to expand a borderlands 3 only community and am always searching for people to hang out with. if someone is interest. add me on discord