GB, can you make the Dakka Bear Turret work better?

Look, the turret is awesome. Best idea ever. Everyone loves riding those turrets in the maps occasionally placed, and this is it on the go.

But how it’s implemented, sucks skag butt.

The proyectile speed is way too slow to hit anything.
The bullets move at the speed of rockets.
And how iron bear shakes and turns makes it a bit hard to aim. Which is fine, it feels natural, and it is cool. But with such slow bullets you can’t hit anything unless the moze in it is standing still.

The camera makes it pretty hard to aim properly too.
This isn’t a resident evil game, come on.
I asume the camera was moved to the side so it doesnt get stuck in low ceilings. But it is way too displaced. Personally, i’d recommend moving it to the front of the character, or even, to be on top of the gun barrel. Sacrificing a bit of cinematic value for fine gameplay mechanics.

I really wish you would improve this. I’m one of those players who always stretch the build to fit a point in the turret, just so my friends and matchamking people can hop in at their heart’s content.

But they don’t do it. Because it’s messy to use.
Otherwise damage is great and all. Im not sure if it escales with mayhem but, it just works so, its cool. Again, best god damn mechanic you could think of for iron bear. But polish it a little more, maybe?

Thanks so much, Gee Bee

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Honestly Dakka Bear works best when using Bear as a sentry. In solo play it was not only a great fantasy moment to jump on my own mech’s back but it did a ton of work. If your in co op and have a friend who likes to jump in that is partially up to the player to operate IB in a fashion that isn’t going to make the passenger want to vomit there brains out XD

I think the only way to solve that would be having Iron Bear disable his jump when he has a secondary passenger in the turret.

The camera is 100% an issue. The character I the gun takes up about 40% of the screen making aiming cumbersom. I’m not sure why it doesn’t give you the same view point it dose when in a vehical turret. To me that seems like the most obvious thing to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah. My complains are mostly quality of life. I think the turret deals a huge ton of damage per bullet to make up for the low proyectile speed, which is my main problem. I can deal with the camera, but predicting the movement of enemies while looking in an angle is annoying as hell.

Just, increase bullet speed like a 50% or so, and reduce firign speed a 20% to balance out the damage we’d get by hitting more.
Quality of lyfeeeee!

The turret sway when iron bear rotates is the worst in my opinion. Makes it nearly impossible to hit anything when the bullets keep serving back and forth while the aiming reticle stays in the same place.

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Solving the swerve is going to be a little tricky because the turret itself is actually offset from IB’s rotational axis, but GBX might be able to ameliorate it by forcing a 1st person ADS when you’re in the turret.

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exactly. and sway can be fought by aiming, but the bullet speed kills any chances of hitting stuff.
I cant stress this enough, those bullets are slower than a frozen snail going uphill. If they were faster we could aim harder to hit and thats it, geez…