GB, am I missing something?

Let me start this off with thank you for continually engaging with the community. I do have a couple of discussion points I want to address in this post that may seem like it negates the previous sentence, but here it goes.

If this is a looter shooter why do you neglect the looter system? Is your reply “I need them always looking for loot to keep them interested?” Because I feel like it is. Please consider this.

  1. Gear is good = player farms for “build perfect” gear

  2. Player gets gear after X hours implements stress test for difficulty ceiling and playability

  3. Repeat step 1 multiplied by number of gears needed splashing in step 2 during self made milestones

  4. Tweak build to perfection and set self goals for game with builds.

Number 2 is obviously the problem here. I understand a lot of that can be the excuse of “the game isnt finished yet” (it’s evolving…whatever). But let’s say for example I farm 15 hours(literally…if I’m lucky) for the perfect Unseen Threat. Then go into testing and so on and so forth. Then you decide to change the weapon to be unplayable for my load out choice. That’s more than 15 hours (again if I’m lucky) of farm that I lose because now the entire build must be tweaked. On top of that, I lose motivation to even reconsider farming it again.

Am I missing a silver lining? Or… Is the silver lining the community stress testing your game so in 3 years you can say we have a “completed great game”? If so, why do I feel like I was robbed for buying the Deluxe Edition(literally couldn’t play cartels event because of in game issues)? Why do I feel like you spit on the time I have invested your game? Why do I feel like moving the goal post so often is negatively impacting my interest in your product?

I want to like Boarderlands 3. I have nothing to go to bat with for you though. I don’t know if it’s a majority opinion in how I feel, or if this has even been addressed before. This is just how I feel like I should express it. So please, tell me, am I missing something?


The fact that there are so few good weapons and there are only a handful of builds means late game content is far more limited. For the love of God, spend some real time on balance and you will get more game time.

The cartel event was free for everyone.

so called perfect item needs to be more accessible, because these thing are the goddamn base line whether something worth to use or not

Sure… Literally using cartel event there as a time block. The fact that I couldn’t play a free event on a game I payed for still means I couldn’t play a game I payed for.


That you’re linking it to the event implies that there was a problem with the event - presumably some of the weirdness with the flashy cartel spawns. If that’s the case, the free event could be disabled and one could play the game that one paid for.

Did you not read my previous reply? It is the time frame… Frame rates and crashes during that time period made the game unplayable. It so happens that the patch during the event was the patch that caused a lot of these things. So during the cartel event the game I payed for was unplayable. The purchased product was “updated”(for free…cool) and lowered the quality of normal game play than it’s previous iteration. So read my previous reply with it’s full and literal intent please, thank you.

Thing is, it worked for a lot more people than you. We need GBX to cater to you, and trouble shoot your own hardware issues now?

I can understand that, and I purposely didn’t say anything about my console because the things I wanted to address were more on the “growth/time spent” in game issues. I play on PS4 and yes majority of the PS4 users had major issues during the patch and our play hours during that time frame reflect that. So no don’t cater to my base model PS4 that is standard issue. Entertain my questions for clarification. I’m sorry if thats not what you got from my post.

There’s 2 raids in the game. That’s the ‘end-game’ content. All the other content, you’ve probably already completed. I don’t play this game to farm forever, I play it for new content. I don’t see why people would even want to just kill the same bosses over and over again so you can get new gear to just repeat it.
The 2nd raid isn’t fun, the 1st one is. If you can run that solo on true takedown, you beat the game.
You beat it man. You beat it.

Also, is there a steam charts version for playstation?

I wouldn’t say I agree on the “end game” statements you made. That’s why I put in step 4. End game is what you make it. For example a one life Co-Op play through is an end game goal for me. I didn’t know steam would track PS online numbers. Does it? I thought that was for PC.

Edit to elaborate “end game” goals

On the steam thing, no, I was asking if there was an equivalent of the steam charts for playstation so we could actually observe the player count during that event.
As for self-made goals, that’s it. Anything after content is whatever you want to do. No one is forcing you to farm 15 hours for a gun that might get nerfed!

