Gault's Lore, killing with traps

I have 40/100, what do they count as a trap kill? Does the trap have to get the kill when it explodes at the end? Or does it still count if the it’s the extra 60 DPS from helix choice? I suppose them being stunned from the trap and you killing them still wouldn’t be enough to increase the counter right?

Also what improves the damage, I assume if I go skill damage/cooldown heavy into a Jennerait heavy map I’d have the great chance of getting those extra 60 kills…

So which PVE map is the most Jenner heavy for the best ability to complete the lore in as little as possible… Since I realize the Geoff spiders aren’t going to work for this particular one…

I was thinking Renegade especially towards the end with the waves of easily killed dogs… but any suggestions

As long as it’s the TRAP damage and not Ghalt’s shotguns or helix-augmented hook scoring the kill, you should be fine.

I racked a bunch of kills for this challenge on Renegade, it’s a good choice. I also did Archive, and just focused on the Thrall spawns and let my friends deal more with Varelsi. (Though Ghalt’s shotty is beautiful for one-hit-crit-headshotting the Skulks.)

With the added bombs Scrappening helix, you get the chance that a trap might kill guys nearby it as well. I feel like it’s the preferable choice for the Lore completion. Feast on the Primal Thralls with low health. If they’re charging, maybe put one load of buckshot into them at range to soften them up, but hopefully not score the kill. And avoid damaging helixes for the hook. Don’t want to rope someone in only to have the hook score the kill before the trap triggers.

Biggest thing is just to lay off unloading both barrels in the face of your trapped prey, which is counter to Ghalt’s strategy in almost all other circumstances. Let the trap do the work.

As you said, playing Renegade with cooldown and skill damage gear is the best way. I found as CharacterIV said the Scrappening cluster bombs are useful for taking out weaker thralls. Easy Target is another good choice since the damage amplification improved the…modest damage of the Scraptraps.

I completed this in a solo run because in co-op the enemies were always killed by other players before the traps went off even with the trigger delay reduction helix.

Got this lore done in a couple of hours. Trust these guys. This works great.