Officially not that I know of. For log ins there are ways you yourself can get that information. With it being a source you trust I would leave that to your discretion. The “farm” as they put it is a big part of the game. Understandable if they want to label it as a looter shooter. That is what I am addressing in the OP. If looting is so big why are things being implemented that actively demotivate it.

It’s interesting, because if as stated previously, the pattern is to nerf existing gear prior to DLC release where the included new gear is top tier, that is a practice sited by the Tekken community as well with Tekken 7. New DLC characters are released in an OP state, then nerfed when a subsequent new character is released. Tekken is a competitive game, so for many this amounts to “pay-to-win”. The stakes are higher because of that. But I can see the parallel.

In BL2 & BL3 you can customize the difficulty. TPS had the Mutator Arena as their equivalent. So long as game stages and enemies aren’t locked behind a level, end-game is at the player’s discretion because in that sense difficulty isn’t a level unto itself, it’s just a balance adjustment.

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In that comparison I see a few flaws though. Excuse me if my fighting game language is a little off. If I have a main in a fighting game the biggest difficulty is execution and knowing my match ups if I am competitive with it. Critical thinking and reads are something that have to develop match to match. The time I put into the fighter builds inherit frame data analysis and range finders (spacing I think) for match ups. Those things may change a little per patch but the over all concept for the character is normally the same. Therefore the knowledge of the character that you acquired has progressed and is never useless, just adjust per buff or nerf. Nothing that Namco did made all the work you put into the character worthless. The only hard thing to compare is the time spent on BL3 vs on fighting games. In my opinion what you earn from fighting games is intangible, BL3s earnings are tangible. I can’t lose something they can’t touch.

In the case of Namco, they have nerfed entire categories of moves, completely overhauled some characters, and in the case of some overused characters, downgraded them severely while boosting others that are meant to be flagship characters in the series, but had be overshadowed (the Mishimas). Match-up were altered in major ways as certain mechanics were removed from gameplay or interactions between attack types were altered to favor chosen characters.

I have herd a lot of that from some of my friends that are diehard fans of the series (mainly cursing Akuma/Gouki). If you disagree with the last two sentences in my last reply I can accept that. Keeping this about BL3 though. I farm for Perfect X for what it seems like forever. Perfect X gets nerfed and is deemed unusable. I feel like GB just took that time from me with no receipt. That’s how I feel, or am I missing something?

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In a sense you are losing the convenience of having that powerful weapon as part of your build, of not the entire build. And that does amount to time, given the time to pick a build, acquire the items, and test it. And the literal loss of DPS after a nerf makes it take longer to defeat enemies. But…

As far as game design goes, one could make the case that the game meta isn’t using builds and items at endgame, it’s the discovery process of what will be viable and optimal at endgame, so each balance change and reworking of mechanics adds more potential discovery, thus revitalizin the game with new potential. This, in a sense, adds shelf-life to the game the way the late in life Official Patches did to BL2, and the Unofficial Patch did for the PC gamers.

Since the meta is determined by the developer, our reality may just be that digital & online content purchases are an agreement for access to a game as a series of experiences provided to us, but not a static game, as was the case in early offline video gaming before DLC and updates.

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This is more of what I was looking for from an understanding perspective. I know that for me to experience new content in the game I must keep it online or update it as the developer does. If I choose to update BL3 to experience the new content why does that have to be taxed from previous experiences so frequently? I know I can just keep it offline and neglect my Deluxe Edition benefits untill the final patch of season 1. I do not understand why that notion should even be on the table.

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The problem is nerfs should never, or at least, very rarely happen. GBX loves the word nerf, because it hides the real problem. The real problem is continuously putting out poorly tested, poor quality software. We are basically quality testing their product. Same with buffs. This whole balance thing is a charade. Make the weapons, release them, and leave them alone. Who cares if the Yellow Cake blah blah… or the Recursion blah blah blah.

No one is forced to play 15 hours or 1 hour. Or even five minutes. And I’m one more ‘nerf’ from calmly deleting this game and throwing the install media in the garbage. GBX’s micromanaging this game and poor quality control is the only thing outstanding thing about BL3.